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Skyline...Reds...Cincinnati Trip

Apr 2 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Good morning from Cincinnati.



My wife and I made a run to the Queen City…a little up and back run giving yours truly time enough to hit a Skyline Chili parlor and catch part of a Reds game.  I say PART because it was so dang cold last night that I left the park early.  I’m finding out this morning that the Brewers beat my Reds 4-3.


Despite that I had great time hanging out in the ball yard last night.  I got there early enough to tour the Reds Hall of Fame, which is a must for any baseball fan that visits Great American Ballpark.  Doubtful that outside of Cooperstown that any baseball team has a better Hall of Fame than this one.  I caught a film on how they make those great sculptures on display in front of the stadium done by a Cincinnati artist.  And the third floor of this museum has been completely re-done since I last visited and is off the hook terrific.


Oddly enough as I sit here and blog in our hotel in Northern Kentucky this morning I’m watching a complete re-play of last night’s game that they have on the TV right now.


It’s always good to come back to one of my favorite cities in the country.  Porkopolis, Queen City, City of Seven Hills…Cincinnati.



I hope you’re getting money back.  On my trip to Cincy yesterday I had to pull over and find Wifi because my New York folks wanted me to take the Kenny Chesney hit “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” and turn it into “She Thinks My Refund’s Sexy”.  Happy to do it.



Whole Foods is reportedly dropping prices on hundreds of items.  I’ll just say it again, it’s amazing how much more costly healthy food is over food that tastes great.  Some folks call the place “Whole Paycheck” because it’s so expensive.  Amazon bought it and will drop prices as much as 20% on some items.


I looking for a “Half Off Foods”.



Short blog as we are headed back home to Nashville today.


Have a great Tuesday!





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