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Jesus and Jones...The Possum...Expensive Cookies

Feb 20 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Man a week goes fast…it’s Thursday already.



I had an afternoon writing appointment yesterday with Rick Tiger and that made the day feel a bit odd as 95% of all of my writing appointments are in the morning.  But it was time well spent getting to catch up with him and write a really cool song from something Rick had posted about his wife online months ago that was really sweet.  Turns out, without me knowing that he had already written those words into a song for his wife Joyce.  But, the chorus I had pre-written really lit him up so we took part of what I had and wrote an entirely different love song that can serve well for a solo artist or a duet.  Those kinds of songs open up pitching to male, female or duet and it’s always nice when that happens, as there are more places to send it to.


Rick is a die hard former High School QB from Louisiana so you know he was still glowing from LSU winning the college football championship.  Rick has had cuts by Tim McGraw, John Michael Montgomery, Gene Watson and one of my favorite Rick Tiger songs is titled “Jesus and Jones” that a progressive bluegrass female singer from Nu-Blu recorded with the legendary Sam Moore.  It’s worth clicking on to hear that collaboration.  He drives for Lyft and that supports his songwriter habit…and these days most folks trying to make a living at this craft need a flexible job to allow you to rhyme words to music.  Always a pleasure to write and hang with Rick.



Looks like our “Hits & Grins” trio will be playing on Cinco De Mayo this year at “The George Jones” just off Lower Broadway in Nashville for a private corporate event.  I’ve not yet been in the Possum’s museum, restaurant and musical venue so that will be cool.  Hard confirmation should be coming in the next couple of days.  I THINK the lawnmower George once rode infamously to a liquor store after his wife Tammy Wynette had taken his car keys away is on display there.  I’ll let ya know.



For the first time in a long time a report says the population boom here in Nashville is finally slowing down a bit after massive influx of folks over the last several years.  The long running joke is that the official bird of Nashville is the crane because there are SO many of them dotting the Music City Skyline.  It’s dipped to 83 people a day moving here from the over 100 a day that’s been the mark for so long.  We could do with less folks…and we could us some 6-lane highways.



The deal on drinking most Cola’s is it ain’t good for ya.  Several of your favorite colas contain as much as six donuts worth of sugar in them…the Krispy Kreme kind that’s nothing but sugar.  The Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre once told me on air that his simple tip for losing some weight is to drink nothing but water…get rid of all soft drinks. I didn’t even ask him what he thought about Mac N Cheese.  There are some things I’d just rather not know.



Oreo has or is about to have something called a “Supreme Oreo” with the iconic stamp on the outside wafer.  Apparently they don’t put out a lot because some folks got their hands on the early ones and are trying to sell them for an inflated price.  One guy has his listed for $2,500 on EBay right now.  Gosh…surely Diana Ross is going to deliver those Supremes in person if you pony up that kind of dough for a cookie…right?



In beads.  It’s Mardis Gras season.  That’s my big Warren Buffett tip of the day.



I had on the local Sports Talk morning show I always listen to on my drive home from an early Starbucks visit each morning and they ran a clip of Adam Schefter declaring he has knowledge that the Titans are now the number one choice for Tom Brady if he decides to leave the Patriots.  Wow.  He’s close friends with the GM for our football team and even closer friends with our coach Mike Vrabel.  Adam claims if it isn’t the Titans it will be Gruden and the Raiders for Brady where he and his Supermodel wife would fit right in with the culture there.  I’m still trying to figure out if I’d like that or not considering how great our QB Ryan Tannehill played last year getting us to the AFC Championship game where the eventual Super Bowl champs KC Chiefs beat us.  Brady in Nashville?  I’ll believe it when I see it.



The NFL is coming to it’s common sense and it looks to be adding one more playoff games AND taking away one of the four boring pre-season games fans are stuck paying for.  My vote is in…its yes…do that…please.



Go out in style like the only guy on the Police force in the small town of Croydon, New Hampshire.  When told his job was being eliminated the lone police dude calmly stood up…stripped down to his underwear and walked out into the snow storm outside his door. 


My friend Radio Hall of Famer Gary Burbank once told me he was either leaving a radio job or being let go and his response was to walk into his bosses office…nail a pair of shoes on the Program Directors desk leaving a note that said, “fill these #!@!$@er”.  If you’re going…go in style.



“Mark Zuckerberg Reportedly Gets His Arm Pits Blow-Dried Before Speeches”.  Folks do get nervous.  Can’t believe he didn’t post it on his Facebook page.



I’m off to write with the Georgia Quacker Gerald Smith today and Janelle Arthur…a former top 5 finisher on American Idol who sings so dang good.  It’s a treat to write something with her for a couple of different reasons.  One…we get a new song together.  Two…I get to hear her sing.  So this will be a good day.


Tomorrow…on the road early to Little Rock to write a veterans story into a song over a weekend with the group Freedom Sings USA.  So I’ll be up and gone early and will blog from someplace with a breakfast sandwich and coffee off I 40 westbound.


Have a great Thursday!



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