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Australia Comedy Song...Green Thumbs and Hot Dog Taster

Apr 13 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday…all day.  Little rain this morning outside my window over Old Hickory Lake.



My writing appointment changed up a bit yesterday as Jimmy Fortune bowed out because he’s had quite a busy schedule lately with his Brotherly Love Quartet and needed some time to rest that high tenor voice of his. So we’ll reschedule him with me and Rick Lang. The two of us went ahead and wrote an idea that Rick had that quickly came to together. A gospel-grass kind of song…and or it could go Southern Gospel as in “Quartet” like the kind Jimmy sings with that I was talking about. So, I still had a creative Monday.



My young friend Angus Gill whom I’ve blogged about here several times just released his first comedy song CD in Australia titled “Uncle Nev & Aunty Bev’s Late Night Barbie”.  And on that album where Angus is transforming into a backyard guy named Nev and duetting with an Australian female comedian using the “Aunty Bev” moniker a song that Angus and I wrote together is on there titled “I Don’t Like Her Cooking”. It was fun writing that with him but I will confess that I had to ask more than once, “what does that mean”? 


Here’s an example for you. One of the lines in the song is, “she really loves my spatchcock, and I do a nice bubble and squeak”. You can look it up if you’d like.


But it is really really fun and I appreciate Angus liking the song enough to add to this album that features several of Australia’s top comedians.



The CDC Chief came out yesterday and said that Michigan should shut down as they’re having a surge in cases again. And now some fear that this could be the start of a 4th surge across the country. Let’s hope not.


Luke Bryan now has Covid and is off American Idol to quarantine. Paula Abdul an American Idol original judge is taking his seat while he recovers.


A NYC man came down with the virus two weeks after getting his Johnson and Johnson vaccine. And with that news apparenty the stock market could slide today and maybe beyond today.


But all of this is not slowing a lot of folks and or companies down. Uber reported its biggest month in history this last month.



That’s going to bring out the Cicadas in a few days, and I’m sure we’ll be hearing some of the swarms here in middle Tennessee. I’ve got my earplugs ready…AND my eyes wide open and I just found out that we’ll be seeing a lot more copperheads because they like to dine on the red eyed buggy things. Yikes. So, cover your ears, but open your eyes folks.



With warmer weather a lot of folks are tending gardens. Many are trying their hands at it the first time. My daughter and son in law planted beds where they live in Alabama and are tending part of a community garden too. AND…there’s a couple of avocado plants/trees on their back deck.


My wife decided to put a lettuce thing on our deck and we had some of it last night. Pretty darned good…even from a carnivore like me. I keep looking for seeds that I could plant that would grow hot dogs.


And my friend Lang Scott has gotten into the craze big time too with a mutual friend. Raised beds where stuff is growing, heat lamps in his basement to help. The only reason I’m not asking for his man card is because I know that he and his friend will sit out and look at those raised beds on lawn chairs with a cooler between them filled with something that ain’t organic. Salvation.



I have got to sign up for this job. Someone will be selected to go around to Major League Baseball parks to try and find the best hot dog. Me please!. It’s an online thing. The winner gets $500 and then Major League Baseball will pay the expenses to get into all the parks and try the dogs. What a job.


For the record, I’ve been to every stadium almost. I have 7 to go now with a new ballpark that just opened in Texas. Best hot dog I had ever in a ballpark was my first game at Old Sportsman Park in St. Louis…home of the Cardinals. That’s highly ranked by me because it was the first GRILLED hot dog I had eaten. Tasted like heaven to a young Cub Scout at the time.


Since then? The hot dogs that stand out to me at all the ballparks I’ve been to? The Reds “Metts” is great. In Milwaukee…it’s hard to beat their brats. But the best ballpark dog was the one I had at Texas stadium in Arlington. I think they called it the Nolan Ryan dog.


Most disappointing? The Dodger Dog.  I’d heard so much about it, but it just didn’t do a lot for me in LA when I caught a game at Dodger Stadium. To each their own dog.



Of course there are professional tasters that make a pretty good living. About once a year when I was on the radio in Cincinnati the “taster” dude for Edy’s Ice Cream would come by and we’d talk about flavors, and his taste and ice cream. They PAY this guy handsomely to travel and promote ice cream and taste it for the company! I always agreed to interview him even though it was like a free commercial for Edy’s for two reasons. One, the guy was an interesting interview…every time. Two, and more importantly, he always brought FREE ice cream for us. There…the truth is out.



Word is that we may be seeing a TV show featuring Country Music Star wives. “The Desperate Hillbilly Wives of Nashville” …I suppose. A lot of those girls are packing guns so the producers will have to manage anger. They won’t be flipping tables like those New York housewives.



“Boston Dynamic Robo-Dog Can Now Pee Beer On Command”.  Uh huh. Have you seen this thing?  And now the programmers are starting to have some redneck fun with it apparently.



My songwriting appointment with young Nora Collins had to me moved to another day as something came up for her and she needed a re-schedule. That will open up some “honey do list” time I’m afraid.


Which reminds me of this fun song I helped write with Lisa Shaffer and Phil Barton titled “Honey Don’t Do List” that pokes fun of the other list all guys are familiar with.


Have a great Tuesday!



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