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Hoops...ACM Awards...Dumb Things

Apr 8 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And another week begins and this one with HEAVY rain this morning outside my window to the world.  Up into the 80’s with sun in a couple of days though.



Mine started a little early with a meeting with my soon to be (officially) publishing company sitting on Old Hickory Lake.  My very first publishing deal with Daywind/Billy Blue is about to be real with a signing coming up Tuesday morning.  More on that later.


But it was great to sit and look at the water and get to know better the guys that I’m going to be writing for and finding out more about their long standing company that’s been heavy into gospel music of all forms for a long time.  And now they are branching into bluegrass, Americana and commercial country which is why I’m being added to their roster of talented songwriters. 


It occurred to me over a catfish lunch looking at the water how great places like “Sam’s Place” where we ate can go unnoticed by me.  It’s like 10 minutes from where I live.  I appreciated the time with Joe Dan and Rick Shelton and I really appreciated them choosing a place I knew nothing about in my backyard.  I’ll be visiting this place more for sure.



And Friday night I caught my first Nashville Sounds Triple A baseball game as they played and beat the Iowa Cubs.  It’s just the second game of the season with lots more to come.  This year for the first time our major league parent club is the Texas Rangers so that means I did not know one name on the field.  It’s like starting all over and finding young guys who are trying to make it to the majors to root for.  If Friday night was any indication the Rangers have some studs they can call up whenever they’re ready. 


It was also easy to notice the continued growth of this city that I’ve mentioned here many times as one of the HUGE stage birds loomed over the left field wall last night…a crane.  And the building goes on.



My wife Kathy held an open house for her real estate company.  This was her first open house so I went with her to show folks around.  I resisted the temptation to ask any potential buyer if they were looking for songs to record.  But I did eat the cookies.



Pretty good Final Four.  I watched every bit of that with my friend Lang Scott Saturday night.  The first game in particular VA-Auburn was awesome to watch.  And no, we did not catch the double dribble that had the ref called it…Auburn would be in the finals instead of Virginia.  Jus fun to watch and the two of us agreed that this is our favorite time of year for sports.  Baseball has started.  The NBA and College Basketball playoffs are at hand and soon the Stanley Cup Playoffs for hockey.  Add to that NASCAR and the Masters Golf Tournament this weekend and it pretty much explains why we love this time of year.  Football is great…but I’ll take this over that.



That was all about this years ACM Awards show in Vegas.  Dan and Shay were the big winners along with Kacey Musgraves. But Keith Urban picked up the coveted “Entertainer Of The Year Award”.  I posted some running commentary this year so if you need a laugh to my Facebook or Twitter page and read some of those comments.  Best performance of the night for me came from Chris Stapleton…just stripped back with a great vocal performance.  I thought Reba or as I like to call her now “Ole Red” did a fine job again hosting.



Glad to hear that legendary rocker Mick Jagger seems to be recovering nicely from heart valve surgery.  Amazing what technology and doctors can do these days even with older hearts.  As you get older you do tend to pay more attention to your health trying to do all you can to squeeze as many years as you can into this mortal life.


It’s also confusing when you read articles that say “steak”  is not good for you…or weight loss…after being told that it might be a healthy choice over other meat.


And then yet another one that claims even moderate drinking can increase the risk of a stroke.  Good grief. 


I’ve come to the conclusion that everything that’s good for you is bad for you.  Put that on a poster.



Disneyland is now saying if you want to see the Star Wars attraction in California you will need a reservation.  I guess that means it’s going to be pretty popular huh?  Gonna be a lot of folks killing time flying Dumbo while they wait for their reservation time.



You know the police are laughing at us right?  People do the dumbest things…like calling police about the DUMBEST things.  Here’s two that stand out.


A deputy responded to a report of a vehicle stopping at mailboxes.  Turned out to be the mailman!


A woman went to a man’s house and spent the night.  When he woke up she and his money from his wallet were gone.  He told police she had red hair and large breasts. 



I saw a story of a Great Dane dog who gave birth not once or twice but 19 times!  19 little pups in one birthing.  All the babies and Mom are doing well.  I’m wincing just thinking about that.



The Airlines are working on making the onboard toilets a bit quieter when you flush them.  Loudest sound ever.  There’s not a Hoover ever that sucked so loudly.  So a little quieter would be nice.  However, that can wait until you fix the problem with the new Boeings.  Priorities.



Check out this ARTICLE of random facts that might amaze you.  Like…the average person spends six months of their life waiting for a red light to turn green.  No wonder some folks run them.



“Time Traveler Says He Went Back To Take A Picture Of A Dinosaur”.   Newsbreak.  They didn’t have cameras to snap pictures of a T-Rex back then Clyde. 



I’m looking for an umbrella before heading out to write with my cowpoke friend Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson who’s one third of a great trio called “Mama Dear”.  Looking forward to what comes out of our little room at Sony on Music Row today.


Then tonight…the NCAA basketball championship game will have my attention with Texas Tech playing the fave Virginia. 


Have a great Monday!





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