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A Big Ole Draft...Black Coffee...Little Rock Trip Today

Apr 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Bag and guitar looking at me right now…packed and ready to go to Little Rock.



Thursday was a prep day getting ready for this weekend trip to Arkansas to write with veterans…putting their incredible stories into music for the group Operation Song that does this on a regular basis.  I’m certainly looking forward to my part of this that will have me sitting across the table from one of our vets trying to draw his story out and then writing about it.


Tonight we will have a little Meet & Greet in Little Rock at the Douglas Arthur Museum (which will be a pleasure to tour) and then take that story on Saturday and write it into a song.  Saturday night all 7 of the Nashville songwriters will be on stage singing their veteran’s songs with the veteran on stage with each writer.  Later their songs will be recorded here in Nashville and available on the website for Operation Song.


My thanks to my long time friend Steve Dean for asking me to participate.  Truly an honor.



If you turned on ABC or ESPN last night you could see the MONSTER crowd…the party that exploded on Lower Broadway.  The honkytonks must have made a billion hillbilly bucks last night as the NFL Draft took place. I’d say the NFL folks must be thrilled by the turnout and the way it looked on camera.  And I’m betting after this three-day run there will be more folks looking to move here to this IT city.  Great…where do we put ya?


I did write a parody song about the Draft Party for my New York folks too so it turns out that I got to be a teenie part of promoting it too.  I gotta say it looked pretty amazing on camera last night.



And ABC made sure that Bobby Bones and Luke Bryan got even more exposure during the draft as both are on American Idol this year on the same network.  And they gave major time to Taylor Swift to help her make more money by promoting a new video-song that she dropped at midnight.  It’s called “ME”.  If you’re curious click on the link.  Very "Disneyesque".



I also moved some things on my calendar yesterday to allow me to run back down to Gulf Shores, Alabama in a couple of weeks to spend three days writing new songs for the next Brent Burns Trop Rock CD.  It’s close to recording time for my friend so we’re gonna add enough new beach and funny tunes to allow him to get to Nashville and record the first half of the new project right away.  It’s always fun to do this with my beach pal…and the fact that it’s on the ocean ain’t a bad thing either.



Kraft Heinz is trying to sell Maxwell House coffee but apparently they are having trouble finding a buyer.  I grew up on Maxwell House and Folgers.  Long before Starbucks took over the coffee kingdom.  Percolator for those who remember.  Heck, I remember that catchy old Maxwell House JINGLE and still like it.


My Dad caught me drinking a cup of coffee when I was a kid and said, “if you’re gonna drink it you’ll drink it like a man…black”.  I’ve not drank one cup of coffee since that was not black. 


Maybe Microsoft should make an offer.  They are now officially worth a TRILLION dollars.  So glad I was SO brave to buy 10 shares once upon an investment ago. 



That restaurant is rolling out a new item on the menu.  I could have never guessed it was “southern fried chicken” as I assumed it was surely on the menu there already.  Who knew?  And now I have visions of my Grandpa going out back on his farm, wringing a neck or two and seeing piled in fried pieces for a Sunday dinner back in Missouri.  Back when we fried everything.  I see me ordering some in the near future while I’m trying to beat that stupid golf tee game that sits on their tables.



Mattel is reporting STRONG sales of their venerable doll Barbie.  How old is Barbie?  Seems like that thing has been around longer than Maxwell House coffee.  A little plastic surgery through the years, settling for lots of money in a divorce from Ken and Barbie is alive and still doing well. 



A guy just played 420 holes of golf in just 24 hours. It was former baseball star Eric Byrne.  Yes he owns the Guinness Record now.  Yes he walked 106 miles while doing it! He used just one golf club the whole way…a woman’s 8 iron.  He burnt over 14,000 calories on the course out in California.  Why he did it?  I dunno.  I don’t think I’ve played 420 holes of golf in my lifetime.



A lot of folks will be off to the movies I suppose to see the “buzz” event “Avengers”.  It’s the final chapter…so they say.  Go root for your favorite super hero.  “Underdog” was once again left out so I’m protesting.


Time to leave for Arkansas.  Have a great weekend!




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