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Hits & Grins...Operation Song...Gum Sales

Apr 23 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A mid-70 sunshine perfect day in Music City.



Monday allowed me to catch up and work forward a bit.  I had a fun “Hits & Grins” gathering with Victoria Venier and Steve Dean as we sat down outdoors at Victoria and her husband Matt Davenport's beautiful place over cocktails and talked about booking more dates for the trio in the future with an agent that we know.  It’s been a bit since the trio has played a show so it gave the three of us a chance to laugh and catch up with each other’s busy lives.


On the business side of that gathering it appears we may “showcase” our group a couple of times to buyers who need entertainment like ours…so we’ll see how that pans out.


But a lot of the conversation around the table was fun…music talks.  The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Twisted Sister, Porter Waggoner, Vern Gosdin all came up in the roundtable of music folks seated at the table.  Mark Ross who is the booking agent shared a picture of him when he was young with his hair way down his back…made us laugh.  We all had hair when we were young. It was fun to sit in the sun and talk both business and pleasure.



Steve Dean is a huge part of Operation Song that I’ve blogged about here before and will many more time in the future.  This is such a great cause…now 5 years old that pairs Nashville songwriters who sit with veterans and then write their stories into songs that are later recorded.  I’m getting to do that for the very first time this weekend in Little Rock at a retreat with 7 other Nashville writers and I can’t wait for the experience and having a chance to give back a little to those who serve our country.  And I'm truly honored to be a small part of this.


Operation Song is expanding too with retreats coming up in Texas, Colorado, Georgia and other states and I’m hoping to be on some of those retreats in the future as well. 



On Lower Broadway they are opening up a new club called “The Sporting Club” that will allow you to drink AND throw axes.  Yep.  Grab a cold one and a sharp instrument and start hurling like Paul Bunyan and a lumberjack Olympics.  Heck, they’ve got tractors pulling hot tubs full of young tourists down the street…why not ax throwing?  What could possibly go wrong?


Every time I think about axe throwing though I think about this CLASSIC MOMENT with Ed Ames on the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.



Yesterday was a perfect sunny day in Nashville so I did not make and excuse and got out for my walk.  I did see an article of funny excuses that people use to avoid working out.  My favorite from a young girl was, “my cat needed me”.  This is why dogs are better than cats.  A dog would have looked at you and said, “get your fat butt on the treadmill Clyde” Bark.



Who does not watch Game of Thrones?  Judging by the endless amount of press that HBO show gets you’d think so.  It’s very adult…so not for anyone squeamish about gore or sex scenes I’m told.  I’ve not seen one episode but I can’t remember a TV series that gets as much press as this one.  Hey…I can’t watch black and white re-runs of “Gunsmoke” and have time to watch that stuff.  Priorities Marshall Dillon.



So…folks figured out that the gum Tiger Woods was chewing on in the big Masters win was made by a company in Denver.  And sales have EXPLODED.  It’s called “Golf Gum” believe it or not.  The weekend of the tournament they sold more gum than they had in the previous 18 months combined!  Tiger is hot…again. 



Apparently Peyton Manning passed on a chance of being part of Monday Night Football.  Shame…he would have been so entertaining.  And you know he would have snuck Brad Paisley up into the booth a few times. 



That would be Dallas folks.  A big city that is really spread out.  How bout them Cowboys?  I like Dallas…been there multiple times.  Favorite Mexican eating place tip…check out Joe T. Garcia’s in Fort Worth.  You’ll thank me later.



In Nashville…certain parts…school systems are ready to place ads on the side of the school bus to help pay for the costs.  It’s hard for school systems to get bus drivers so maybe more money into that system could boost those salaries enough to help solve those problems.  I’m hoping we won’t see any “accident lawyer” ads though on the sides of any bus.  We’ll see.



How bout this?  Lego (which I never got into) is thinking about offering up a Graceland kit.  Yep…the humble abode of Elvis…all in Lego block.  Awwww man.  Thank ya…thank ya very much.  I saw Elvis “live’ once…fabulous.  But I passed on seeing Graceland when I had the chance…just not my thing.  So I don’t see me sitting on a floor trying to piece together the “Jungle Room” with Lego block.  Y’all go on without me.



I’m going to do a little long distance Face-Time writing today with my friend Rob Bellamy who’s living in Boston with his girlfriend Ayla Brown who’s becoming a big radio star out East.  The two just released a new CD with three songs on it I helped them write when the two of them lived just around the corner from me here in Nashville.  I’ve not done a ton of Skype writing…never used Facetime for that either so this morning will be a first.  Lord…I’ve become a high tech redneck. 


Have a great Tuesday!







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