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"Laidbackitis"...Toilet Paper...Whyte House Relief Today

Apr 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning and we have toilet paper!



My friend Brent Burns lives on the beach.  We kicked around writing yesterday but my long time buddy has come down with a bad case of “laidbackitis”. Living on the beach can give you a case of that…but add quarantining to it and you can come down with Grade A “laidbackitis”   And that’s more than okay because writers are different and my friend is a “streak” writer.  When he has a project looming he gets motivated and writes a lot.  Right now there’s no project looming so we cancelled the write and I’ll wait for inspiration to hit him upside the head and then we’ll kick out some new songs for him.  It’s worked well for him for a long time and I’m pretty patient.


Then there are other writers who HAVE to get the creative out daily. I fall more into that category…but not completely.  Some writers need an idea before they’ll sit down to write.  Some look for a melody for inspiration. Some write a LOT of songs every year, and some like master hit writer Skip Ewing tells me he only writes 10 or 11 songs per year, but all of those are pretty darned great.  His hits include “Love Me” for Collin Raye, “The Hole” for Randy Travis.  “You Had Me From Hello" for Kenny Chesney and his own hits like “The Gospel According To Luke”. 


Whatever works.  Skip moved to a ranch out in Wyoming years ago…he’s into horses and the West in a big way.  The other night from his cabin in Wyoming he gave a two-hour online concert that you can still watch HERE.  And if you do, you’ll notice there is STILL a lot of snow in Wyoming.  And guess what his new independent album will be titled?  Uh huh.  “Wyoming”.  It’s on my “to buy” list for sure.



I think we now have enough toilet paper to get us through a couple of crises now.  My wife and I have a daughter and son in law who hooked us up yesterday. Heather went shopping yesterday with her husband Casey and they shopped for us in Clarksville while they were in store for themselves and found paper product up there that’s been impossible to find where we live in Nashville. And though we kept our social distance it did give us a chance to see their faces and thank them for doing that.  Casey’s unit he’s a part of in the Army has been quarantined for a couple of weeks, but that looks to end tomorrow as he will return to base.  And of course we will hope he stays safe coming back into contact with folks.



Hit writer Paul Overstreet has figured out how to best handle quarantining.  He’s got a place at the beach too.  And every night you can watch the writer of hits like “Some Beach” singing on his beach with sunsets on the water.  If you drink a glass of wine every evening, pull up Paul on his Facebook Page and watch the sun go down with him and hear some great songs at the same time.



Is that store still around?  I used to go in there and be amazed at the crazy stuff they had.  Lava lamps, fake vomit, rubber chickens and more.  If they were open right now I would bet cabin fever thermometers would sell as a gag gift.  My temp would be around 102 right now I'm sure.



My friend Jessie Ritter down in Pensacola and her author-writer bought an empty storage unit recently and the two of them built a little writers studio that sits in their backyard.  Really cool.  Apparently there are builders out there now who will trick out a double decker mini-house for you out of one if you want to go into the Tiny House world that seems to be a hot thing right now.”


I could see using one like Jessie and her husband.  But to live in one full time with a spouse in tiny quarters DURING a quarantine period like we’re going through?  That might truly be the test of rather your relationship can survive.  In fact I would venture to guess that some husband’s are doing DIY projects learning how to spruce up the doghouse they’re in during the virus.



Major League Baseball is now considering having every team go to Arizona to play games without any fans in the stands.  The Cactus League is there in Phoenix, and the stadiums are smaller but cool.  And if you’re going to play with no crowds watching?  Smaller stadiums like those I sat in at the end of March might not be a bad idea.  Either way, for a baseball nut like me…I’d take baseball on TV even if there are no crowds in the stands.  We’ll see what happens soon.



How bout this very fun virtual Bingo game hosted by actor Matthew McConaughey with a bunch of Seniors shut in?  I’m a fan of his movies, and now and even bigger fan of his for doing something like this.  You think those folks didn’t have fun?



My online writing session today is with Laura Leigh Jones who just celebrated working 9 years for the Grand Ole Opry.  Besides being a great writer-bluegrass artist, Laura is in charge of the back stage Grand Ole Opry tours.  How much does she love the Opry?  She and her husband got married on the Opry stage.  That’s how much. 


I’ll also be putting up another “Whyte House Relief” song later today on my Facebook page…so look for that. 


Have a great Tuesday!







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