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Gulf Shores Show...A Wild & Crazy Surprise...Valentine Day

Feb 14 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

And good morning from Gulf Shores, Alabama where the sun is shining on the Gulf Coast waters with a high near 65 today.



It was road trip time of our “Evening In The Round” show with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and myself.  My wife Kathy even through her bags in the back for this little Valentine run to Gulf Shores where last night we played to a sold out audience once again at the Gulf Shores United Methodist Church.  The 7 hour or so trip goes pretty quickly when the conversation is THAT much fun and it always is with our little group.


And what a great show last night as our friend Brent Burns sat in with us once again making people laugh (especially with this NEW SONG we wrote together)  in this town he’s lived in for many years now making a great living singing on a bar stool playing tunes for the tourists who “phlock” here from all over the country.


And new friend of mine Jessie Ritter also drove over from Pensacola and I got her up to sing this beach song we wrote “Take Me There” and that was a nice moment too.  The audience was just so great singing along and just being wrapped up in the stories and tunes.  A pleasure to play for all of you who came.  At one point in the show Linda sang a “classic” song "You Belong To Me"…walked out and danced with my brother Gary who comes down from Pennsylvania every year to “snowbird” along with his wife Kay as a lot of northern folk do. It’s a lot warmer here in Jan-Feb-March than it is up in Amish country folks. And then she pulled my sister in law out to dance with her husband.  Heck, I didn’t know he could dance!  Pretty cool.


I saw so many friends my wife and I have made through the years and certainly we made some new fans last too.  My hope is we come back and make it three years in a row…heck…just make it a tradition and do it every February!


Thank you to Cody at the church and all the help and volunteers and to the folks who loaned us their condo for three days down here on the beach.  It’s a pleasure to do what we get to do.



This is one of the reasons I love writing songs.  You just never know who might like them.  My friend Darin & Brooke Aldridge recorded a bluegrass song I wrote with Lisa Shaffer titled "Corn".  It's become a song they do at almost all of their shows.  Their stars have risen as they have become frequent guests on the Grand Ole Opry and Brooke has now been named the Female Vocalist of the Year for the last three years in a row by the International Bluegrass Music Association.  And here's the surprise.


Yesterday THE Steve Martin found the song "Corn" on a Facebook post that the couple had posted and hite the "like" button.  Besides being one of the funniest guys on the planet he's also and accomplished banjo player and bluegrasser himself.  Thank YOU for loving our song Mr Martin!  And feel free to record it yourself you wild and crazy guy.



The headline in the newspaper is about Oyster season.  Apparently the harvest season was short but the oysters they hauled in were big. 


And then there’s the story of folks having to pay a $500 fee for insurance and the right to drive a golf cart around Mobile…just across the bay…during Mardis Gras season. The folks who RV?  They’re big on golf carts and they ain’t for playing golf.  They run around all over town.  If I lived down here I’d have one, but I’d “bling” it out.  Maybe put big steer horns on the front. 



“I’m On Fire”. Woman says grill at hibachi restaurant exploded in her face.  Yep…surprised that doesn’t happen more often.  She’s probably got eggshells in her beehive too.



We are getting ready to build both a new soccer stadium and a new Nascar facility to bring the big boys of Nascar to race in Music City.  AND a Glen Campbell Museum will open in downtown Nashville to go along with the Country Music Hall of Fame, the George Jones Museum, the Johnny Cash Museum and others.  Parking is expensive downtown folks.  And on our trip to Nashville we found out the interstates are parking lots themselves from the tremendous growth we’re seeing.  Don’t know if I’ll go to a soccer game.  I’m a bigger fan of topless cornhole than I am soccer.  I might go see a race.  I most surely will go visit the Glen Campbell Museum. 



I get to play at our Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum once again with my friend Steve Dean.  That will happen Saturday morning April 18 inside the beautiful Ford Theater.  We’ll do a 45-minute show of our songs telling stories and taking questions for the tourists in the audience. If you’re in town come see us.  Our show is free with your museum admission that day.



It is Valentine Day and I hope you’re going to spoil yours.  My wife and I will be part of a couples table tonight for a small valentine dinner at a great restaurant down here. I “over-married” and I know it.  Happy Valentine to my wife Kathy who just finished her first book!  Woo Hoo!  Thank goodness I was not the subject of it!


We’ll hang down here at the beach today and tomorrow before heading back to Nashville on Sunday and gearing up for a busy week of songwriting and a trip to Little Rock next weekend where once again I get to sit with one of our veterans and write their story into song to honor them.  More on that next week.


Have a great weekend!





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