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Jennyville...Jack & Diane...Normandy

May 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

It’s May Day.  First day of May.  A day to honor workers.  (I had to look it up)


Man…I am enjoying seeing the sun up early and setting late.  So much better than what we had before and we’re up near 80 today.  On my early morning drive to Starbucks this morning I had to dodge a HUGE owl sitting right in the middle of the road.  He apparently thinks he has the right away as he would not budge.  Or (wait for it) he just doesn’t give a hoot.



My writing appointment was with Jenny Tolman who's talented but also has a fun side as you can tell from the picture.   She’s one of those talented young folks in this town I’m rooting for big time.  We caught up…and we got something new started that we will finish up on a later date.  Jenny is one of those who is building her career from the ground up.  She and her talented boyfriend Dave Brainard have a CD finished of really cool songs.  I had not heard it in it’s entirety until yesterday when Jenny gave me a copy of “Jennyville” going out the door.  So I cranked it up and enjoyed it big time on my drive home.


Though none of our songs made this project…I do have a small appearance on it as a “weatherman” in Jennyville giving a little funny forecast between songs.  In Jenny and Dave’s case…I’m willing to be a little comic relief on their project. 



Another dang talent show is coming to USA.  I’m burnt out on those.  Shania Twain and Jake Owens will be judges on something called “Real Country”.  Good luck with that.  Idol is getting horrible ratings…just can’t imagine yet ANOTHER talent show doing well.  We’ll see.



I will put this up one more time as my wife Kathy has a little role in the new Jake Owen VIDEO “I Was Jack And You Were Diane” that you can click on and watch.  She’s a waitress taking an order.  That’s my wife’s BACK that you get a quick glimpse of…and she does get a credit at the end where you see her in her waitress outfit…face forward.



I will say nobody’s back ever looked better in a video.


The video is a mini-movie really…almost 10 minutes in length.  Grab some popcorn and sit down and watch it.



I saw a little ESPN feature last night on Jim Harbaugh and his Michigan football team.  The coach took his entire team to Paris…and one stop they insisted on making was to Normandy where so many of our troops paid the price in World War II trying to scale those cliffs.  The young kids were moved.  They paid their respects.  The paused and realized how lucky they are…that they get to play a game while young men their age faced hell all those years ago to free Europe.  It’s worth watching…and I’m guessing they will replay this a couple of times.



I’m not a Michigan fan by a long shot.  But I have a lot of respect where what the coach did here with his Dad who also insisted on making that trip.  Those young men have a memory forever they won’t forget.  And I’m betting the team has bonded tighter.  Good on ya coach.


And it’s still #1 on my bucket list of places I want to get to myself.



Anyone know the name Michelle Wolf before she roasted the President at the White House Correspondents dinner?  Pretty raw…and it upset a lot of folks as she attacked with comedy the President’s rep who did attend…Sarah Huckabee and she absorbed the comedic onslaught.


Couple of thought and observations from the least political person you know…me.


I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten how having comedians roast President’s caught on.  And most every President has attended.  Some have been pretty sharp in their own comedic retorts when it came time for them to speak.  Why more President’s have not opted out…I dunno.


But I do know that this comedian’s price probably jumped significantly after all the reaction coming in still about what she said.  That’s how showbiz works.  Go viral, be controversial.   If that doesn’t work for ya…go yodel in Wal Mart.  Showbiz just isn’t that complicated sometimes.



Kylie Jenner…another of that Kardashian clan famous for being famous…shut down Six Flags in California for her rapper boyfriend.  He’s 26. 


I had to wait in line at Chuck E Cheese last time for my birthday party.  And the rides weren’t nearly as thrilling.



I have a writing appointment today with Rick Tiger who’s getting ready to do a big long house tour across this country.  Pretty cool deal that Rick has built up…and each summer he and his lovely wife pack their car, some CD’s and a guitar and go entertain his many friends and their friends in the comfort of their homes.  Love that.


I’ve done a few of those…would like to do more.  Very cool ways to entertain your friends that’s affordable for everyone.  If you have any interest…there’s a section on the front page of my website you can click on to find out more and book a date if you’d like.


Have a great Tuesday!









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