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Friday Night Opry...Movies and Gulf Shores Tomorrow

We've had enough rain for Noah to start his own Uber company.  3 inches over the weekend.  Kinda makes me glad we're headed for the Gulf Coast tomorrow.



I had a very full...fun weekend for sure that started with a night backstage at the Grand Ole Opry. Always fun to do that...and these days I seem to know more and more folks all the time.  The Whites were on when I got there so I gave Cheryl White a big hug coming off the stage.  They were singing "Needles and Pins" on 650 AM WSM as I was driving up which made me think of a concert I did with her and my friend Lang Scott in Wisconsin a few years ago.  We worked up some of the "White's" hits including "Pins & Needles" which means we got sing harmonies on that song as well as "Keep On The Sunnyside" that landed on the Grammy winning album and movie "O Brother Where Art Thou".  So you can imagine how fun that was.


I also bumped into the band Exile who were on the bill.  55 years and going for those guys and Ricky Skaggs who produced the "Love Remains" Grammy album by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family that I have a song on.


And I stood next to Whispering Bill Anderson in the bathroom.  Yes...it was a quiet experience.


But the real reason I was there was to support my comedian friend Dick Hardwick who went out with his comedy routine and closed by playing the washboard.  Yes...a washboard.  My thanks to Steve and Kathy Tolman for the invitation.  They are the proud parents of Jenny Tolman an up and coming artist I write quite a bit with.  Always a treat an honor to hang at the Opry.





My wife and I took in a couple movies this weekend too.  We saw "The 15:17 To Paris" which is about three brave American young men who took down a terrorist on the train portrayed by the three guys who did that...not actors.  Clint Eastwood did a great job getting this to screen...and we certainly enjoyed it. 


And we also liked "!2 Strong"...another remarkable story of heroism from our guys in the military with the lead played by Chris Hemsworth.  Think "Thor"...that guy.  Our son in law is on a Chinook right now overseas and the scenes involving those copters make us think of him right now for sure.  I knew nothing of this true story until this film.  And I left the theater thinking what amazing brave folks we have that have no problem stepping up when it's time to step it up for their country.  Both movies will make you feel pretty proud about our military.



I always think I won't watch a lot of the Olympics and then I get hooked...every time.  After watching young "Red" win gold in snowboarding I'm saying "dude" a lot more.  After winning he actually said "Holy F" and NBC had to apologize.  He's 17 dude.  It do happen.  Go USA.  I've taken a broom out of the closet an I'm sliding a bowl down the hallway getting ready to make the Curling Squad at the next Olympics.



The ran for the pole for the Daytona 500.  And baseball Spring Training is about to happen.  I'm ready.  And I sill think they should make NASCAR a Summer Olympic event.  I'm not sure how much world peace that would encourage....but it would be cool to watch unfold.


We have an oil surplus.  Meanwhile...the price of gas is going up.  That makes sense right?  If it keeps up long enough I'll be able to generate more interest in my song "Dipstick" which was written about that very thing.



The price to see Mickey and Minnie.  A one day pass to Disneyworld went up again.  It could cost you $127 per day to get in to the Magic Kingdom now.  Wow.  I see an uptick in business for Chuck E Cheese.  They've got a mouse there too...cheaper.  Or is that a rat?



Apparently...if you drink a lof of alcohol and smoke and ten drink hot tea...it increases your chances of getting esophageal cancer more than five times.  Good grief.  So cut out the bad stuff.  Stop drinking hot tea and you're good to go.  Do keep in mind there's another study out that claims drinking beer has unexpected health benefits.  I'm asking my Doctor to prescribe Michelob Ultra in the future for my pains.



Three people lost their lives in a helicopter that crashed in the Grand Canyon.  One of those "tour" choppers that flies out of Vegas over the most beautiful hole in the ground in the world.  I've done that.  Took a chopper near the rim one time in Arizona and flew over.  You're flying low over the trees when literally all of a sudden you feel like you've been swallowed up in a watercolor painting.  Incredible


Don't stop living your life because of one horrible story folks.  For me...those kinds of unforgettable image rewards are worth the risk. 



Also...employers are saying they lose a million dollars every year because of the time employees spend on Facebook and playing Candy Crush.  Thank goodness I can post this stat on my Facebook page in a few because I don't have a boss.  Well...on second thought...let me make sure it's okay to do so with my wife.



MSN put out a list of "25 Things Men Don't Want To Hear" from women.  Two that jumped out to me were "We Need To Talk" and "I Don't Want To Talk About It".  You figure that out.



"Woman Fired At Outback Restaurant Because She Complained A Church Group Did Not Leave A Tip".  Word...everyone knows you have to pass a plate to a church group. 



After finishing up a couple of writing pieces for New York...I've got some planning and packing to do for a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama tomorrow with my wife...one of our favorite places.  By tomorrow evening with any luck...I'll be sharing Happy Hour with my friend Brent Burns and solving the worlds problems as we prepare for a show down there Friday night.  My brother Gary is already down there with his wife Kay...so I'm sure we can get him to buy...right?


Have a great Monday!





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