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Airport Drop...Donut & Dog...Tooth Pull

Apr 25 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Don’t look now but we’re already at the end of April.



Early morning alarm as I took my daughter to the airport.  Heather is off to shoot a photo session for a friend of hers in Miami.  Her friend is going to have a baby soon and she wanted some maternity shots so Heather was chosen to snap those pictures.  She started dabbling in photography maybe a year or so ago and her eye for what looks good on camera is pretty well honed in now.  The picture here is just one example of hers.



Me?  I still can’t figure out how to pull the picture out of the side of my Polaroid.



I had a pretty much open day again…which ends later this morning as it will get a little crazier now through the weekend.  I wrote a song about gas prices going up for my New York folks…got a walk in the drizzle mostly completed…and thought I was watching a no hitter go down for my Reds last night against the Braves only to watch that go away and have them come back to win the dang game in the 12th inning.  Have I mentioned what a really LONG year this will be for my hapless Reds?  Sigh. 



Scientist now say it’s not true.  Animals can’t predict an earthquake.  That despite what some owners swear is true.   Psychics aren’t much better.  Don’t believe your Gerbil or a person who turns over cards. 



Now someone has invented a bear proof cooler.  Put your food in it…and this lock will not allow a bear to rip it open and eat your bologna and cheese sandwich.  And now if they would give me a raccoon proof garbage can…I’d appreciate that. 



Tennessee actually is looking at a bill that makes it illegal to marry someone 17 years or younger.  It’s okay to marry your cousin…as long as they’re older than 17.  And all I can think of now is Jerry Lee Lewis and what he would say.  “Great Balls Of Fire”…maybe.



Jeff Bezos…the big guy at Amazon is building a new mansion.  It will have 25 bathrooms in it!  25!  And the good news is…Amazon Prime will be able to deliver the toilet paper by drone to each bathroom. 


No wonder people order so much crap…uh…stuff from Amazon Prime.  It’s too easy.  They deliver to your door in a day…by drone in the near future.  Stuff shows up outside your door…and they can come in and drop a package or two while you’re not there with an app that lets them unlock your doors with your permission.  Robots will soon be doing some of that…moving around your house…dropping a package.


And the latest?  An app that will unlock your car and they leave the package there…lock it up…and text you when it’s done.  For the real tech folks…they can watch it on their cell phone app camera.  Wow. 


We ain’t using a Sears and Roebuck catalog much anymore kids.



So what is the deal with pasta salad?  Is that counterproductive?  I’m trying to do a little better job with my diet…where I can.  So I eat a few salads every now and then.  But…if you put pasta on your salad I’m guessing you defeat the purpose?  These are the things that keep me up at night.



In Nashville there is a place called “The Donut & Dog”.  Guess what they offer?  Uh huh.  Donuts and hot dogs.  Nirvana.


Wonder if they make a donut salad to ease my guilt?



So this Dad knows his son has a tooth that needs pulling and gets REALLY creative.  He ties a string to the tooth attached to a crossbow…gives the bow to the son and tells him to shoot!  Yikes.


Now…I’ve heard stories of a string tied to a tooth tied to a door knob and then the door gets slammed.  I remember a pair of pliers being used in my own childhood.  But a crossbow? 


My advice would be…if you have a loose tooth and you go see your dentist and he comes back dressed in camo…run.



Well I’ve got quite the gathering to hang with today writing a song.  Linda Davis, Sydni Perry and Jimmy Fortune and myself will all four sit around Linda’s piano today and see what we can come up with.  I’m sure something cool will be written…but the “hang” as they say will be even cooler.  Great folks to spend part of the creative day with.


And if the weather should turn for the better here…I see me in the ballpark tonight looking for a Donut and a Dog.


Have a great Wednesday!



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