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Writing With Friends...Big Turkey Legs...Danube River 2021

May 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Say hello to Friday and the first day of May.



I closed out April with a co-writing appointment with Sydni Perry and Jimmy Fortune. Two of my favorite folks for sure.  Sydni at one point said in our Google Hangout on the computer that she didn’t care if we wrote a note. She feels like it's  just a good thing to be able to visit even if it is on laptI could not agree more.  And this time around nobody had a real idea or title to work with but Jimmy just admitted it’s hard not to think about what’s going on.  And then he started this beautiful melody on his guitar and we found a thought about these times and love that we managed to wrangle into a new tune.


We also talked about the unknowing of whether the lifestyle all three of us love of traveling and playing “live” music will ever return and if so when?  I brought up how even back in the Great Depression era you’d hear folks say that a musician would always survive no matter what…because you could sing for you supper.  Even in the darkest of times people want to be entertained.  If for nothing else…just to escape the reality of dark times.  That’s theory has been turned upside down with a virus that shut down the world and those avenues for creative folks.


Now, with all that said I see really creative folks finding ways to monetize, at least partially what they do through technology, computers, and out of the box thinking.  Some of this I think will be useful and not left behind when we do get to the point where we can share stories and songs again on a stage to a theater full of folks.


We are certainly living in a very interesting time.  And like our grandparents told us stories of Great Depression…I know my daughter and son in law will be telling the next generation beneath them stories of Covid 19.



Cool move by Disney.  They will be selling masks with Disney characters and logos on them and then donate whatever they make to charity.  I may have to order a “Hakuna Mata” mask today.


My daughter Heather is a HUGE Disney fan.  So much so she has a Disney You Tube Channel under “Sassy Cinderella”.  Last night for the first time she threw up this “Live” You Tube show where folks got to see her kitchen skills a bit.  Ever had a lemon cookie?  So good...and you can watch and see how she makes those.


And now the Disney question you’ve wanted to ask.  Why are those Disney Turkey Legs so big?  Turns out they kind of borrowed the idea from all those Renaissance Fairs around the country.  You’ll find those there and guys standing upside down in a mud pit too…but I digress.


Those bad boys are SO delicious.  They taste a bit like ham and that’s because they are cured in a salt solution.  And yea…the price keeps going up.  One will set you back almost $13 now at Disney World.  Look for them in Frontier Land as I recall…between the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and the Haunted Mansion.  (My daughter’s not the only big Disney fan).  And now I’m really hungry for one of those!



How bout the CEO of the Connor Group in Dayton, Ohio Larry Connor who made over a million on the stock market recently and gave all the money to his employees…those at the lower salary levels to help them get through this period of unemployment?  They must love having a boss like t


The Mayor of Nashville has us on “Safer At Home” now until May 8.  Meanwhile Sweden is doing it’s own thing…never did quarantine…and now there are reports that the WHO who condemned that approach originally is now saying they may be the model for moving forward.  File that one under the big pile of “who do you believe”?


Meanwhile Australia looks to be one of the safest places on earth, as does New Zealand that sits just off the coast of Australia.  Folks are on the beaches and once again women are staring at those Bondi Beach lifeguards in their red Speedos…I guess. 


Back here in the states, my favorite beach place Gulf Shores is reopening the beaches there…today or tomorrow I believe.  Condos are starting to rent there and the city has gone to great lengths to make sure rental companies and owners are renting in the safest of ways possible.  Each unit is to be disinfected big time and renters will go straight to the condos when they come using a pass code on the door so they can avoid going into a rental office to get a key or combination.


Some of the locals there worry that with tourists coming back, and with hardly any restaurants opened that they’ll be in their local grocery stores increasing the chances of catching the virus. 


I have no answers…I’m not smart enough.  I just believe with all the different opinions we may be at that point where individuals are going to start making their own decisions about what’s right for them.



How cheap?  You can book a round trip ticket to Spain for just $170 round trip.  Wow. 



I’ll be in Austria and Hungary for the first time next year with Brent Burns and Sunny Jim White on a Danube River Cruise…if the world is safe by then.  One of our last stops will be the beautiful city of Budapest.  We will have a boat full of beach loving Trop Rock music fans with us as we float down the river and entertain them.  If you want to join us all the info is right HERE.



“What You Need To Know Before You Get A Tattoo”.  My comedian friend Heywood Banks has the perfect answer for that.  He says, “First, be sober.  And second, enunciate”.  Indeed. In fact he has a very funny tattoo song and that’s right HERE if you’re curious.


Heywood is going to do his first You Tube “Live” Concert this weekend.  If you need a laugh?  Watching this guy will do the trick for ya.



The Little League World Series goes into the pile of cancelled sporting events.  First time ever.


Meanwhile NASCAR goes back to real racing May 17 at Darlington. No fans in the stands.


And how funny is this?  Comedian Will Ferrell crashing the Seattle Seahawks virtual team meeting?  Sounds like something Bill Murray would do too.  Watch THIS.



Michael Jordan who’s starring in the ESPN Docu-Series “The Last Dance” that’s so riveting once turned down 100 million dollars to put his name on a brand and make a 2 hour appearance.  That happened in 2017.  His agent pointed out that Michael doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to.  I guess not.



I’m songwriting with my pal Brent Burns on a funny idea that another big Trop Rock artist Bob Karwin gave Brent.  A true story from Bob about when he and his band played at a nudist event and the band was required to wear clothes.  And they were the only ones wearing anything.  This could be fun writing THAT today.


Tomorrow I’m back at the table with my Aussie friend Angus Gill in Australia to write another funny song that could potentially be on his first ever comedy song album he’s writing for.  This time a mutual friend here in Nashville Bill DiLuigi will join us because he has a funny song title the told Angust about that we’re going to try to turn into a full tune together Saturday evening.


The weather here is going to be gorgeous this weekend…so when the writing clears I hope to grab some of that sun by getting outdoors.


I hope you have a great weekend too!







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