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Wyoming Rhymer...Catching Deers...Willie's Day

Apr 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Bring on the weekend. 



My writing appointment was with Wyoming native Manon Ward who I had not seen for awhile.  After catching up on what she’s been doing…she offered up an idea from something her Mom had said…and old phrase I barely remember hearing and had to look up actually to understand the meaning.  Be careful what you say out loud to your kids Mom’s…they might make a song out of it as we did yesterday.


Manon is one of those young kids that hears things in her heads.  Sometimes it’s a different way of phrasing…and Manon does a lot of that which I really like about her.  I’ve learned to be quiet and let them jump into their own heads and phrase ideas like they are hearing it…not me.  And in Manon’s case…it’s always a tad left of center but very cool. 


Manon attended a songwriting clinic I taught once for the Nashville Songwriters Association.  After the one hour class was over she approached me and gave me her first CD.  Now..an awful lot of the time when someone offers me their music to listen to…it’s not stuff that knocks me down.  And I find myself listening to very little of those unless it grabs me within the first few seconds or so.  In Manon’s case…I remember thinking how cool her approach was at this early point in her Nashville life.  So the next thing you know…we started writing and I’ve been able to witness her growth.  And…she’s one of those that’s always smiling…upbeat…and a pleasure to be around. 


Just another one of those that’s easy to sit back and root for in Music City.



And I got to hear a couple of my friends Darin and Brooke Aldridge on WSM radio yesterday and they played the new gospel-grass single I helped write “I’m Going Under”.  That never ever gets old…getting to hear something you wrote on the radio…especially on WSM.  It sounded great…and the two then performed on the Thursday night Opry and I’m sure they knocked the house down.  They’ve now recorded 5 of my songs through the years which is a blessing.  And Brooke was recently named the IBMA bluegrass female vocalist of the year while Darin was named “Mentor” of the year for bluegrass.  Good things happening for good folks.







Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher came out of retirement and is now shooting pucks instead of deer trying to help get our Nashville Predators the Stanley Cup trophy this year.  So far so good.  Our paper today did a feature article on Mike and his brother and how much the love to hunt and fish.


Once at a hunting cap a friend walked in and said, “you catching any deer”?  Ya shoot deer…you don’t catch em’….and that line made the two brothers laugh big time…and then inspired a company they started that’s taken off called “Catching Deer”.  Hats, t-shirts and more flying off the shelves.


I’ve got a brother in Missouri who needs to be wearing one of these bad boys.



David Copperfield was forced to give up the trick to his trick of making 13 people on stage disappear and then reappear at the back of the theater.  Tunnels.  Beneath the stage…tunnels that ran to the back of the theater.  Apparently on audience member got injured running through the dark tunnel with assistants carrying flash lights…and that had the judge forcing Mr. Copperfield to reveal the secret to the trick. 


Back to the drawing board for a new trick.



A woman in China put a fake parking ticket on her dashboard so that she would not get a real ticket.  She parked illegally…put the fake for no telling how long…to keep from getting ticketed for real.  That stopped working after David Copperfield was forced to tell everyone how she did it.



The cops put a guy in the back of their squad car after they caught him.  His crime?  He stole a beer truck.  Hopefully the judge will give him a warning and a LITE sentence. 



Don’t forget it’s Pot day.  Folks who like to partake…have their own holiday today.  Pretty sure Willie took the day off.  Don’t forget it was Willie who recorded “Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die”. 


I’ll be keeping my eye out today for some really mellow mellow folks.



I’ve got a comedian friend in town…Dick Hardwick who is playing the Opry tonight and tomorrow night…and we’ll get together with his manager Steve Tolman for breakfast and laughs tomorrow.  Dick is fast becoming a regular on the Opry…and if you watch any of his ROUTINES…you understand why he’s such a great fit for the Opry.  Homer and Jethro, Minnie Pearl, Jerry Clower, Lonzo and Oscar and others have graced that stage through the years with their humor.  And now Dick who is also a gifted musician is walking in their funny footsteps.



Sunday night I play at 7:30 pm at the Commodore in Nashville to help raise money for artist Clinton Gregory who has a pile of medical bills.  So a bunch of songwriters are gathering to play…there’s a silent auction…and other ways that they are trying to raise a few bucks to help pay off some bills.  I’m glad I was asked to contribute.  If you’re in town…drop by and help yourself. 


Have a great weekend!





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