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A Bridge...Dickey's and "I'm Going Under"

Apr 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Back down in the low 50’s today…up and down we go.



I’ll take yesterday’s weather where it was nice enough to walk in shorts and catch views like the one you see here.  And yes…every time I cross one I hear Simon & Garfunkel singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.  Same thing happens when I hit Colorado…I hear John Denver singing “Rocky Mt. High”.  And the quiet always lets me daydream…and usually come up with ideas for possible new songs.  Yesterday was no exception so hopefully when I listen back this morning to my audio notes there will something useful for the next time I sit down to rhyme.


If not…I’m thankful for the opportunity to have time to get out on a gorgeous Tennessee Day and get quiet for awhile.



In Tennessee they have put up an Elk Cam.  Yes…we have Elk.  And apparently up to 5,000 folks peer in daily to look and see if they can spot any elk sitting wherever they are on their computer or smart phone.  I’m sitting in a tree stand right now in my living room in camo looking for a trophy right now.  If you wanna try your luck spotting one…here’s the LINK that will let you do that.



Major League baseball knows the games are too long.  Attention spans are short.  They are limiting visits to the mounds this year to try and move it along…but there’s not a lot of noticeable difference yet.  I love the game and most of you know…and the laziness of  it.  But…even I will admit that over 6 hours for a game is too much.  That’s what happened in Oakland yesterday as the A’s and the White Sox played that long before the A’s FINALLY won the game.  There must have been only a few hundred folks left in that stadium by game’s end. 


Add to that all the cancellations because of SNOW this year…and the game still needs help to shorten up the time it takes play one. 


My new theory is that the same folks who actually would hang for 6 hours in a ballpark…are the same ones who sit on their couch and look for elk on their computer.



I’ve decided that I’m going to live fairly long after reading that three cups of coffee is good for the heart.  I’m going with that.


Last week they talked about coffee cups having warning labels for cancer.  Geez.


I’m going with what I read today.  I’m pretty sure if it weren’t for coffee in the morning…my heart would refuse to start beating.



I feel better about our wedding plans for our daughter now.  Anyone who’s been through one knows they don’t pass out coupons for these.  But…I feel like we’ve got a bargain after reading that Meghan Markle…the about to be Princess of England’s dress cost $500,000.  It’s good to be royalty.


I can only hope she’s balancing that out by wearing a pair of Crocs under her dress.



A lady here in Tennessee had a phone bill of $47,000.  It should have been $186.  She approved automatic withdrawal for her bills…so it came out of her account.  It only took her a MONTH to get her money back from the bank.  Geez.


I’m looking for Folger coffee cans to bury money in from now on.



President Kennedy back in the day wore clip on ties.  It drove his wife crazy.  He still wore them.  Easy on easy off.  Makes me like him more.  Any person who will wear a clip on tie is pretty “real” in my book. 


I’m proud to say I wore those when I was young.  I’m not so proud to say that I wore a “dickey” as pictured here.  Seemed really cool at the time…and so did Vitalis.








Apparently most of us do not have a clue about Awards programs and how they really work…or how you go about claiming what you’ve earned with your points.  I have a points program for “miles” on a credit card…I forget I have them almost all the time. 


Of course…I don’t cut coupons either…or scour for bargains when I’m in a store.  I’m a guy.  So I know pretty much what I want…find it…check out at full price and I’m out the door in just a few minutes. 


Some of you may think, “Bill…you need to slow down…take advantage of deals”.  Probably true…but…I do have more time for sitting down and looking at the Elk Cam on my computer because of my habit.



I’m playing a benefit for noted traditional singer Clinton Gregory who has hospital bills that have piled up after serious surgery.  I’ll be one of many songwriters playing Sunday night at the Commodore Grill here in Nashville to help raise money for a good guy.  If you’re near…come help out if you can…and see a bunch of great writers over the course of Sunday evening.  My set is at 7:30 pm.



I’m writing with my young Wyoming friend Manon Ward today.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen her so it will give us a chance to write and find out what’s going on with her alubm project that Garth’s guitar player Johnny Garcia  produced on her.  Instead of spending tuition on college here in Music City…her parents dropped her off and are paying for 4 years of slugging it out in the trenches…helping cover her bills while she tries to make her way in Nashville.  I love that about her…she’s an independent free spirit who’s approach to music is a tad different…but very cool.  So this will be fun this morning.





I’ll be tuning into wsmonline.com to hear a couple of my favorite folks Darin & Brooke Aldridge who have a new gospel-bluegrass single out “I’m Going Under” that I wrote with Karen Taylor Good.  The two of them will be on the Thursday night Opry Classic show at the Ryman…another feather in their talented caps.  Congrats!


Have a great Wednesday



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