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Songwriter Show...Hit King Birthday...Don't Disturbs

Apr 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello to another Hump Day.



I had an open day after a writing cancellation so I sat down with the guitar and did a little solo writing. Every now and then it’s a good practice to do that…write solo and see what you can come up with. So mission accomplished on my Monday. I also spent some of the day setting up other writing appointments for the month of May and added a little songwriter show to my calendar for Wednesday evening May 12. My Missouri friend Becky Denton asked if I would sit in with her at Belcourt Taps near the Belmont Campus while she’s here in Nashville for a few days and I said “yes”. It will be fun to sit and hear Becky play some of the songs we’ve written including this one. 



Happy Birthday to Peter Edward Rose who turns 80 today. Will they ever allow this guy into the Hall of Fame? I’m in the “they should” camp. I figure if they dug into some of the stuff of those guys who are already in Cooperstown there’d be a lot less plaques hanging.


Like him or not, I’ve never been around anyone who loves the game more that Pete. I witnessed that once first-hand. I was playing in the Reds Fantasy Camp one year in Plant City, Florida. One day one of the campers, about 75 years of age or so was taking batting practice. Pete Rose shows up on a bicycle while I’m standing there and quietly watches the guy. He gets off his bike, walks around into the cage and wraps his arm around the guy and gives him a hitting lesson! You think that guy has ever forgotten that? I interviewed Pete during that camp. He’s one of the GREAT baseball interviews ever. And yea, I have a Pete Rose autographed baseball (that I did not pay for) up on bookshelf here at the house. Again, Happy Birthday 4192.



If you’re an avid baseball fan like I am you’ll love this quote. I’d never seen this one. It was written by the great sportswriter George Will who wrote, “Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona”.



Over 122 million American’s have now had a shot. Meanwhile the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is being halted in multiple states because of rare blood clots.  Will less folks opt out of getting the J& J shot once it’s back? Wouldn’t surprise me.


After hoarding during the pandemic, toilet paper sales are tanking. Folks are still going through the mountain of Charmin they stacked up in their closets I suppose.


The Academy of Country Music Awards Show (ACM’s) will air this Sunday on CBS. Keith Urban is hosting this year. The show will miss Luke Bryan who is in quarantine time now that took him off the American Idol judges panel and will also eliminate him from showing up to perform on Sunday night.



How about the guy in Atlanta who just got on one knee and proposed with 5 choices of engagement rings for his bride to be? Pretty much heaven for a potential bride I would think. I’m guessing she said “yes, yes, yes, yes and yes” again.



This one from Socrates of all people who said, “By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you will be happy. If you get a bad one, you will be a philosopher”.



I don’t really collect anything. Do you? I’ve got an album collection, some sports memorabilia but I don’t really collect stuff. I just acquire something every now and then like the Pete Rose baseball I mentioned earlier. But other folks do…and some of the stuff they collect is weird.


How about “Don’t Disturb” signs, back scratchers, toenail clippings, airplane sick bags and banana label stickers? Yep. Some do collect that stuff. I don’t even want to know where the guy finds all his clipped toenails. It makes those who collect Pez dispensers seem SO normal.


“How To Make Money Selling Your Body Legally”. I’ve looked in the mirror. I’d have to give mine to the recycle guys to make a dime off of it



I’m writing with Scott Barrier today who’s bringing someone new to the table that I’ve not written with yet, Ericca Latza. Ericca grew up in Mt. Airy, North Carolina and now lives in Nashville doing the music thing. A lot of great talent comes out of North Carolina so I’m looking forward to meeting and creating with her a little later this morning.


Have a great Wednesday!









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