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Writing With Animals...Feb & March Shows...Cheers!

Feb 19 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello Wednesday morning you old Hump Day you.



I sat with Brittany Taylor at her house on three acres filled with dogs, cats, goats, barn owls and more.  Old vinyl records, a wood stove, three acres…comfy.  Brittany is from Kentucky originally and you can surely hear that in her voice when she sings. Love that. She also runs her own very successful cleaning service that does really well and helps support her music habit.  More young folks getting into the music business would do well to follow her example.  She’s got the biz down enough that it gives here enough time and money to chase her real dreams…music. I certainly admire that.  It’s refreshing.


And on top of everything else she had a great idea that we wrote the heck out of it. Brittany has a great album of material waiting to be released and that will happen sometime this year.  Can’t wait for more folks to find out about her spunk and talent.  And I’m glad to get to sit down and be creative with her every now and then.



This weekend I’ll be back in Little Rock with the group Freedom Sings USA to write with another veteran.  I’ll get the chance to sit with someone who served our country, listen to his personal story, and then write that story into a song that I hope the veteran will love.  It’s truly an incredible experience every time and it does make me feel like I’m giving back a little to those who gave so much.


Then March 11 I’ll be writing songs with tourists at 3rd & Lindsley here in Nashville early in the afternoon with my friend Gerald Smith.  It’s my first time but apparently tourists come in, we sing a few songs and then we write a song with those tourists in the house.  That should be interesting.


March 19 I’m in Bowling Green, Kentucky at the Water Wheel Songwriters round hosted by Dan Modlin and my buddy Steve Dean will be joining me.


March 27 our “Evening In The Round” trio with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself play in Adams- Friendship Wisconsin followed by a March 29 date in Carthage Illinois.  And we’re looking to add a March 30 date too on that tour before returning home to Nashville.


As always just go to my calendar on my website for details on those shows and others.



After a little discussion on the road last weekend to and from Gulf Shores I think I’m about to start discussions for a third comedy song CD.  It’s been awhile.  And I’ve got a lot of songs I sing on stage that are not available on a CD.  Stay tuned…I’m hoping I can make that happen.



John Travolta turns 66 today.  Yep, he’s still “Stayin’ Alive”.  Wow.  When Saturday Night Fever came out and the Bee Gees sang that song that Travolta danced too in that white suit?  Our band worked up the song.  And yea…for better or worse?  I had a white suit.  And that’s more than you need to know about that.  Back then, it wasn’t a Man Card violation.



Apparently insect butter is coming.  The makers swear folks are going to love the taste.  And it’s far healthier than regular butter.  Uh huh.  Y’all go on and put some on your corn on the cob and let get back to me. 



How bout this clever ad from Dominoes.  One of my all time favorite funny TV shows was Cheers.  “Norm”!  With technology they’ve inserted Norm into the pizza commercial.  Take a look HERE.



So this guy in Kansas is striking out with online dating.  And now he’s offering $25,000 for anyone who can find him a suitable date.  No clue what the guy looks like.  But, if he’s decent looking and still can’t find a suitable date?  I’d be the ranch that girls have seen him spread insect butter on his toast.



I have an afternoon writing session today with an old friend Rick Tiger.  Rick celebrated a big anniversary with his lovely wife Joyce and wrote something on his Facebook page that was just romantic and lovely.  After reading it I texted Rick and said, “surely you have written that into a song right”?  Turns out he had not.  So today we’re going to see if the two of us can’t capture that musically. 


Have a great Wednesday!





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