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Song Text...Whyte House Reief #6...Funny Heywood Concert

Apr 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning.  Is it over yet?



My writing appointment was with my friend Victoria Venier who is one third of our songwriter trio “Hits & Grins”.  Victoria is married to Matt Davenport, and they own a big company called Matt Davenport Productions. They produce shows that are seen around the world, on cruise ships, on the General Jackson Showboat, in theme parks and various other venues.  So you can imagine how hard hit their business is.  All the shows are cancelled and nobody is booking a thing.  So it was great looking at both her and Matt yesterday on her computer at their house, and me on mine at my home and offer support and love for each other.  I can only hope like they do that we all stay safe and that sooner than later they are able to start producing shows again.


After watching a Jackson Browne documentary-concert the night before our write I was inspired and brought a chorus with a Jackson kind of vibe to it and Victoria dug in on the verses and we got a new song for the day.  Catching up with friend and writing…not a bad Tuesday.



That’s the text I got from Victoria the night or two before we wrote.  I wondered, “what’s that all about”?  So I texted back it’s almost impossible for me to choose a favorite song…I have so man.  But, I told her, “it’s a bit obscure but I love Pirate Looks At 40 by Jimmy Buffett”.  So she texted back and it read, “oy vey that is obscure!  How about something more popular”?  So I sent “House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert.  About a half hour later I opened another text from her with an audio attachment that let me hear Victoria sing my request.  She did the same for my wife and a circle of her friends. Now that’s a pretty special “personal” gift from the heart and it shows you how big HER heart is.  Thank you Victoria.



Yesterday I put up a new funny song on my socials.  We went “Cowboy” on Facebook and Instagram and hopefully folks will get a laugh or two out of “I Bought Her A Saddle”.  Check out that new additions right HERE.



South Carolina has now jumped on board and shut down all gathering and theaters and that means for sure our “Evening In The Round” show starring Linda Davis with Lang Scott and me that was to be Saturday April 11 in the beautifully restored old Opera House will have to be rescheduled like everything else that’s been on my books for awhile.  It’s the right decision as we continue to hunker down.



My comedian friend Heywood Banks made me laugh big time and a whole lot of other folks around the country when he posted a Facebook “live” show yesterday on his Birthday.  Yes…an April Fools Birthday.  What a warped fun man.  If you missed that here’s the LINK.


To the NYC health worker who came down with the virus and beat it and then went right back to work trying to help save other lives.  For every ugly story we read right now, there are just as many if not more stories of heroes and every day folks doing wonderful things. 


Dolly Parton showed how much she cares by donating a million dollars to the Vanderbilt Hospital here in Nashville for research on finding a cure.  And she’s going online to read stories to children all around the world.  She’s reading books from her “Imagination Library” that she set up to make sure kids that needed books got them for free.


Garth and Trisha were on CBS last night with a fun organic concert and banter.


And J.K. Rowling just unleashed an online Hogwarts website for kids with videos, puzzles, quizzes and more to help keep kids entertained while they’re locked up and maybe give their parents a little relief at the same time.



There’s no sports to be seen right now.  Most of the Sports networks are replaying old classic games.  So this is exciting news that there could be a Phil vs Tiger golf match up for the second time and it could happen in less than a month.  I’m sure they’ll be on a closed golf course…will keep more than 6 feet of distance between them as they stroll the fairways and they’ll have microphones on the entire time so we can hear the trash talk and strategy.  If that happens within 4 weeks while Sports fans are still quarantined?  The ratings could be huge.



I did take a National Park tour on my computer yesterday…virtually.  And it was pretty cool and beautiful.  I’ve only been through Zion once and have always wanted to go back and hike the rocks and canyons there.  I took a motorcycle trip out west when I was young and my path that I made up on the fly for 13 days took me through Zion.  At every curve there was just gorgeous scenery.  You might want to take that virtual tour too that’s right HERE. 



Headline reads: “Woman Takes Pole Dancing Lessons At Age 69”.  I’m sure she’ll be posting a virtual tip jar once she masters the pole.



I’m scheduled to write with Christian songwriter-comedian Aaron Wilburn today.  Aaron admittedly is a bit computer challenged so I’m hoping I can help him make an online connection today to write.  Most of Aaron’s work is done in churches all across the country and he often performs with the Gaither Family.  Nobody doing none of that right now so it will be interesting to check up on my friend and see how he’s spending all his off time.


If I can’t make the online connection I guess I’ll sign up for a pole-dancing lesson today.


Have a great Thursday!





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