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The Bare...The Draft...Marathons

Apr 27 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And the weekend arrives.



The one thing about gloomy days for songwriters is that sometimes the weather dictates the creative mood in a good way.  That’s kinda sorta what happened yesterday when I sat down with Paul Bogart.  Whether by design or not…the song took kind of a sad “country” turn.  And that’s okay.  Sad introspective songs still work they tell me.


Paul’s one of those good guys that’s just fun to hang with and catch up with.  He’s busy.  Two little baby boys are making him yawn a bit these days.  Besides being busy himself with road dates and recording and writing and taking care of babies…Paul has a vehicle he owns that other artists rent out sometimes.  He told me a great story about 83 year old legend Bobby Bare who rented Paul’s vehicle…and then hired Paul himself to drive him and his group to a gig in Kentucky where Paul got to hang with Bobby and watch him work.  That’s a pretty good weekend when you get to hang with iconic folks like the “Bare”. 




And Paul also gave me some tips on Italy…my wife an I will be there in early October.  Paul has been multiple times mostly doing shows over there through the years.  So I’ve got some little tips about places to hang when we fly across the pond and explore Italy.


A good Thursday at the office on Music Row.







I did watch some big guys stroll on stage last night after being selected by NFL teams.  Instant multi-millionaires the second their names were announced.  Life changing stuff.  Cleveland took a QB…again…and all of Cleveland now hopes THIS might be there guy to turn the worst team in the NFL around.  We’ll see.



Apparently “Aloha” shirts are back in vogue.  Hawaiian shirts.  Cool.  However…I showed that article to my daughter and suggested that since they are now so hip again that maybe I should wear one to her wedding?  I simply can not believe how narrow minded she is.  I could have sang “Tiny Bubbles” playing a uke as she strolled up to say her vows…but no.  A wasted opportunity.



The “Music Modernization Act” passed overwhelmingly in the House yesterday…unanimous in approval.  It’s basically a bill trying to lift the amount of pay songwriters receive in the new world of “streaming” where the return is almost negligible.  Free music pretty much these days with a $10 a month subscription to Spotify.   Hard copy music will be a dinosaur sooner than later.  Hard to hold a “stream” in your hands.  So they are at least trying to figure out a way to compensate writers a bit more in the complicated new future of listening to music. 


The best way to make a living as a songwriter these days is playing your songs to “live” audiences.  Those writers who don’t play out and sing?  Gotta be a lot of second jobs going on.  The nature of the beast.


I tell kids when I teach that you have got to really LOVE this profession to do it.  With talent…enough love, passion and dedication…good things still happen. 


I heard a songwriter say one of the main reasons he continues to write songs in a profession that’s hard to monetize is because he wants to leave something behind when he goes.  I’d never really thought of it that way.  But I suppose if you’re lucky enough to write something that moves folks or sticks with them…then indeed you leave something that might make a difference.


I do this because I’m just too out of shape to be a Chippendale Dancer anymore. 



The older I get the less time I choose to spend around negative folks.  Drags me down.  And the folks who complain a lot usually have much more to be thankful for than most folks.  And those who don’t have as much often complain much less…if at all.


I read a story about a blind skateboarder this morning.  Think about that.  Blind…and finding complete joy in skateboarding!  I have no clue how he does that…but my hats off to him.  Use that as an example…stop complaining.



A guy here in Tennessee is running 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents!  How did this dude get out of the insane asylum with his running shoes?  Geez.


I have a couple of family members who run…avidly…long distance stuff…iron man type stuff.  I admire them greatly…from my couch. 



Kim Kardashian has a perfume bottle in the shape of her body.  Uh huh.  I’m guessing the butt end of that bottle holds a lot of the perfume. 


I can’t imagine what my bottle would look like.  I’d go for a beer bottle if I did pose…but there’s just not a lot of folks that want to hold a cold me in their hands at a bar.



Well…apparently there are a lot more gorillas and chimps in Africa than they thought.  A 33% increase in the population is what they say which is great news for what was considered to possible be a species that could go extinct. 


And at the same time they found out there are 33% more idiots on Capitol Hill.  (Fake News)



That voice activated gizmo some of you have in the house?  Now it’s trying to teach your kids manners.  If the child talks to “Alexa” and says “please” or “thank you”…Alexa will let the child know how nice that was.  I can see how that’s an improvement over my Mother grabbing me by the ear and reminding me to do the right thing.  Thank you Alexa.



Busy.  My writing appointment is with former American Idol star Ayla Brown and her talented boyfriend Rob Bellamy.  Those are always fun writing sessions…and I have not seen them since they’ve been to the Winter Olympics where Rob’s sister won a gold medal for the USA in hockey…or since the two of them have been to New Zealand to see Ayla’s Dad and Mom.  Ayla’s Dad is our ambassador there.  Tough gig I’m betting.  So it will be fun to hear those stories.




And…my friend Linda Davis is on the Opry this weekend and I’m going to try and sneak backstage and root her on…and my great friends and extended family Dodge and Dean Raymer will be in town from Missouri with a bus load of country music fans they are bringing to enjoy a Music City good time.  So I’ll catch up with them too.


Yep…busy.  And sunshine has arrived for it.  Bring it on.


Have a great weekend!

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