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Johnny Cash Weekend...ACM Awards...Shoe Polish

Apr 16 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Remind me again…when is Spring exactly?



Friday looked like this…perfect day for taking a walk.  But the rest of the weekend was just dang soggy…lots of rain.  I’m ready for more of what you see in this picture…anytime.









My little family…wife, daughter and daughter’s soon to be husband all made the trip through the rain to Bon Aqua, Tennessee to the Storytellers Museum where I played Saturday night.  What a wonderful evening of music and soaking up the history of the "Man In Black and his farm that he once frequented.









I want to thank Chris Oxley for giving us the grand tour and some of the history of the place…including getting a look at Johnny and June’s old cars…and yes…they were all black.


This was Johnny and June’s getaway place.  And he built a little place where he would actually show up and play music for the locals.  And today his farm…the old Civil War house, museum and more are there to visit…tour…and hear “live” music on the weekends if you’d like.




The crowd sat on old church pews…like a min-Ryman auditorium and could not have been nicer to me.  And I got an extra bonus when my daughter Heather got up and sang "Ghost In This House" with me playing guitar for her.  Pretty special moment in a special place where you could feel Johnny's ghost for sure.


Most surely this is worth seeking out and taking the tour if you’ve never been.  Just a great Saturday night that provide another reminder to me how lucky I am to get to do what I do.









If you want to know what I thought about the ACM Awards last night…pull up my Facebook or Twitter accounts as I posted a running diatribe during the three hour show.


But...there were a few things that stood out for me.  Overall I thought the show was entertaining although I thought they missed an opportunity to bring the house down big time by not having my friend Linda Davis in Vegas to sing “Does He Love You” with Reba…the original pairing.  Instead Kelly Clarkson sang.  She sings great of course…but the original pairing?  Can’t be beat.  And Linda PERFORMS that duet so much better.  Yes...I’m bias…but I’m right on this one.


Chris Stapleton had the biggest night.  He won two awards and he and his wife had twins which would not allow him to be there to accept any trophies.  Congrats.


My favorite performance?  Blake Shelton’s stripped back guitar-fiddle approach on his new single “I’ve Lived It”.  And the Carrie Underwood return was pretty powerful.  She hurt her face…you couldn’t tell it…and there was nothing wrong with her voice.  And…my co-writer buddy Sydni Perry was there singing the high high background vocals for Carrie…not on camera…but that was her voice.  Congrats.


And I will say that neither Maren Morris or Carrie Underwood would be able to step outdoors in Nashville this morning in THOSE dresses.  Below 40 right now…girl could catch a major cold.


Congrats to all the winners last night.  Miranda, Jason, Old Dominion and others.



I just found out that Tennessee is ranked 10th in having the most stress.    Who knew?  Top ranked states for stress?  I think a lot of our state’s stress comes from Music City where so many folks stress over why it’s so hard to hear a country song on country radio anymore…but I could be wrong.   Louisiana, New Mexico and West Virginia are top ranked in the old stress department.


Least amount of stress…Minnesota and North Dakota.  I figure it’s so cold folks never go out and just stay in the pajamas next for a fireplace…no stress. 



Look down.  Someone carved a huge crop circle that looks like a hamburger.  For real.  Turns out the folks at Hardee’s did it to get a little viral buzz going over their burgers.  I have no idea if it will work half as well as the viral video of the kid yodeling in Wal Mart who’s become famous for…well…for yodeling in Wal Mart.


I still remember how to call square dances from my days of doing that at the Elsberry High Barnwarming in Missouri put on by the FFA chapter each year.  So…my plan is to go into Wal Mart with a camera and start calling square dances.  Hopefully my “do si do’s” will land me on the Ellen show in the near future.



This weekend I’m reading the paper at my local Starbucks and I hear one of the baristas ask a guy…”had a little work done”?   He was referring to a new tattoo this guy had.


And I’m thinking…they probably never ask that question to a woman who orders a Grand espresso.  Probably.



Tonya Harding is on “Dancing With The Stars”.  My prediction?  She’s a lead pipe cinch to win it all.



The revealed the winner of a 533 million dollar Mega Million pot.  The guy came forward and said that he thinks God picked his numbers.  Wonder who picked the losing numbers for the rest of us?



I see hearing aid ads in the paper all the time.  I think I finally figured out why we don’t see ads on TV or HEAR them on the radio.  I’m a little slow that way sometimes.



That former first lady Barbara Bush is not doing well.  Tough lady.  She and her husband George H Bush who was President at the time…were part of the CMA show at the Opry House the year I was fortunate to win a CMA Award.  The crowd loved them.  I remember it taking forever to get into the Opry House that night because of heightened security…but no complaints as it was great having both of them in attendance that night.  I’m hoping for the best for her.



It just hit me that I can’t remember the last time I ever used shoe polish.  I have shoes…they just never need to be spit shined anymore for any reason.  Plus…it’s hard to make tennis shoes “gleam”.  No…I don’t miss that. 


I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing for a long time now (whatever that is) and it’s hard for me to believe I ever showed up for work in a suit and tie and would stop in at shoe shine shops and let those folks do their magic whipping their towels over the top of those hard sole shoes I used to own.  Seems like a lifetime ago.



MSN’s article this morning “Weirdest Named Towns In All 50 States” made me stop and check it out.


Here’s a few. 


There’s a Slickpoo, Idaho.  A SOSO, Mississippi.  A Pee Pee Ohio.  True.


In my home state of Missouri?  I’ve never been to my knowledge but there’s a town called Tightwad. 


And here in Tennessee?  Nameless, TN. 


Check out your own weird town HERE. 



Off to touch up a song with my buddy Gerald Smith this morning.  Maybe I could take some of that polish I mentioned earlier and use it on this song we’re working on.


Have a great Monday!







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