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More Rain...More Dates...Less Psychics

Apr 24 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

My cell phone kept going off with “flood warning” yesterday.  So far...the Ark has not floated by.



An off day…so I watched it rain a lot.  We’re in that kind of pattern right now with more of it the next couple of days.  Just waiting on the sun.


It did stop long enough for me to get out for a walk and get some catch up errands done…so that’s good.


And I also spent some time adding a couple of news dates on my calendar that you’ll find here on my website.  One is a songwriter round in May…and the second is a “Hits & Grins” date back at Puckett’s with my trio buddies Steve Dean and Victoria Venier in downtown Franklin in August.  So check those out…and be looking for a couple of new road dates added to the calendar soon.





Our industry changes…constantly.  Some of it of course is technology driven bringing good and bad…which often depends on you point of view.


I read a little Facebook blurb from writer artist Reggie Hamm where he basically was talking about a friend of his asking him the best way to gift his music and audio books now that his wife’s new vehicle did not have a CD player in it?


Reggie’s succinct and accurate reply was, “my friend, you have just summed up the problems with the current state of music in a nutshell”. 


If CD players do go away…and it looks like they will…it will almost surely be about streaming and downloads completely with no hard copy to hold in your hands.  At that point…as my friend Lang Scott has surmised, artists will be selling something different at their merch tables.  Hard to sell a stream. 


I think I’m going with a “Going Ugly Early” cosmetic line.



Here in Music City…a lot of folks make their living singing in the bars for TIPS on Lower Broadway.  It costs them 20-40 bucks maybe to park…which takes up a lot of what they make.  Lyft has stepped up and will drop them off for free a couple of times…and then give them a pretty good discounted rate after that for their service which will save them several dollars.


Of course if you play Tuba…it may be hard to get that in a Lyft ride.



Who knew?  The Ford Mustang is HOT in China…with young folks.  A 35% increase in sales last year alone. Cool is cool…and Mustangs have mostly always been cool.  And certainly the first Pony car that rolled out was much cooler than that old green Bel Air I drove to High School and college with a stick shift on the column and bench seats.  My car was a head turner in a completely different way.



A Texas man should have ran harder for the border after stealing 1.2 million fajitas from the company he worked for.  The judge is giving him 50 years in prison. 


That will be an interesting conversation with the other cons in the jail cell.   “What ya in for”?



I did not open the online article that promises to give us guys great advice on what scented candles we should buy.  I don’t see me buying a scented candle.  If I need light in my bedroom I’ll do the manly thing and get a lava lamp. 









How bout the poor High School golfer in Ohio who got attacked on the golf course by a goose protecting his own?  Out of nowhere…and the kid went down under the attack.  Good grief. 


Every golfer knows never look for a lost golf ball in Florida or Arizona.  Gators…rattlensakes.


Everywhere else…give the geese room…or let them play through…one or the other.


Lady who is suing a Facebook Psychic for giving her false predictions.  I’m always amazed that people will pull off the road if they see a “Psychic At Work” blinking sign and lay down money for someone to turn over some cards and predict their future. 


The only time I ever sat with one they predicted I would get pregnant within 8 months.  Lord knows I tried…but…a waste of money for sure.




One more fairly non busy day before things start getting crazy again on my calendar.  Gonna try and enjoy that.


Have a great Tuesday!




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