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Gulf Shores...Valentine...Storytellers Museum Show

Happy Valentine Day from beautiful Gulf Shores. 






My wife and I made the 7 hour maybe a bit more drive from Nashville to one of our favorite places...Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We have a trip to Italy scheduled with my friend pictured here...Brent Burns...who you can tell doesn't hold his liquor as well as he used to. 


So my wife was wearing out her Duo Lingo App on her cell phone trying to get me to pick up a few key word of Italian.  So far I can say "pizza" and "vino"...so I should be good to go to Rome, Florence and Venice in early October.


We'll be here til Saturday...Friday night is my show with Brent which should be great fun again.  My brother and his wife are down here as Pennsylvania snowbirds so we'll get to spend some time with them too which is an extra bonus to this trip.  Low 70's here today and the ocean is within spiting distance.  What's not to love?



That's going on down here.  Fat Tuesday was yesterday which means if you hold up beads to a woman and wait long enough...she'll slap your face.  Don't ask me how I know.  Let the good times roll.



I added a new date at the Storytellers Museum in Bon Aqua.  I'll be doing a solo show there in Bon Aqua, Tennessee Saturday night April 14 at 7 pm.  This is very cool place...do check out the link.  This museum and farm that the museum sits on was once owned by Johnny Cash.  So some great history that I'm looking forward to soaking up.  Complete details will be on my calendar soon.





And I also saw that a brewing company over in Pensacola is holding yoga classes.  Pretty sure if I'm going to sit in a crowd wearing lululemons and attempting the "downward dog"...I'm gonna need a beer or two.  You can just yoga anywhere can't ya?  With goats, with clothes, there's nude yoga classes...on the beach...top of mountains.  Since they try to marry those pretzel positions with health...I'll be opening the first Yogurt-Yoga classes soon. 



Lot of cheap mattresses right now...President's Day sale.  Pretty sure that every holiday now offers cheap mattresses with the exception of Arbor Day.  Another reason that's my favorite holiday.  Now if you know your history...you know danged well that a Mattress Day Sale fits some President's more than others.  But let's just move on and not got there.



"You're Deodorant Might Make You Look Flabby".  Uh huh.  I'm betting it's Old Spice.  I don't trust old sailors who whistle.



I've got one writing assignment...and then we're kind of making it up down here on the ocean.  I see a shrimp basket sitting on my table sometime later today. 


Have a great Valentine Day!

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