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Skyping...West Tour Video...Snot Otters

Apr 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hump Day Wednesday…and a humpin’ we shall go.



I had a Facebook Time songwriting session that reminded me technology can be a very cool thing as I hooked up with my friend Rob Bellamy in Boston to help write a song idea he had.  So there we were looking at each other with guitars and laptops on our Smart Phones rhyming away and then recording the song together.  I’ll always prefer “in person” writing but when friends move away to different parts of the country it’s great knowing we can still hook up and create this way.



Since I signed a publishing deal with Billy Blue Publishing here in Nashville my writing dates with new writers and artist has increased…a good thing.  Yesterday 5 dates got added to my songwriting calendar alone and three of those are with folks I’ve not yet met.  For the first time I’m not scheduling all my writing sessions on my own which is also a bonus in that world.



It looks like another concert date for “Evening In The Round” could be logged on the calendars soon…stay tuned.  We have our big Western Tour coming up for Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me and Linda posted this great VIDEO promoting all of those shows in a fun creative way as only she can do.  Take a look.


We’ve also decided that on Sunday evening May 19 we are going to do a “Facebook Live” concert (speaking of technology) and you’re invited to tune in and watch us give a mini-concert that night as we also promote those six shows on that Western Tour.  I think we’ll have a little “live” audience to play too and you can join us around the world if you want and get a peek at what we love to do.  I’ll remind you as we get closer to date.



Over 640 new words just went into the dictionary.  “Snowflake” is one.  That’s a person who’s oversensitive…like a few folks who listen to my song “Religion Scares The Hell Out Of Me”.  And “Go-cup” is also in there as described in “Good Cup Of Coffee”.  I’m hoping I can find a way to incorporate the new words into 630 more songs of mine.



Coming up…what ya getting here.  Found this fun ARTICLE about gifts to get Mom’s who have a sense of humor.  I like the pair of socks with this printed on the bottom of them.  “If you can read this bring me some wine”.  Sure thing Mom.



I also saw that Jr. Mints was voted the best snack to sneak into a movie theater.  That’s for amateurs.  I sneak porkchops in my pocket. 



That’s how I remember them being called…not the comic strips or the comics…but the funny’s.  I only read two these days.  Pearls Before Swine and Dilbert.  And yesterday’s Dilbert made me smile AND nod my head a bit.  An employee asks his boss, “How can I get on the management track”.  The boss replies, “You are the most useless employee I’ve ever seen.  All you do is walk around and bother other people who are trying to work”.  Disappointed the employee asks, “Are you saying I can’t get on the management team”?  To which the boss states, “I’m saying you’re already on it”. 



That the official amphibian in Pennsylvania is now something called a “Snot Otter”.  First…who knew states had an official amphibian?  I thought maybe it was just a weird Amish thing up in PA but no…every state has one.  Tennessee’s is a cave salamander.


Tip of the day.  If you live in PA where they have Snot Otter’s…buy stock in Kleenex.



Someone went to a lot of trouble to rig a robot to FLIP BOTTLES that then land upright every time.  How this is useful…I dunno…but it is fascinating.  And with that I’m sure California will adopt the Flip Bottle Robot as it’s official state amphibian. 



“Man In Seattle Passes 250 Kidney Stones”.  I don’t have a loud enough “ouch” for that.  I’m pretty sure those in foreign countries pass Rosetta Stones instead.



A full Wednesday straight ahead.  I’m back writing at the kitchen table with my friend Irene Kelley who’s new CD is being released in a couple of weeks titled “Benny’s TV Repair” named after her late Father’s old shop up in Pennsylvania.  I’ve got two songs on this great project and I love how Irene recorded them.  Always a pleasure to write with this talented artist.


Then tonight I’m off to attend a CD release party for the Americana Duo called “Steel Blossoms”…two young girls wo record for “Billy Jam” Records.  Billy Jam is an American Label that’s part of the house I’m now writing for.  So I’m going out to get an earful of them tonight and hopefully I’ll have a chance to write with them in the future.  Edgy cool stuff that these two are going for.  Gonna be fun hearing them.


Have a great Wednesday!



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