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Snow Day Writing...Gulf Shores New Show...Little Rock Bound

Feb 21 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

The weekend is here…I’m on the road to Little Rock this morning.



I rolled into my publishing company about 10 AM yesterday and then every writer and everyone else in the office just stood by the door and watched it snow pretty hard.  Something we don’t see.  The good news?  It was too warm to stick.  So it was my favorite kind of snow.  Pretty to watch for a while but gone in a hurry.   No shovel…no snow blower needed.


And then my co-writers rolled in Gerald Smith and Janelle Arthur.  We grabbed coffee and we were off and running on an up-tempo fun idea I brought in with me that Janelle loved.  Janelle sings so good…but she has so many great female songs that she’s making a concerted effort to write some male songs to her catalog to even it out a bit…and to have some songs she can pitch to male artists friends she made in the business over the past several years.  The only bad part of the equation is I had to sing on our work tape instead of me getting to hear Janelle’s beautiful voice.  Sigh.  But…mission accomplished and we’ve schedule another sit down within the next two weeks to do it all over again.



I blocked out 4 days in May yesterday to hang in Gulf Shores with Brent Burns to start trying to pile up songs for his next album that he’ll probably start recording late this year or early 2021.  And, while I’d down there Brent is going to put together a show for the two of us…possibly at the Sunset Cork Room where we had Valentine Dinner just last week with family and friends.  As soon as I get the info I’ll get it on my calendar and socials as usually those two guy funny shows we do sell out.  Looking forward to hanging on that beach again.



Nordstrom is apparently declaring winter is over as they are taking 40% off of all winter clothing.  Meanwhile Victoria’s Secret is celebrating that forecast as they are being sold. The asking price is a mere 525 million dollars.  Anyone wearing almost anything from Victoria’s Secret would welcome warmer weather.


I have a line in a comedy song I often sing on stage that asks the question, “What the heck to you see exactly in a Victoria Secret half OFF sale? 



Scientist claim one reason for snoring is your tongue is fat.  For real.  Certain low fat diets are apparently better than others for reducing your fat tongue and reducing snoring.  Who knew?  The diet is one thing…but getting your tongue on a treadmill is really difficult.  Don’t ask me how I know.



McDonald’s now has “burger scented” candles.  If you’d like your bedroom, living room, or bathroom to smell like a Big Mac?  You’re good to go.  Wonder if you can get a French fry candle to light up next to it?



KFC is getting ready to roll out their “Chicken & Donuts” sandwich.  Just like it sounds.  Chicken and a donut between two buns.  Health food. And you just know that somewhere soon you’ll see the Colonel leap over the counter with a defibrillator to revive a customer or two.  It’s a “finger-lickin'’ coronary”!



In NY a wine maker shut down after bottling “hemp-infused” wines.  Uh huh.  The FDA said no to that.  And I didn’t even know Willie Nelson was making wine.  Man…that would surely be one very mellow glass of wine.  Wonder if they sell Twinkies with each bottle?



Now they’ve rigged drones for crop dusting.  On my way to Little Rock at different times I’ve watched a pilot zoom low over the crops and dust them…flying low over I-40 directly in front of me and turning the spray loose as he gets over the field.  It’s always cool looking.  Now someone will sit with a camera and direct a drone to spray the herbicides.  That will be safer for sure.  Not a chance the pilot ever gets hurt.  I am waiting for the day when we board “drone” passenger planes.  And you know that’s coming somewhere down the road.  Small one person-two person flying drones are already out there.


I’m going on Shark Tank soon trying to sell a drone that comes with a long leash that will allow the owner to let the dog out in the cold winter months. Mark Cuban should be all over that.


Not everyone should be on Twitter.  Like the woman who actually confessed, “I just realized 2020 is 2020 backwards”.  It only took her until the middle of February to make that astonishing discovery.



Time to get back on I-40 and complete the trip to Little Rock for Freedom Sings USA.  Myself and four other Nashville writers will be paired with a veteran to write their incredible stories into song.  Tonight we will have a little reception and meet those veterans and then give a little mini songwriter show to everyone there.  Tomorrow we get paired with our veterans at the VA Center and we’ll separate into various rooms where we sit down, get to know our veteran and coax them into opening up about their personal story they want us to write.  We’ll do that, and then tomorrow night in front of all of the veterans and their families and friends each songwriter will perform the song they wrote that day.  This will be the 4th time now that I’ve done this and each time it’s moving…and rewarding.  I’m proud to be a small part of the good this great organization. Education has taught us for a fact that these personal intimate songs are healing to some degree for almost every veteran that participates. And that makes us feel like we're doing some good for those we owe so much to.


And I'll leave you with this veteran's song that my friend Steve Dean wrote so masterfully for a Viet Nam photographer Bruce Wesson.   "We Shot The Pictures".  The pictures you see in this video were shot by Bruce and the song is a great example of the great songs that are produced from these writing sessions.


Have yourself a great weekend!

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