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First Cuts...New Music...Fortune Cookies

Apr 18 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Got out early this morning…loaded up on coffee and came back to the house to hear birds chirping so loud I had to stop for a second and soak it up a bit…taking a few sips out of the cup while gazing over the trees that filling in and the blue water of Old Hickory Lake getting ready to fill up with boats later today as the temps head into the 70’s.  Sometimes you do need to really stop and smell the danged roses.  And that would really make sense if I actually had a bed of danged roses. 


Stop and smell the weeds is accurate…just not as poetic.



My writing appointment was with Bree Ann Young…a friend who moved in from Texas a few years ago and has been working hard at being a songwriter-singer and is making progress for sure.  TG Sheppard just cut one of her songs and that is exciting for her as it should be.


One of the joys for me co-writing with folks is getting to know them better…and then being able to sit back and watch their struggles and success and growth.  A great writer friend of mine Wil Nance once told me “celebrate every little success”…and now I know why after years of doing this.  Success is hard to come by in this biz.  But when you do achieve something…it’s extra sweet.  I’m happy Bree Ann is able to celebrate.


And…we did write a cool tune yesterday together inspired by listening to an Ashley Monroe CD on the way in.  Guess what Bree Ann was listening to on her drive to Music Row for our appointment.  Uh huh…same CD.  That’s the second time that’s happened to me and I have no idea what those odds must be.  But…it put us in the same place to write and we have something cool to add to both of our catalogs.



When I wrapped my writing appointment I drove to a record store…a REAL record store.  Remember those?  The place is full of vinyl and CD’s.  I bought two…and I don’t buy many CD’s these days.


But I picked up the Ashely McBryde CD.  Ashley is the girl who had a teacher tell her that her dreams were stupid when Ashley told her she wanted to be a songwriter.  She took that slap in the face and turned it into an amazing song called “Girl Going Nowhere” that is the title for her first CD.  Watch this VIDEO of her singing it one night on the Grand Ole Opry and bringing the house down.  You’ll see why I wanted to hear the entire album.






And I bought the brand new John Prine CD.  John has long been one of our favorite musical poets with a sharp wit that is reflected in his lyrics.  In his 70’s now and living in Music City…the new album is as good as most anything he’s done in his youth. 


Even though I’d say at least 60% or more of what’s on the charts doesn’t appeal to me musically…artists who have something to say…something intelligent…something that moves your soul…those are the one’s I usually go digging for in the record bins.  And even thought I’m trying like heck to get a cut from that 60% that actually sell records…it’s nice to know that there are artists who go their own way…and somehow an audience finds them.




I was sorry to read that Barbara Bush has passed away.  What a backbone she was to the Bush family…and with a tart tongue they say to boot.  Sharp as a tack…but she could disappear into the background and did very often but was always a big part of what was going on philosophically with the Bush family. 



Apparently you get a one day reprieve from Uncle Sam on your taxes.  Some computer glitch with the IRS folks made that possible.  So…look for one more deduction…or two.  Maybe that will give me time to figure a legal way to claim the price of all the baseball games I go to as some kind of business expense.  Or not.



Why someone has not launched the FNN News Channel…I dunno.  The Fake News Channel would be honest and only deliver the fake news of the day…and there would be plenty to talk about.  Maybe I’ll be one of the newscasters…and wear a fake tie on the set.



Here’s another idea I need to get in front of the investors on Shark Tank.  Insulting fortune cookies.  The stuff they print on that little strip of paper is so boring.  I’d hire a bunch of insult comics to write what you read.  If Don Rickles were alive today…he’s be the head of my company.  I’d laugh more if I opened up my fortune cookie and it read, “you’re a hockey puck”. 



Now in San Francisco with an app…you can unlock a code that will let you roam the hills on an electric scooter.  Not everyone is Frisco is thrilled with folks zipping down their streets in those but they are available for those too lazy to walk in Tony Bennett’s favorite town.



Be on the lookout for escaped baboons in Texas.  Apparently several escaped from a research facility.  Must have been an interesting 911 call.  “Calm down now…can you tell me what they look like”? 



The movie Dumb and Dumber really was dumb.  But it was dumb funny too with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels.  Last night Conan was interviewing Jeff Daniels when Jim Carrey walked out on set and surprised everyone reuniting those two dummies.  Worth a look HERE if you missed it.



I have the day completely free…and it’s going to be beautiful.  So I’m going to get a stroll in…and pass on the electric scooter rental. 


I did see that James Coney said, “I’m The Breakup You Can’t Get Over” referring to Trump.  Sound like a song title to anyone else?  Some of my free time might be devoted to that today.


Have a great Wednesday



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