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Songwriter Birthday...Willie Holiday...Adult Pool

Apr 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Don’t look now but it’s already the 20th of April.



I wrote with noted gospel singer Lee Black yesterday…on his birthday!  And…he just got word that he has the current number one song in America. So by the time he walked into the publishing office he was already having a better day than me. Lee has had a lot of hits in that world and maybe 11 or so number one songs in that arena. And I had an idea that I had started and saved just for him. In fact I had to different choruses already written when we sat down with our laptops, guitar and piano. Lee loved the idea right off, and it didn’t take us long to finish up what I think will be a song that someone will cut in the gospel world sooner than later. The publisher for Daywind Music Rick Shelton came in and listened and loved it too so we’ll send it out to get recorded in into a “pitch-able” demo right away.


And then the day got more fun as Rick too Lee, myself and my guy at Billy Blue Publishing Joe Dan Cornett out for a Mexican lunch at a little place nearby on a perfect sunny Nashville day. We sat outdoors and celebrated Lee’s birthday, his number one song, AND his daughter’s wedding coming up Saturday. And then IT happened. While talking a wall of noise hit us at our table and at least a couple of us had to request new underwear. The wait staff broke into a loud version of Happy Birthday complete with a squeeze box, trumpet and more. AND…they brought Lee a little dessert but not before they painted his nose with whip cream and perched a Mexican Sombrero on his head. (Glad it was not MY birthday) Happy everything Gringo Lee.



More experts are now saying they don’t see “herd immunity” happening…no matter how many of us get the vaccine. But they believe the vaccines will help control it.


Pharmacies like CVS will start selling over the counter Covid tests. Some will give you the results within 15 minutes.


Yesterday Donald Trump endorsed getting a vaccine shot and suggested that halting the Johnson and Johnson vaccine was a “stupid mistake”.


Folks are most surely getting out in bigger numbers. If you took a picture of Lower Broadway tonight and all the honky-tonks your picture caption would be “what pandemic”? It looks like normal with huge crowds again.  And in Vegas it’s the same way…folks are returning in such large numbers that restaurants and other businesses making money off tourism can’t find enough people to hire.



That hiring situation seems to be across the country. In South Florida, Homestead to be exact, one restaurant owner went a different way and bought $30,000 worth of robots to bring your order to your table. I have no idea what the tip should be to a robot. If you’re ever in Homestead, have a meal at Mr. Q’s Crabhouse and watch R2-D2 bring you your crab legs and hot butter.



Some folks seeking jobs have learned to be very creative in landing that job they want. One guy wanted a job with a company so bad that he wrote them a company “jingle” …a song about the company itself. He got the job.


So…if I ever decide I really want to work for a divorce attorney I’ll send him my song, “If You’re Not Careful, My Wife’s Gonna Leave You” that you'll see my co-writer Wood Newton singing when you click on the link.



Gotta love Willie Nelson. He’s asking President Biden to recognize April 20 (today) as National Marijuana Holiday. If Willie could somehow get Biden to spend 15 minutes on his bus the “Honeysuckle Rose” …Biden might just pass that law. Who couldn’t use another holiday?



Mr. Zuckerberg will soon add podcasts and soundbites to his platform that we can access with a touch of the appropriate button on our Facebook page. I think everyone I know has a podcast right now. I know I should probably do one, but I’m still trying to learn how to master all the features on my My Space page.



Our neighbors have a really gorgeous pool. Summer is on the way and we’ll be hearing “cannonball” pretty soon. Target is now selling inflatable pools for ADULTS. I’m thinking about making our neighbors jealous and blowing up one. I’m just trying to figure out how to add a diving board to one of those bad boys.



Like…”Fartlek”. Real word, and it’s not what you think. “Fartlek” is an activity runners do when they change between sprinting and running”. It’s not what you get when you pull on your Grandaddy’s finger. Who knew?


Or how about the word “Erinaceous”? Any idea? It refers to someone or something that resembles a hedgehog.


Feel free to “fartlek” today if you’d like and keep your eyes open for your friends who look like hedgehogs.



Police are now looking for a $100,000 Big Bird costume stolen from an Australian Circus. First, who would want to steal a Big Bird costume? Second, who knew the costume cost 100 grand?!



Got an off day after a songwriter had to cancel. I got a “catch up” list that I’ll be getting too today instead. The sun is shining and it’s going to be a good day to get outdoors so who knows. Maybe I’ll go for a run and practice that “Fartlek” move.


Have a great Tuesday!






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