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New Dates...New Album Release...Final Four Weekend

Apr 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Here come da weekend.



My songwriting appointment got cancelled because of a scheduling “snafu” so all of a sudden I had a wide-open Thursday that allowed me to catch up on some things like getting my ears lowered. FYI…these days it doesn’t take long for me to get a haircut.  Temps were in the low 70’s so I got out and walked a trail that runs around Percy Priest Lake near where I live that has this cool bridge that runs over the water that I always enjoy seeing.  So I got my mind cleared before a flurry of activity that had me adding more dates to my already busy calendar.



May 10 I’ll be helping emcee a Keith Whitley Awards show that will take place in town at the Texas Troubadour Theater near Opryland.  My WSM co-worker Marcia Campbell and myself will split the duties that night as we honor some “traditional” artists by passing out awards.  That should be fun.


September 12 our “Hits & Grins” trio looks to be playing at the Hot Springs Village in Hot Springs, Arkansas in a beautiful theater there on a Thursday night…more details on that to come.


And on Halloween night it looks like I’ll be in Key West Florida for an event called “Fools On Stools” where I’ll sit with a couple of Trop Rock singers who are also funny.  This is just one event of many in a huge event at the southernmost part of the country for MOTM which stands for “Meeting Of The Minds”.  It’s a gathering of lots of beach singers and a ton of Parrot Head fans that come from all over the world to be there.  I’m sure I’m going to be playing several times over the event which lasts a week and that is going to expose me to a lot of those buyers who throw musical events all over the US.  My thanks to Donny Brewer and Brent Burns for helping to tee this up.  Halloween night in Key West.  What could go wrong?


And this morning I read where the weather experts are predicting 5 hurricanes this year.  Hurricane season starts June 1.  So, I’ll be keeping an eye on the weather for my beach runs this year.  And, if we do start getting high winds I can always sing the “Jim Cantore” song that Brent Burns and I wrote.



Today my Aussie friend Tamara Stewart releases her new CD “The Truth The Music And Me” that includes a song we wrote together “Dear Hometown”.  I love this song…even if I did help write it. Click on the link and listen if you'd like. And right now Tamara is singing our song all over Europe as she’s on a tour there promoting this great project.  Yes…today is the day you can buy it.



And now our Nashville Metro Council wants to approve Daylight Savings Time all year long.  Please!  There does seem to be a movement towards that these days.  It would not hurt my feelings if I never had to adjust my clock. 


Also in Nashville we find out that the median price of a home in this market is now $300,000.  That’s the highest ever as Music City continues to grow and be a “hot” market that folks wanna move to.  The latest being Kathy Lee Gifford who now wants to record country music.  I’m convinced that pretty much everyone wants to be a hillbilly music star these days.



The dictionary just added three new words…and I had to look up all three to know what they mean.


JOMO…the art of feeling not involved.  Sort of like me and politics. I’m big time JOMO there.


WHITELASH…a backlash reaction by white people against other ethnicities. 


WELP…a combination of the word help and well.  Welp there ya go.



That would be Jeff Bezos the Amazon guy.  He just divorced his wife and he managed to keep 75% of his stock.  His wife with that settlement becomes the 4th richest woman in the world and he’s still the wealthiest man alive.  Welp ain’t that something?


Kinda wish ole Jeff had divorced me.



Darrel Waltrip who lives south of town here has announced he’s going to retire after this year and will no longer be calling races.  Man…there goes the “boogity” in racing boys.  One year when I was hosting the WSM-FM morning radio show here Darrel called in once a week during racing season to talk NASCAR.  He was always great…always funny.  I always looked forward to those calls.  He’s 72 now but still the most entertaining guy in the booth.  It will be hard finding his replacement.



I was reading an article this morning of how to be successful quotes from those who have been just that.  The one that spoke to me most was the one from Jim Rohm, “the way to enjoy life best it to wrap up one goal and start right on the next”.  Keeps ya young too me thinks.



“Shoplifter Caught On Camera Stuffing Chain Saw Down His Pants”.  I’m supposing he was trying to walk out of the store VERY gingerly about the time they stopped him and yanked the McCullough out of his Wranglers.



I have a little meeting with some folks from my soon to be Publishing Company that I’ll be writing for.  I think they want to make sure I’m not the kind of guy who would stuff a chainsaw down my pants before we sign the deal.  I completely get that.


Then it’s Final Four weekend coming up with the two big basketball games on tomorrow.  You can reach me on my couch.


Have a great weekend!









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