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Re-Writing...Fox News Tweet and Magic

Apr 17 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

A little frost on the windshields here this morning.  Pretty sure Lowe’s is not stocking ice scrapers right now.  And this is why credit cards were invented.



After turning in a tax parody song for my folks in NYC (it is that time of year) I spent some time whittling on a song with Gerald Smith at the publishing company he writes for.  Really good writers preach “its not the write…it’s the re-write” that makes a difference in a song.  I’ve learned that’s largely true.  You’ll write a song and think it’s pretty good…but usually if you take a second, third look…you see and hear things you did not in the original writing session which allows you to fine tune and hopefully make the song better.


I think we pulled that off with the song yesterday as we tweaked lyrics and then changed the entire groove of the song from a straight ahead rhythm country song into a “shuffle”. 


So whether the song will ever amount to a hill of musical beans or not…we know the song is better crafted now…and getting time with Gerald at a writing tables is always a treat. 



I got a nice text last night from one of my old radio partners Beville Darden.  Beville and I were a team doing the morning show at WSM-FM radio for a couple of years.  She’s moved on to have big jobs at “The Boot”…AOL’s country content provider, she was a Senior Editor for Rolling Stone Country, has worked at Spotify and now she's the marketing director for Pandora.  Very proud of her success.


She noticed that Fox News used one of my “tweets” from my running commentary Sunday night about the ACM Awards show in Las Vegas. 


Sam Hunt won for “Best Song Of The Year” yet no one could find the dude to accept the award.  It was an odd moment.  So I tweeted out, “to heck with Where’s Waldo?  Where’s Sam Hunt”?


Fox News then added it to a few of the “best tweets” they had found that night about the incident.  Go figure.  I’m now officially Fox newsworthy. 


Thanks Beville for drawing it to my attention.  Here’s the ARTICLE in case you’d like to check it out.



I was saddened to hear that Harry Anderson passed away yesterday.  Too young.  I loved him like a lot of America did on “Night Court” as the young judge wearing his glasses presiding over the insanity that is “night court”. 


Some folks may not remember how he love magic.  He started doing magic tricks when he was young…then fell into acting.  At the end of his life he went back to magic apparently and opened a magic shop in New Orleans very quietly.  So if you’re wondering what happened to Harry…there ya go.  RIP Harry and thanks for making us laugh.



I will say…if you ever get the chance…go to the “Magic Castle” in Hollywood.  It’s not easy to get in but worth the effort.  We knew a magician who passed us through one night when I was out covering the ACM Awards show for a radio station in Cincinnati I was working at.  The castle was right up the hill from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where we were staying and broadcasting from.


The Castle itself is so cool.  Dinner…and room after room of magicians practicing their trade.  Johnny Carson used to hang out there a lot.


Go if you can…and here’s a little VIDEO peek of the place.



Man…I love this quote from John Prine that I read yesterday in an article where John is talking about his first new album release in several years.  “It’s easier to make fun of people with humor.  It’s hard for people to punch you if they’re laughing”.  True.  Or at least the punch loses some steam for sure.



Horrible weather.  And folks ran anyway.  You people are crazy.  I admire ya…but you’re nuts.  My comedian friend James Gregory used to joke about how young comedians who worked with him on the road would get up at the crack of dark and go running.  One asked if James would like to jog with him one morning.  James said, “naw…but if you pass a Krispy Kreme…pick up a dozen for me will ya”?  Nuff said.



Rachel Platten…singer…got nervous and forgot the words to the National Anthem she was trying to sing before a big soccer game.  She’s embarrassed…and upset with herself. 


I get it.  Hard hard song to sing…then you stand in front of a big crowd…all eyes on you…and your words often come back at you in a “delay” from the speakers requiring every bit of concentration you have to block that out.  Then comes some high notes at the end of it.  I get it.


I’ve done the anthem a few times.  Standing on ice at a hockey game…and standing right in front of a bunch of old retired Cincinnati Reds that I admired at a baseball fantasy camp in Florida.  I was NERVOUS.  I did not forge the words…and I THINK I hit the notes.  At least I did not hear Pete Rose snicker as he was standing right behind me.


It should be a law that the lyrics are somewhere in front of every anthem singer.  On the scoreboard…on a computer…or someone holding up a lyric sheet.  Don’t feel bad Rachel.  Pull up the sprinter Carl Lewis trying to SING the anthem…you’ll feel much better about yourself.




I stopped reading an article about “Best Men’s Fragrances Of All Time” when it only listed one I ever used.  Aramis.  But when they left out the obvious choice for “Best All Time”…I exited out of it.  And you call yourself experts?  C’mon!







They say Yoda will return in the next Star Wars movie.  Cool.  Anyone not like Yoda?  His appearance should help lighten up the Dark Side again I would think.  I have always wondered though if Yoda and ET are related.



And the title is:  “Guitars For Dummies”.  I own a few guitars…and I am a dummy when it comes to playing it for the most part.  I see one on my bookshelf soon.



“Woman Goes Broke From 20 Weddings In 20 Years”.  If you just buy 20 Maid Of Honor dresses…that will do the trick.  Pretty sure going to 20 divorces is cheaper for the girl.



Off to write my a young friend from Texas Bree Ann Young who just got her first cool cut in this town when TG Sheppard recorded one of her tunes.  We’ll write…but more importantly I’ll get a chance to pat her on the back and congratulate her.  I admire folks lie her that just don’t give up and keep working hard at what they love.  Should be fun today.


Have a great Tuesday!









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