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Writing Down Under...Vote For Lauren...Online Concerts

Apr 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Time for the Monday blog…let me wash my hands first.



I rarely write on the weekends but made an exception Saturday for a couple of reasons.  First, my friend Angus Gill in Australia has decided to make a comedy song album and ask if I wanted to try and write a couple for it.  Sure.  Second, I have a LOT of free time on my hands like lots of you and the writing helps fill up some of the quarantine time. So there he was in his studio in Australia at 8 AM in the morning his time, 5 pm in the evening my time. Pretty amazing.  And it’s pretty hard not to have fun when you’re writing comedy songs.  I’m fairly certain Angus will include the Hawaiian funny song we wrote yesterday complete with ukulele.  I’ll let ya know.



I put two more Whyte House Relief Songs on my Facebook page over the weekend.  “Thank God For School” co-written with Becky & Will Denton went up Friday.  And yesterday I put up a song that I wrote with Lauren Mascitti and Wil Nance titled “Big Bad Beautiful World”.



If you watched American Idol last night you saw my talented young friend wind up in a tie with another girl from Nashville.  So now America has to vote for who makes the top 20 on the show.  It’s a first for that show and it seemed like a TV gimmick to me to drive up ratings… but my wife and I cast as many votes as we could for Lauren.


If you watched and loved her too make sure you toss some votes her way.  And to be fair, the girl she’s up against was great too.  I think the judges should have made a decision one way or the other, but it is TV and it’s creating a little buzz.



This weekend’s concert for our “Evening In The Round” show in Sumter, South Carolina was of course cancelled.  And so was the Masters Golf Tournament that I was going to get to attend for the first time.  That would have been a once in a lifetime kind of deal, but nothing anyone can do right now.  I just hope that if I’m lucky both will re-schedule and I’ll get to go do both another time.  Because all shows are cancelled, I’m putting up those Whyte House Relief Songs and I’m watching a lot of my friends do the same.



Here are a few online shows I’ve seen that I would highly recommend watching with some of your spare time.


The Scott Family did a second one from the front porch of the place they are quarantined in Florida and the family sang the song “Safe Haven” that I helped write with Hillary Scott, Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry so that was a treat.


I also got glued to this Shawn Camp evening at the world famous Station Inn in Nashville along with his talented fiancé’ Lauren Mascitti.  I was actually in the house the night of this show.  And I was in and out of several others over the course of the weekend.


And Bobby Tomberlin did one from the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery, Alabama Saturday afternoon and sat right in front of that famous blue Cadillac of Hanks.  Bobby’s an Alabama native and loves the history of our music.  And, you get a little tour of the museum with a history lesson or two from my buddy if you watch. 


And that’s just three of several I tuned into.  You can watch any or all by clicking on the links provided.



Dolly Parton was quoted as saying the secret to surviving a marriage during these “quarantine” days is to have a sense of humor. She mentioned how she, like most musicians are gone a lot on the road and are not in the same space with their spouse as much as she is now.  Humor gets you through it.  Cold not agree more.


Speaking of which, this FUNNY SONG "Inches & Miles"  from my friend Heywood Banks touches on that in a very very funny way.



I saw an article that says “silver hair” is trending in popularity.  Uh huh.  I don’t think it’s a choice for those who can’t get to their hairdressers right now.  Might as well make believe it’s popular.



No surprise to me that Kraft is saying “we can’t make enough mac and cheese”.  I gotta think there’s a lot more demand for that as opposed to kale or tofu right now.  Comfort food.



My favorite pitcher of all time is Cardinal great Bob Gibson.  A fiery competitor.  I grew up in Missouri a Cardinal fan, went to a lot of games, and saw Bob pitch in several.  That was back when pitchers went 9 innings.  Bob was one of those.  He’s battling pancreatic cancer at age 84 and he said this the other day.  “The reaper came the other day and I wouldn’t answer the door”.  He’s fighting it off…just like he fought MLB batters back in the day.  And in his downtime he’s teaching himself piano.  Love that grit. 


I wonder if Bob has ever heard this Toby Keith song “Don’t Let The Old Man In” that he wrote after Clint Eastwood said that out loud about staying young when Toby played a round of golf with Clint.  The song went into the movie “The Mule” that Clint produced and starred in. One of my favorite songs over the past couple of years for sure.   



They just put out a Porsche 911 that can go from 0 to 60 in just 2.2 seconds.  Wow.  Wonder can it outrun the virus?



Some folks actually go underwater and lift weights.  It’s heavier with the water on top of the barbells.  They track it so yes there is some muscle built dude who owns a Guinness World Record for that.  Too motivated for me.  I might HOLD a Guinness and watch him…maybe.



“Mice Have Facial Expressions”.  I have to be honest.  I’ve never gotten close enough to a mice’s face to see if they had any expression.



I THINK, if I can motivate my Gulf Shores quarantined friend Brent Burns to do something other than bake and drink wine, we’re going to write something funny online together…or try.


Have a great Monday.





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