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That Grand Ole Hole...Vineyards On Fire...New Writer Today

May 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Getting warm today…up in the 80’s and even warmer the next few days.  And even though Summer doesn’t start until June 21 this year…it’s starting to feel like it already here in middle Tennessee.



A new writer I was scheduled to write with texted me early and cancelled our appointment for a very good reason as she was coming down with strep throat.  Brittany Taylor just played a big songwriters festival in Key West and the trip home from warm weather to cooler weather (at the time) got her.  Add some late hours which are part of the Key West culture and these things can happen.  Since I’ve had strep throat once and never want to feel fire in my throat again…I’m glad she cancelled and re-scheduled.


So the day came free and it gave me a chance to re-set and get to the gym.  And it also gave me a chance to thumb through a great book my friend Roger Naylor sent me.  The folks in Arizona commissioned my buddy to write the 100th Anniversary Edition about the Grand Canyon. That National Park is 100 years old now and Roger was the guy they hand selected to write this book that you’ll find in gift stores all over Arizona and elsewhere.  I appreciate the free copy Rog! 



I’m doing a Facebook “live” show this Sunday night with “Evening In The Round” starring Linda Davis along with me and her husband Lang Scott.  First time doing this so we hope you’ll tune in.  Sunday night May 19 7:30-8 pm CST.  During that half hour we’ll sing and have fun and we’ll be promoting our western tour that comes up the following weekend.  I hope to see you on Linda's  Facebook Page this Sunday night.



In NY they are close to passing a law to make it illegal to make a robocall.  Bout time.  I’m doing what a lot of you are doing I’m sure.  If I don’t see a name I recognize when my phone rings…I don’t answer.  I’d love to have an option button on my phone that would let me hit it and send a lighting strike back to whomever originates these annoying things.



Some stunning PICTURES here.  In Italy they’ve had a big cold snap threatening their precious vineyards.  Winemakers have set torches…and fire to keep their vines from freezing.  Who knew you could do that? 


On our trip to Italy last year we spent one evening at a beautiful Italian Vineyard.  My friend Brent Burns and I played music inside that gorgeous restaurant there and the wine and laughter did flow that night.  I can’t help but wonder if their vineyards are lit up now in that part of Tuscany we visited.



The following are the names of bands that at least once existed.

“Dogs Die In Hot Cars”, “The String Cheese Incident”, “Let’s Get Out Of This Terrible Sandwich Shop”.  For real.  I don’t think any sold a lot of records or drew massive crowds to hear them play.  Once when I was at a point where I needed to name a band of mine I was surprised the guys did not go for “The Above Average Whyte Band”.  Some folks have no vision.



The first driverless truck just made its first delivery in Sweden…safely.  Meanwhile Cops pulled over a driverless car in New York.  Nobody alerted them I guess that one was on the streets.  And who do you ticket when you pull over a driverless car?



More noise in Nashville about NASCAR returning here as investors want to build a small 60 million dollar short track at the old Nashville Fairgrounds.  There’s a lot of racing history here.  Marty Robbins would finish up at the Grand Ole Opry and then jump in a car and go racing there many many nights.  This track would be more like Bristol than Talladega and that would mean more bumping and grinding that more fans I think would pay to see.  And this track would sit alongside a brand new Pro Soccer team stadium being built.


Sports be growing here.  Now if we can just get a Major League baseball team here!



And word is that Nashville will soon have a “Sinatra” themed bar.  That will be located in historic Printers Alley and could be cool.  "Ole Blue Eyes" favorite drinks will be served and you know there will be great music.  “Gimme One For My Baby”.  One of my all time favorite albums I own is Sinatra at the Sands in Vegas with the Count Basie Orchestra.  I can see me visiting this place once it’s up and running.



I’m writing with an extremely talented young writer-player singer Josh Schilling.  If you don’t believe me…watch and listen to some of THIS.  Josh is a member of one of the country’s best progressive bluegrass bands “Mountain Heart”…but he’s incredible all by himself too.  In this video Josh is on piano.  I’m hoping my A game is with me today when we sit down to write together.


Have a great Thursday!





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