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Gulf Shores Show Tonight...On The Moon...Family On The Beach

Feb 12 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Morning for the Gulf Coast where it’s overcast but balmy when you step out. Even when the sun is not shining it’s still beautiful down here.



I got a little walk out on the sand and further in a light rain by the time it ended.  The waves are up right now crashing into the shore.  We’re staying near the old Fort Morgan Civil War battle site that sits right on Mobile Bay and I walked right up to the entrance site there.  The fort protected the bay back in those trying days.  It's also a spot where you can catch the ferry and float over to Mobile.


After that I wrote a parody song for New York about NASA gearing up to put a space station on the moon to live in.


With all of that out of the way I had a rare chance to spend time with both of my brothers Gary (in from Pennsylvania)  and Gene (in from my hometown of Montgomery City, Missouri) who are down here with their wives. Both of them have snow or ice back home and I don’t think they miss it too much.


We caught the movie “Glass” with Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson that turned out to be the worst movie I’ve seen in a long while and I think all of us agreed on that.  My brother Gary picked it…so we had fun blaming him all day.  You’d think with those two stars it would be entertaining?  Not so much for our group. 


The rest of the day was spent playing a card-dice game that new to me “Deer In The Headlights”, and having dinner that the wives Karen and Kay made that was delicious that came with a view of the Gulf from several stories high in a condo.


Just a great day catching up with family before returning to the house I’m sharing with my “Evening In The Round” trio.  And today will be all about getting ready for our show tonight here in Gulf Shores.



Maui got snow.  Maui. That rarely happens.  Imagine booking your vacation there to get into all that beautiful Hawaiian weather and you’re greeted not with a lie…but snow!  The late Don Ho would have to change his lyrics, “Tiny Snow Flakes…in the sand…”



According to those who count…Dallas is the most infected city for mosquitoes.  Who knew?  So when you have to go to Dallas in the summer pack your boots, cowboy hats and Skeet.



Almost here…geez.  One older guy says he gave his wife a 45 second massage last year for Valentine Day.  When his friend ask “why only 45 seconds”? the man replied, “any more than that and I’d be afraid she’d be interested in something else”. 


Personally I’m glad Pizza Hut is offering a heart shaped pizza.  I can’t wait to feel the gratitude from my wife with that Valentine present gets to her.



“Hubble Telescope Spots Clouds On Uranus”.  (Make your own jokes here folks)



It’s show day today for “Evening In The Round” with Linda Davis, Lang Scott, myself and Brent Burns at the United Methodist Church Auditorium in Gulf Shores.  We’re sold out which is going to make this evening very very fun tonight.


Then tomorrow we’re headed back to Nashville.


Have a great Tuesday!


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