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Writing...Booking...and Tim Conway

May 15 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day already.



Tuesday started with writing a parody song for New York about the wild swings on Wall Street going on now because of the tariff war. And as soon as that cleared I was in a writing room with my friend Nathan Woodard, and for the first time with Devin McGlamery who’s a young talented writer who’s had a lot of success in the Christian Music World.


This week is all about new writers that started with Devin yesterday and today and tomorrow I’ll also be in the room with folks I’ve not yet met.  It’s always interesting and fun getting to know new young talented folks and working with them to create something we all might love.  I certainly enjoyed that experience yesterday.



That was followed by a meeting about my “Hits & Grins” trio with the folks from the booking agency “Live Arts & Attractions” who are working hard to book us on more dates later this year and into next.  We’re getting ready to do a show next Thursday here in Nashville at the Listening Room and they’ll be there to film our entire show that night that they will then take into production to try and squeeze three minutes out of to use as a promotional video to help sell “Hits & Grins”.  FYI…the show is at 6 pm Thursday May 23.  If you’re in town by all means come and see us.  Great food and a show all in one.


Some of the conversation was about how to dress for the show to make us look good on camera.  They took a lot more time trying to figure out how to make me work on camera as opposed to my two partners in musical crime.  Sigh.



Gosh, the world is a little less funnier today with Tim Conway’s passing.  Is there anyone who doesn’t have a favorite Carol Burnette scene of Tim Conway casting up the cast or in particular Harvey Korman?  So funny.  And a nice gentle man.  I had the pleasure in interviewing him a couple of times and even introduced him on stage here in Nashville once at one of his show.  And I’m old enough to remember his first comedy albums back in the day as well as his classic "stand up" routine.  What a funny funny man.



They just released the list of the “fittest” cities in America.  How they determine this is beyond me.  But number one is Arlington, VA followed by Seattle, Minneapolis, San Francisco and Madison, Wisconsin.  Minneapolis and Madison get SO much snow. Every homeowner in those cities surely must have indoor treadmills or gyms.  I dunno.


I do know that not one southern city made the list.  That’s because down here folks “biscuits and gravy” is a condiment.



And now…Crocs is offering up a WEDDING CROC for the brides.  What bride would not want a pair of these for their big day?  Walk up to the aisle, say your vows and then exchange Mood Rings at the altar.  Pretty danged romantic.



A suitcase company for a fee will put your pets picture all over your suitcase.  You can literally drag and show off Fifi at the airport if you’d like.  The folks behind the ticket counters will now be asking, “how many pets would you like to check”?



Japan has a new version of their Bullet Train.  It’s pretty fast.  Like 249 mph fast!  I’m not sure why we don’t have those here.  With the unreal traffic stack ups in Nashville…it would be cool to jump on a train from my side of town that could get me to downtown in a blip.  Plus, it would feel like you got on board a very cool amusement park ride.



Well…my day just freed up as my co-writer today just sent me a text letting me know she may have strep throat.  She’s just back from a big songwriters festival down in Key West and the transition in weather I think got her.  So…we re-scheduled to a later date and I’ll spend some time today catching up on stuff.  And there’s plenty of that.


Have a great Wednesday!







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