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Cold...Little Texas Dude...Old Theaters

Apr 22 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Well, we had every space heater on in the house last night as the end of April got really chilly last night…down in the 30’s again. My wife’s lettuce plant was knocking on our door begging to get in. Cincinnati had some snow over the last couple of days which makes me glad that I bought a ticket to see the Reds play baseball in May and not April. We’ll be in the 80’s here by Monday according to those long-range folks.



For the first time in a long while I got to sit down and rhyme with my buddy Brady Seals who is revving up his creative juices again and talking about putting together a new album. The two of us have a couple of songs already that would fit that idea and yesterday I think we added another one that’s really fun…right in the wheelhouse of what Brad does so well. The former Little Texas piano player is also starting to play out more and more sometimes as a solo, sometimes with a Tom Petty tribute band called “The Petty Junkies” where he sings all those great Tom Petty songs, and sometimes with Lua Croft, Dash Croft’s daughter in a duo called “Seals & Crofts 2”. The other half of Seals & Crofts is Jim Seals is blood to Brady. Shows you how talented Brady is. 


So it was complete fun to write with Brady again and before the day was over, he’d sent me a rough recording of it he made in his home studio that sounds awesome. Good day at the office.



I’m a sucker for almost any baseball movie and I found one I had not seen last night on Prime “Talent For The Game” starring Edward James Olmos who’s a baseball scout always on the search for the next “phenom” in the game. His performance was fun to watch along with his co-star Lorraine Bracco who plays his girlfriend. But, unless you’re just a baseball nut like me? The movie is only good if you like the game. Not great acting from most of the cast.



I’m also a fan of going into a movie theater to watch movies. Even though I’ve watched a whole lot more movies on the big screen here at the house since the pandemic, I like the theater experience. More and more of those are now open for business again as rules are becoming more and more relaxed during the pandemic.


Some movie theaters are worth going to just to see the theater itself. I remember seeing a movie at a one room theater in Elsberry, Missouri where I went to High School and thought it was just a magical experience. Been hooked ever since.


The two “biggies” for me was getting to see “Gone With The Wind” at the ornate old Fox Theater in St. Louis that they lovingly restored a few years ago. Sat in the balcony. The ushers wore those little caps on their heads and there was lots of red carpet. I can still remember that scene where the camera pulled back for a long shot of all the dead soldier bodies and feeling squeamish.


The other truly great theater I was in was in Hollywood at the famed Grauman's Chinese Theater with all the celebrity hand prints to greet you when you walk in the theater. It was directly across from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where we were staying when I helped cover the Academy of Country Music Awards Show one year for a radio station I worked for in Cincinnati. It was a Star Wars movie playing. Just a beautiful theater with so much history. If you go to Hollywood? Get a ticket for a movie there. Then when the movie is over, walk down the street to the famed Musso & Frank restaurant and order steak. You’ll thank me later.



200 million have been vaccinated now. Some are fearful that the country has reached a tipping point now for Covid vaccine enthusiasm. So much so that President Biden is trying to entice more of with tax incentives if we roll up our sleeves.


For the first time the CDC is saying the vaccine APPEARS to be safe for pregnant women. Appears of course being the key word.


Kansas and Iowa combined had 100 counties who refused to take more vaccine shipments because they’re saying there’s just not enough demand right now.


And in Texas where some thought we’d see an explosion of new cases as the Lone Star State dropped mask requirements and pretty much opened the state up to normal?  Not so much. Covid cases in Texas have fallen 50% since then and there’s a noticeable drop in the death rate too. No wonder we have polarized opinions on the pandemic and the vaccine.



Bike sales in 2020 reached a record high. They had a 70% jump last year all related to folks adjusting to the pandemic. And they’re saying they expect and even BIGGER sales year for 2021. Exercise, you’re outdoors and many feel safer that way right now. I’d get one but it’s hard to find one I like with a basket, horn, and streamers.



Aaron Rodgers, the great Green Bay QB just hosted Jeopardy for a week or so. With him hosting the ratings jumped 14%. I don’t think he’s going to have to worry about a post football career. From what I hear, he did NOT wear a cheese hat at any time on any of the shows he hosted. But that would have been cool!



Kripsy Kreme will offer strawberry glazed donuts for a limited time. I RARELY eat a donut. But when I see a picture of one it makes me want one in the worst way. I may have to go thru the Krispy Kreme drive thru soon. And yes, I’ll wait until their green “hot” light is on.



Anyone who knows me, or any of my brothers and sisters know that we are mac and cheese folks…big time. Now Stouffer’s has rolled out “LasagnaMac”. Just what it sounds like. Lasagna and mac and cheese all together. I like both. I’m in. Maybe I can hit the Krispy Kreme and the frozen food section at Kroger all on the same day. A health food run for sure.  



The Kentucky Derby and the “Run for the Roses” happens at Churchill Downs on May 1. The only time folks drink mint juleps, I think. So fair warning to get your mint and juleps before they’re gone.


Mother’s Day is coming up Sunday May 9. We plan on taking a little trip to celebrate that day with my daughter and her husband in Alabama.


Funny Mama Day joke: “Daughter: “Mom, what’s it like to have the greatest daughter in the world?” Without missing a beat the Mom replies: “I don’t know dear; you’d have to ask your Grandma”.


And then of course at the very end of May the “Greatest Race” the Indy 500 happens at the Brickyard in Indy. This year they will have 135,000 fans in the stands and that will be the most at a sporting event since the pandemic started. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the race 3 times I think and worked the race for radio twice when I was on air in Indianapolis. It is certainly worth seeing in person at least once in your lifetime. Quite the spectacle.



I’m writing for the first time with Tim Stafford and Becky Buller. Tim and I have written a lot together but it’s our first time as a trio. Between the two of them they’ve won more bluegrass awards than a wheelbarrow could carry home. Tim is a noted guitar player; Becky is a noted fiddle player and both write and sing and produce award winning music routinely. I’m certainly looking forward to writing with that combo in a few hours. A couple of years ago a song I wrote with Karen Taylor Good was up for an International Bluegrass Award in the “gospel” category titled “I’m Going Under” and darned if Becky Buller didn’t beat us!  So I’ll have an interesting conversation about that with her before we start rhyming today. BUT…I’m not bitter.


Have a great Thursday



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