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Gulf Shores...Great Review...Mama

May 10 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from beautiful LA…Lower Alabama.



My wife and I made the 8 hour trip down I-65 South to one of our favorite destinations, Gulf Shores, Alabama.  The windshield wipers worked over-time on the drive with several sections of heavy rain.  But this morning as I’m blogging…the sun is dancing on the Gulf Coast waters, so all is well in my little flip-flop world for the next few days.


I’m down here to once again write some songs with my long time Trop Rock pal Brent Burns.  Brent has a couple of CD’s he’s working on.  One is a collection of his “greatest beach songs” from the 13 or 14 albums (whatever the total is) that he’s going to use for promotional purposes.  He will put a free copy in the bag of every participant this year in Key West at MOTM which is a huge gathering of Parrot Head (beach lover) fans.  A few of those songs they’ll hear will be songs we’ve written together like this favorite “Margarita Smile”


At the same time Brent’s ready to come up to Nashville and record a brand new album.  So by phone we’ve been talking song titles and song ideas and this weekend we’ll try to write three or four of those.  It’s always fun to do this and still have time to soak up the great scenery down here and enjoy some seafood.



Last night we had Italian.  Uh huh.  Pizza…with alfredo sauce.  First time I’ve had that and it’s quickly a fave of mine.  There’s a new small place called “Tuscany’s” near where Brent lives that one should check out if you’re down here and you like Italian food. 


Brent moved homes recently so it’s the first time we’re in Brent’s new home where he is still settling in.  He agrees with what I blogged yesterday that most folks would rather spend some jail time as opposed to moving. 



Today is release day for my friend Irene Kelley.  I have two songs I wrote with Irene on this wonderful bluegrass album titled “Benny’s TV Repair”.  That was the name of Irene’s Father’s little radio repair shop he ran up in Pennsylvania where Irene grew up.


Check out this wonderful REVIEW of the album that give a really nice mention about our song we wrote titled “Walk With Me”.  Thank you Henry Carrigan for the nice words!  Check out our gospel bluegrass song right HERE.



How can he be 70?  Love Billy Joel.  I bought the 52nd Street album when it first came out and still have that classic on vinyl.  Every now and then I have to hear “bottle of red, bottle of white”.


I have one sorta kinda Billy Joel story. 


I was in New York to cover the Garth Brooks concert at Central Park years ago for the radio station I was doing the morning show for in Milwaukee at the time.  A MASSIVE concert in Central Park.  I had no desire to stand in a crowd outdoors for that.  We saw the set up but a record label for Garth took our morning show out for dinner at a true Italian Restaurant the night of the show where they had it up on TV monitors.  The wait staff?  All Italian.  VERY Italian.  Garth sang, they could have cared less.  And then Garth surprised the New York crowd by calling Billy Joel on stage.  The minute that happened the wait staff erupted…”Billy!!!!!!!”  So funny.  And they stopped to watch that performance only before serving us pasta and wine.  Happy Birthday Mr. Joel.



That most Americans have not made a new friend in 5 years.  Really?  Gosh…all those telemarketers making robo calls have become great friends of mine so I don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.



How bout this.  They are testing this in Mexico.  There’s a new app you download from Burger King.  “The Traffic Jam Whopper” will allow you to order up a burger when you’re stuck in traffic.  A kid will then jump on a motorcycle come to your car while you’re sitting there and deliver your burger!


I’ll be working on the “Traffic Jam Porta Potty”.



Jim Fowler died at the age of 89.  Considering what his job was on the old “Wild Kingdom” TV show…that’s an amazing feat.  And now wild animal took his life.  Old school folks will remember Jim being the guy Marlin Perkins would sent out to wrestle snakes and gators and such which he did with glee.  RIP.



The new Bachelorette run begins starting this Monday with a former Alabama beauty Queen who will be the center of attention for all the young guys cast to possibly marry her at the end of the show.  One of those is a guy who has fathered 114 kids already.  Sperm donor.  So if she’s big on having a flock of kids…I do like his chances. 


Yes…I watch the show.  Yes.  My Man Card was revoked because of it.



It’s Mother’s Day weekend…don’t forget!  One funny Mother’s Day joke?  Okay…try this one.  A daughter asks her Mother, “Mom what’s it like to have the greatest daughter in the world”?  The Mom quickly replies, “I don’t know…ask your grandmother”.  Treat Mama right his weekend now.


Rhyming words, playing guitar, looking at the ocean.  Not a bad way to start the weekend.  Have a great one yourself!

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