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Hallmark...Grand Canyon...Ray Stevens

May 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Up to near 90 today.  I’ll be rhyming in a pair of shorts and flip flops today because of the heat and then toss those in a beach bag as today a pre-pack day for a trip to Gulf tomorrow.



An off day from writing except for turning in a Mother’s Day parody song about not forgetting to buy something for Mom.  That’s the kind of stuff that will put you out of the will.


Must be a banner time for card shops right now as graduations and Mother’s Day are spilling into each other and I found myself going through both racks yesterday at Hallmark hoping to find cards that make sense for folks I’m sending them too.  And then I think, “Hey, I’m a writer…why don’t I write my own”?  Then I remember how badly I suck as an artist knowing the cover on the card would look like something a pre-school did with crayons.  So I went with Hallmark.



I want to share this great BOOK about the Grand Canyon celebrating it’s 100th birthday.  Arizona commissioned my great friend Roger Naylor to write this bad boy…and they could not have chosen a better person.  Congrats Rog!  I can’t wait for my copy to arrive in the mail.


Roger was recently put into the Arizona Tourism Hall of Fame for his excellent writing about that beautiful state he moved to from Cincinnati years ago with his wife Michele.  Roger was a great comedian who wrote funny stuff for my radio show at WUBE many creative moons ago.  He knew nothing about country music…I knew nothing about comedy but somehow we became fast friends.  And it’s stayed that way even though we’re separated by a lot of miles.  Proud of my friend for this accomplishment.  And I can’t wait for a copy to arrive!



I also spent some time working on details for a songwriter-radio workshop I’ll be leading on June 21 for my friend and co-writer Amanda Williams who has a little venue for songwriters shows, workshops and more.  It’s just west of Nashville…and yes…anyone can come.  I’ll have complete details on that up in just a few days.


Amanda is all over the world and the country these days teaching folks about the importance of why you don’t steal music and copyright laws.  Pretty cool thing she’s trying to do…and she’s getting to travel to some cool places while she does this.  Amazing where the music will take one sometimes.



I was sad to see the pictures put up yesterday of the Ray Stevens studio and office on Music Row being demolished in the name of progress.  Gosh.  Ray recorded a song that Brent Burns and I wrote called “Retired” and I got to stand in those studios with the comic genius while he played it just for me one day.  Memorable to say the least.  And now it’s gone as is more and more of Music Row fixtures.  Thank God for great memories.



For those of you old enough…you remember that TV show don’t you?  Hosted by Art Linkletter who talked to kids and man did they ever say the unexpected.


Yesterday I had a phone conversation with my friend Charlie Mattos who is half of the morning radio show on WSM that I’m part of now and then.  His young boy walked up to him recently and said, “Daddy, never hug a cactus”.  So wise at 4 years old.



So I’m reading this morning that Kim Kardashian may have removed a rib to fit into a certain dress for a big deal fashion crazy thing in New York.  Wow.


I personally would love to see a fashion show where the celebrities wear what I wear.  Ya never have to take a rib out to fit into a pair of Navy sweatpants.  Put that show on TV.



In the UK you can buy a pair of flip -flops that has the face of your loved one on the tops.  So when you stare down you see them. I don’t see my wife being thrilled with me putting her image on flip-flops but I’m gonna ask.


I want some flip-flops that have the comuter passwords I most commonly forget.



They are warning that our tomato prices will go up because of the new tariff war going on which caused a steep drop for the stock market yesterday.  I hate tomatoes.  If they threaten that the price of elbow macaroni is going to shoot up…then I’ll be concerned.



Three more Star Wars movie starting around 2020.  That’s what Disney do say.  I thought the first Star Wars movie was one of the best movie experiences ever and I’ve seen all of them.  No, I won’t dress up in Darth Vader outfit and camp out for the midnight screening but I do love the series.  Kind of weird knowing the series will still be showing long after I’ve gone to a galaxy far far away.  Wonder if I’ll be able to stream those from wherever I’ll be going?



If you see some going off outside your window…I did it.  That’s because I’m reading that a group of rich guys is having a meeting with the MLB commissioner about expansion and giving Nashville a Major League team.  Yes!  C’mon with it.  Tony LaRussa no less is part of the group.



The story of Tammy Wynette taking the keys away from George Jones who loved to drink is legendary stuff. George got on his lawnmower and rode on that to the liquor store that day.  It’s so legendary that a mural depicting that is up for all to see and smile at.  Funny.  Take a PEEK.



I’m writing with Brian White today who co-wrote “Watching You” (to name one) with my buddy Steve Dean and artist Rodney Atkins.  Brian is a huge baseball fan (from Cincinnati) so I’m betting we’ll talk a bit about the possibilities of Major League Baseball coming here before we rhyme a thing.  Looking forward to that.


Have a great Wednesday!



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