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4 Writers In A Room...Baseball Night...The Moon

Apr 26 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning in Music City and we are still waiting for the sun to make an appearance…any time.



A very full Wednesday that started with a great songwriting session with friends Linda Davis, Sydni Perry and Jimmy Fortune.  4 writers gathered round Linda’s piano with guitars and laptops…something good was bound to happen.


Jimmy came with a great melody on his guitar that he had heard in his head on his drive over to Linda’s…so pretty that it could not be ignored…and he had a title with the thought.  So...it was on like Donkey Kong and soon lyrics and arrangement and tweaks were spilling out and we just wound up with a great love song if I do say so. 


And Sydni who’s getting ready to get busy again with Carrie Underwood’s new tour coming up…sang the heck out of the vocal on our little work tape. 


It was truly one of those moments again where I thought, “how did I wind up here”?  Just blessed to be part of the creative process with great folks.


Linda will be on the Opry this Saturday night…both shows.  You can hear the Opry worldwide at wsmonline.com.


And Jimmy is busy as always.  The former Statler Brother does about 80 dates or more per year…and if you want to catch him “live” sometime…and I suggest you do…here’s his WEBSITE.



Linda’s talented husband and one of my closest friend Lang Scott was pulled into our room to play a little guitar on this new song which was cool too.  And after our session was over…he, Linda and myself met some folks who are putting on a two day deal for the three of us and our “Evening In The Round” show up in Pennsylvania in mid-September of this year.  Both Linda and I will be teaching classes before we do a show on that Saturday evening.  Linda teaches an SP101 class…where she works with kids and teaches them to be better performers.  Mine will be a songwriting class.


Details of the workshops and the show will be up on my calendar soon.


The ladies we met from Pennsylvania were very nice…writers…performers themselves and we certainly are looking forward to seeing them and working with them later this year.



And to cap off the day I spent the evening at our minor ballpark with my future son in law watching our Sounds beat the “Baby Cakes”.  That’s right.  The New Orleans “Baby Cakes”.  Doesn’t sound very intimidating does it?






Casey…my future son in law flies choppers for the Army up on Fort Campbell…and is just back from an Iraq tour.  He had invited me to a see some aircraft on display at the Opryland Hotel…some of which came from Fort Campbell but I couldn’t because of the meeting.  But…sitting next to him for 9 innings I learned a lot more about his job and how technically advanced our copters are.  He loves what he does…and I feel a little better about how safe he is after learning more about the capabilities are of the machines he flies in.  I even got to see a little video of them flying above Iraq while he was there.




His biggest take away from his last tour over there is how odd it is to see folks driving sheep in the middle of nowhere…day…and night.  Lotta sheep.



They’ve announced that they plan to build a Lunar Palace on the surface of the moon.  Proof I guess that we will someday have folks living up there…sometime after I’m gone…but some day. 


We got out on a beautiful night when skies are clear and say how beautiful the moon is tonight.


Some day someone will walk out of a Lunar Palace and proclaim how beautiful earth is tonight…I suppose.



Yes…Blake Shelton can “croon”.  And so can Adam Levine.   Pretty danged well as evidence in the fun VIDEO of his singing a classic song with his buddy Adam Levine from the “Voice”.   I’m pretty sure the lack of ratings now for American Idol is partially because they have no chemistry like these two guys have.


My wife Kathy drew my attention to this video which also features Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson taking their turn with a "classic".  Check it out.



Why they have not manufactured “NFL Draft Beer” is beyond me.  I had to write a parody song about the Draft which is later tonight for my New York folks yesterday.  The song pretty much focuses on the hapless Cleveland Browns who have the #1 pick this year.  In the past few years…they’ve managed make one bad choice after another…including the Johnny Manziel debacle.  Will the curse end this time?  We will see.



I’m off to write again with my cowboy pal Paul Bogart which is always fun and find out how his new little “buckaroo” boy is doing…the one that was birthed a few weeks ago in the car on the way to the hospital.  If you missed that story…you can hear Paul tell me that tale that we recorded an aired on WSM one morning.  I still blame it on a pothole…but he denies it.  Here's a LINK for you to listen to that amazing story and see some pictures of this rushed newcomer to the world.  



Have a great Thursday!

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