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Irish Sing Along...Steel Blossoms...Operation Song This Weekend

Apr 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Here comes the weekend along with a trip to write with our veterans in Little Rock this weekend.



Wednesday was a complete day of music that started with a writing session with Irene Kelly.  When I walked in her house the dog and the parrot both greeted me as the dog ran up to me and the parrot said "hello"  from on top of the couch.  So there’s an interesting way to start the day!


Irene had this wonderful melody she played me that I fell in love with instantly.  Here thought was to write it as a gospel song and she had a great thought to go with it.  However, the melody rang of “Irish” and I could not get away from that.  After finding out Irene had played in Ireland it changed everything as I have all these wonderful memories of Ireland still fresh in my mind after being over there last year.  So we went Irish and after it was finished…I could not stop listening to it.


I think this is why we travel.  To soak up new experiences and cultures and for me…it gives me more to draw from when it’s time to write something.  Our song I hope is going to take some folks back to Ireland in their own minds…and maybe make some folks wanna make a trip over to experience the friendly people, the history and all the green for themselves. 


I’m pretty sure the traditional Irish song that is included in ours will make folks sing along.  Watch this VIDEO of actor John C. Reilly who co-stars some with comedian Will Ferrell.  Think Talladega Nights.  The video is of John, who’s most surely Irish, singing this song we used when he surprised a bunch of patrons in a traditional Irish Pub in Ireland.  Click on…watch…and sing the chorus with John and a group full of happy Irish folk.  “And it’s no nay never”!!!



Then last night I had my socks knocked off by the new girl duo Steel Blossoms who held a big CD release party at 3rd & Lindsley.   Two young ladies from near the Pittsburgh area who recently signed a deal with Billy Jam Records here in town which is part of the company I now write for.  My friend and Jerry Salley was obviously wise for signing them to the label.  Young…fresh and gosh they make great music.  I am looking forward to getting to know them and writing with the two of them in the future.


The two of them were honestly amazed as they didn’t think hardly anyone would show up and the place was PACKED with music lovers who fell for them as I did last night.  Keep your ears open for Sara and Haley.



Is PACKED for the next several days.  The NFL Draft is here tonight and last night one could not move on Lower Broadway…scene of the action.  Some are describing it as a SuperBowl without a game.  Teams start choosing big college dudes tonight and I’ll watch some of it on the big screen but will avoid downtown like I try to avoid the flu.  Kinda glad I’ll be out of town this weekend and by the time I get back things will have quieted down a bit.  Great for our economy though as a lot of dollars are going to be dropped at the bars and restaurants.  Arizona is on the clock.


It’s truly amazing what the marketers have done with this event.  Blown up.  I had my interest peeked in the draft a bit more several years ago when I got to interview the head coach for the Bengals at the time Marvin Lewis.  My radio partner Amanda Orlando and I went to Paul Brown stadium to interview him…and let it be known…Marvin is impossible not to like.  He actually gave us a private tour and took us into the Bengals War Room that had all the players up on the board they were taking hard looks at for the draft coming up that year.  Pretty fascinating. 


So again…though HUGE crowds are not my thing…I’ll watch some on my couch.



With all our hotel rooms filling up…maybe we need a Potato BNB like the one just opened in Boise.  Yes…you can sleep in a tater if that’s (wait for it) APEELING to you.  Because we’re in the south maybe a Biscuit BNB would be a better idea.



A new survey reveals that most of us never have our opinions changed by anything anyone posts on Twitter.  Yep.  All those political opinions that fly there probably never convince any of us to change our positions or our core values and beliefs.  But…I do read some of them for the comedy.



I do like what comedian Adam Corolla said. “I find freedom in truly not caring what people think”.  If one does comedy for a living like he does…ya need to feel that way because some will be offended often times by the tamest of comedic lines.  Part of the deal.  Usually those that are offended are not the audience they are going after anyway. 


Ever have a radio station that you loved change their format without announcement?  When that happens sometimes they’ll do “stunt” programming like if they’re going to switch from “Country” say to “Talk” they’ll play nothing but heavy metal music for days.  Or they might play the same song for days on repeat.  That’s done to drive away the audience that listened before to pave the way for growing a new a completely different audience.  They no longer are about the previous audience and it does not bother them if they get mad or call or e-mail.  Moving on.



Personally I care about how folks feel.  I want them to like me or my music or my radio show.  But…even for me I know I’m not going to please everyone. 


A great example of that came one time when I played a little show in Gulf Shores with my friend Brent Burns.  I sang a song titled “Sometimes Religion Scares The Hell Out Of Me” which is on one of my CD’s.  I didn’t’ see it buy my wife told me a lady got up and left because she was so offended.  Her husband however stayed and laughed his butt off.  Though I hated she left…it reminded me she’s not the folk I wanna sing to.  I’d rather sing to her husband who had a sense of humor even about religion.



I’m packing for the road trip to Little Rock in the morning for a trip I’m excited to be part of with the organization “Operation Song”.  I’ll be writing a veterans story into song this weekend as will seven other Nashville songwriters making this honor trip.  We write with soldier that the local VA has set up for us to write with…to get his or her story out musically and help a bit with the healing process that some of those brave folks need to suffer from PTSD.  It’s going to be an education for me and an honor to say the least.  I’ll share that experience here with you on the “Monday Blog”. 


Have a great Thursday!










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