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Gospel Writing...Creative Baseball...Whyte House Relief #10

Apr 9 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Some storms rolled through last night with heavy rain.  But this morning looking outside my blogging window the sun is back out and dancing on the waters of Old Hickory Lake.  Not a bad view to start the day.



I got to catch up and write again with my friend Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry online.  Sydni who sings out on the road with Carrie Underwood has no roadwork right now…same for Jimmy who is always very busy out on the road with shows.  Sydni is taking up some of her time doing online yoga classes, and Jimmy is going a little stir crazy.  Same for me.  So getting together and seeing each other’s faces and giving virtual hugs is a good thing.


We started with no real idea for a song yesterday and then Jimmy found a cool melody that led to a praise and worship song that reflects the mood of many wondering if and when things will get better.  A song of hope if you will.  It was great company to hang with yesterday.


I love to hear Jimmy & Sydni sing together and thought I'd share this VIDEO of them singing and old gospel song.  Sydni is playing fiddle and singing the high harmony.



I dunno.  I suspect some things will change in our lives from what we used to know.  Some Airlines are saying they may start flying smaller planes as demand for flying is off drastically. 


Fauci said yesterday he doesn’t think we should ever shake hands again.  Wow.  I guess the Eskimo folk have surely stopped rubbing noses too right?


I see online grocery shopping replacing a lot of in store shopping even when the virus is over as a lot of American’s are now used to that.  It will be nice to not have to hit those groceries with a disinfectant in the future.  And I would bet more of us keep gloves, a mask, disinfectant and things that have been hard to get stocked in the house for the future. 


Folks are having to be creative there too. Is it really safe to go out for a walk?  One person says this…another that…so hard to tell.  We all make our own choices right now on things like that.  I read an article this morning that suggested for those who lift weights at a gym (normally) to use stuff they have in the house already like a bag of oranges.  Or for those who have water jugs…lift those.  I’ve been pretty much eating my workout equipment and didn’t even know it.



I find myself watching old baseball games on TV.  The Braves are running one every night on FSN.  Since I don’t Google the score it is almost like watching a new game.  At least that’s what I tell myself.


But how about the Chinese baseball team the “The Taiwanese Rakutin Monkeys”?  Yes…that’s a team…and I think I need to order their baseball cap!  Here’s what they’ve done.  They’re playing baseball in their empty stadium.  But to make it seem less empty they put 500 or so robot mannequins wearing team colors to make it seem a little more realistic.  I’m not sure if they stand for the 7th inning stretch or not…I’m checking.



Trying to kill boredom here I am pulling up some virtual tours on You Tube.  I’ve hit Zion Park, Bryce Canyon, Glacier Park, the Tetons and some of the rides at Disney World.  If your bored I’m going to suggest this virtual tour of the “House On The Rock” in Wisconsin that I toured more than once when our family lived in Milwaukee.  This unusual house that was built over a great view is filled with stuff the owner collected on his trips around the world. You name it and it’s in there with room after theme room after theme room.  Click on the link above to check it out.



“Nudists In Trouble For Not Wearing Mask At The Beach”.  But, are you really nude if you wear a mask?



Look for a new “Whyte House Relief” song later today on my Facebook.  This will be installment #10 in the series of songs that hopefully makes folks smile a little.  I think we’re going Hawaiian today.  Stay tuned.



I’m writing with the Steel Blossoms composed of two talented girls Sara Zebley and Hayley Prosser.  I love their music and writing and I know they too were fans of John Prine who just passed away.  I can see us trying to channel a little Prine in our online session this morning. 


Have a great Thursday!

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