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Home Again...Loose Change...Tortilla Blankets

Apr 3 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The days are getting longer and there’s a little light coming in my blogging window now as I start my days.  No complaints about that.



Tuesday my wife and I drove home after an overnight stay in Cincinnati and that’s always fun to do for us.  My wife is from the Queen City so we had a chance to see her Mom and sister for a bit and I got to catch a Reds baseball game before returning to Nashville.  After a run to Arkansas for some shows before that…I’m glad to have a few weeks before the road calls again. 


And yesterday afternoon was all about catching up on stuff.  Some of that stuff was conversations about other events that may land on my calendar soon.  A songwriting mentoring session was one of those things that will take place it looks like when I’m at the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival this August.  That’s a new program the festival is installing this year where local writers can sign up for a 45-minute mentoring sessions with writers from Nashville like me.


And I also spent some time in conversation about adding a show in New Mexico and perhaps another in Key West. 


Details on all of these are still being discussed.  Stay tuned.



70 something here today in Music City and it already looks beautiful.  But in the northeast another one of those weather “cyclone bombs” may hit with a mix of more wintry stuff.  Until this year I had never heard of a cyclone bomb.  High wind mixed with snow to hit the eastern seaboard all the way to North Carolina.  Think I’ll just stay put here in Nashville where all is calm and all is bright.



I’ve discovered that when traveling I never know what to do with loose change.  With credit cards and bills I rarely take change out of my pocket to help pay for anything.  I think that’s why so many quick stop retailers have a little tip cup out front for folks like me who just don’t wanna carry around change in their pockets.  That’s my theory.  I do have a little cups and baskets full of change and when I vacuum my car I hear coins being sucked into money oblivion so there’s that. 


So I’m at a point where I someone actually asked, “hey buddy can you spare a dime”?  I wouldn’t know where to find one.  And all of this gives new meaning to the Bob Dylan classic “The Times They Are A CHANGING”. 



That brings swimsuit season and panic for some thinking about squeezing into a swimsuit.  Gyms will be busy.  I’m at a point where I like to look at the water…not jump into it in a swimsuit with my shirt off. 


Lang Scott and I wrote this funny song that was his idea “Some Things I Just Won’t Do” and one of the things listed is wearing a speedo.  The line after that sings, “survey says there’s no demand for that”.  Amen.



You can now wrap yourself up in THIS.  A tortilla blanket.  Yep. You look like a chalupa when you’re done.  I’m more of a burrito blanket dude myself so I’m waiting.



I’ve never watched one episode and it still remains a huge show with a new season on the way.  I’ve not watched despite watching my daughter get married last year at a ruined castle on the north coast of Ireland that’s one of the locations used to film that show on HBO.


And to prove how big it is…Oreo is rolling out a Game of Thrones cookie.  So you can dunk your favorite show into a glass of milk now.  Can’t wait for the Law and Order Twinkies that are surely on their way.



Yesterday was National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day.  Yea, I somehow missed the parade too.  Although I did have “smooth” peanut butter.  Today the NY Post claims that those of us who like smooth peanut butter over crunch (the majority) that we tend to be more introverted than the crunch folks who are more extroverted.  Really really important info that I thought you really really needed to know.



There’s an article out claiming one has to be “smart” to enjoy classical music.  Uh huh. I’d comment on that but I think I’ll take the Beethoven 5th on that and remain silent.



I’m back at a songwriting table with my bluegrass friend Irene Kelley who texted me an article about moonshine tunnels.  Tunnels where folks ran their moonshine quietly to keep from being arrested back in the day.  So I hear a moonshine grass song coming on later this morning.


Have a great Wednesday!





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