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Bluegrass Porch...John Prine...Bridges To Sing On

Apr 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

For those who’ve always thought they could be a hermit and just go off and stay by themselves and away from folks, do you still feel that way?



The middle part of my day was taken up with writing a new bluegrass tune with Laura Leigh Jones as she sat on her back porch looking at me on her computer.  Laura is working at home for the Grand Ole Opry as she’s in charge of the back stage tour program and those folks want to be ready the second we get the “all clear” to resume life is at least a partial normal way.  And that of course is everyone’s question.  How normal will things be?  Will folks line up to be in a tour group to see the Grand Ole Opry?  Will the Opry and other venues have to be creative and maybe not sell every seat in the house but instead leave empty seats between ticketed customers?  How soon will we get back on a plane, or cruise ship, or feel comfortable sitting a table full of friends in a restaurant?


I’m finding the conversations I have online with co-writers to be about as interesting as the songs we write these days.  With that said I was glad that Laura Leigh and I did write a fun up-tempo bluegrass song yesterday.



And if you missed the latest Whyte House Relief song on my Facebook page, check out this little coffee song “Good Cup of Coffee” and some conversation about toilet paper and bidets.  Yep, that’s the kind of quality stuff we’re producing folks. Watch this video and find out why I drink my coffee straight up black and always have.



Like any fan, or songwriter I was saddened by the news that we lost John Prine to this horrid virus. When I saw the news last night I was on my couch watching TV and it just totally bummed me out for the rest of the evening.  He’s a guy that every songwriter aspired to be. Someone called him the Mark Twain of songwriters and that would be accurate.  Kris Kristofferson once said of watching him to a friend standing next to him, “he’s so good we’re going to have to break his thumbs”.


I bought the last CD John made “Tree of Forgiveness”.  On his last album ironically is this song “When I Get To Heaven”


Not all that long ago actor Bill Murray showed up and sang with John on the stage of the Opry that was so much fun…and special.  And this is a great interview performance led by a great writer-interviewer Peter Cooper with John Prine and Bill Murray together.


His lyrical content makes what I write sound amateurish.  How does one think of this line for a song…”naked as the eyes of a clown”?  John Prine…that’s who.  Just a sad loss for anyone who loves music and great songwriting.



It looks like American Airlines have 100 or more flight attendants who have now tested positive for the virus.  My daughter flew for them for 5 or 6 years.  It doesn’t bother me that she’s not doing that right now.


And of all things eggs have tripled in price in some places because of what’s going on.  It's going to be expensive for the Easter bunny this year.



It looks like the numbers could be much lower than the original grim predictions.  Let’s hope that’s the case.  I’d rather them exaggerate those kind of stats as opposed to underselling them to us.  Hope. 



That there are 250 different Crayola colors.  Really?  I doubt that I can name 10 of them.  I do remember they have a “flesh” color.  I remember thinking how odd that was when I was a kid and I’ve never forgotten they have a “flesh” color crayon.  I can’t remember where I left my phone half the time…but by golly I’m a Crayola expert.


So, I have a funny song I wrote that I often perform in shows titled “The Question Song” and that’s all about those questions that have no good answers.  Like, “if the Siamese twins made a record would somebody play them back to back”?  There’s no good answer.


Here’s another one I thought of after half watching some space alien thing on TV.  “Who is responsible for naming a planet Uranus”?  Literally the “butt” of interstellar jokes forever. 



Yep…there’s a list of those…as well as a list for worst jobs.  I scanned through both.  The one that caught my attention for “Best Job” was Masseuse.  The median pay is only around $40,000 but because of the low stress of the job it’s listed as a desirable way to make a living.


The one that caught my eye on “Worst” was obvious.  Broadcasters.  Median pay there is $33,000 and a LOT of those jobs are being lost because of syndication and computers.  So if I were starting my career life all over, I’d have to pass spinning records and put some oil on my hands.



“Mayor of Jamaica, Iowa Population 217 And Her Husband Arrested At Home For Growing Marijuana”.  You’d have thought if you lived in a town called Jamaica that would have been encouraged…Mon’.



I’m looking forward to writing with my friends Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry today on the computer.  Jimmy who of course was the great high tenor for the Statler Brothers for years lives next door to another songwriter-singer.  Over the past few days they built a little wooden bridge to cross over to each other’s yards.  And yesterday on one of his “Jimmy Jams” (songs that Jimmy sings on his Facebook page) Jimmy stood on that bridge he helped build with his song and sang “Seven Bridges Road”.  Pretty danged cool.  I’ll ask him about that today when his face pops up on my Mac Pro.


Have a great Wednesday!



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