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April Fools...TV Show Appearance...Funny Online Concert Today

Apr 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

First of April…first Hump Day of the month.  And yea…it is April Fools Day so don’t say I didn’t warn you.



Gosh the days just kind of melt into each other don’t they?  My songwriting appointment with the duo Steel Blossoms got rescheduled yesterday. So that completely opened up my day. So I went out and caught a Major League Baseball game.  (Remember its April Fools)


Cancelled appointments in the creative world happen a lot, part of it and I don’t mind because sometimes I have to reschedule too. But right now I wish they all held as it’s the “normal” in my un-normal days these days. So I caught up on what needs to be caught up on…at least some of it and I’m whittling down a lot of “caught up” stuff because of having so much time on my hands.



The TV show Cincy Lifestyle aired my episode yesterday and if you missed it you can watch it HERE.  I sang the “Corona Virus-Corona Beer” song I wrote with Brent Burns and Matt Hoggatt and I thought that was going to be the feature.  Turns out it was a lot more like a profile piece, as you’ll see when you watch. But, that’s okay.  It gave me a chance to say “hey” to a lot old friends back in Cincinnati a market I was in 12 years for Radio.  Fun.



Like a lot of the country I’m wearing out Netflix and Prime and Disney and Hulu looking for stuff to keep me entertained.  Last night I pulled up a Jackson Browne documentary that was cool…especially if you’re a fan of his music as it was mostly concert footage.  Man, what a neighborhood he lived in out in LA with Don Henley and Glenn Frey and Linda Ronstadt and Crosby Stills and John David Souther and on and on.  Nice way to kill an hour and a half on the couch last night.



It was nice to get an e-mail from our Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum wanting to reschedule me and my friend Steve Dean for their Songwriter Series that the had to cancel this month because of the virus. The new date is June 20 inside the beautiful Ford Theater.  I think Steve and I have done this now 4 or 5 years in a row now and it’s always a pleasure and honor.  The songwriter show if free with museum admittance.



I actually put up a post on our “Hits & Grins” Facebook page yesterday that showed our trio playing at CMA Fest a few years ago with a note that said, “hope they don’t cancel this event”.  And guess what happened yesterday?  Yep…it’s cancelled too.  That event was scheduled for June 4.  Who knows if they’ll be able to reschedule that huge event.



My funny funny comedian friend Heywood Banks is going to celebrate his 70th birthday online at 5 pm today.  Seems VERY appropriate to me that he was born on April Fools Day.  Even if you don’t know my friend or his really funny songs like “Toast” and “Big Butter Jesus”…trust me…you’ll laugh if you watch.  Just search for his Facebook Page and join the fun.



Later this afternoon I’ll put up another Whyte House Relief Song on my Facebook and Instagram pages.  Today, something funny for sure considering how the last song was quite a bit more serious. So look for it if you need a laugh, and then in tomorrow blog I’ll give you the link so you can watch.



Everybody’s at home.  And for a lot of folks that means pajamas and comfortable wear for the most part.  How bout this piece of info.  Wireless bra sales are up 40% right now.  Yep, we’re getting very relaxed in trying times. 



I’ll be online writing online with one of my "Hits & Grins" musical partners Victoria Venier. She's quarantined with her husand and her horses but she's going to break away from Seabiscuit and her hubby today to rhyme with me. 


Have a great Wednesday.

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