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Hello Gulf Shores...Grammy Night...Beach Time

Feb 11 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Waking up in beautiful Gulf Shores, Alabama this morning.  The forecast here on the coast has rain in it…but still beautiful.



Mine started early Friday morning on air at WSM radio as I filled in for Bill Cody once again.  Great fun as a couple of great guests dropped by.  Ned Ledoux is the son of the late Chris Ledoux…a bare back bronc rider and country start who was idolized by a lot of music folk and in particular Garth Brooks.  So it was fun hearing him sing (sounds like his Dad) and talk about his new CD he’s working on and growing up out in the West. 


And then comedian Dusty Slay sat down and made us all laugh with hit trailer park ball cap wearing kind of humor.  Dusty grew up in Alabama but now lives in Music City and has appeared numerous times now on Fallon and Kimmel.  His star is getting bigger for sure.  And he’s one of a few comedic acts who works “clean” so we didn’t have to keep a finger near a mute button at any time.  I learned years ago to make sure you TAPE most comedians as they tend to forget they are not performing  in a club…but on the radio.  No worries with Dusty.  30 minutes flew by like it was 5 minutes.



I finished up the show shortly before 10 AM and was on Music Row by 10:15 and sat and wrote a funny song idea that Gary Cavanaugh had.  I’m pretty sure it’s something Gary will be singing when he plays out at his gigs…and that makes me feel good.  Anytime I can help someone write something that I think will result in laughter?  That’s a good session.



My wife and I had some old friends from Milwaukee who came to town that we had not seen in years and years.  Their kids were friends of our daughter when we lived and worked there and Lauren and his wife Eva were going through Nashville headed to Florida and eventually next weekend Lauren is going to the Daytona 500.  So we took them to a family style dinner place here called Monell’s…one of those places that you sit down at a long table with strangers and just keep passing bowls of food around,..southern food.  Good grief.  Tie a string to me and float me over the Macy’s Day Parade.  They have both just retired and kicking into the good life and we’re happy for them…and we were certainly happy to see them again after so many years. 



There’s a great documentary about Bill Murray doing what Bill Murray do.  Showing up unexpectedly in places like weddings, and bars, and baseball parks…and becoming part of that group.  The stories have become legendary.  And with each encounter this comedian creates real moments that folks will not forget in their lifetime.  Just pretty danged cool.  The documentary is titled "The Bill Murray Stories"  and it's on Netflix.


And I also re-watched “20 Feet From Stardom” on Netflix.  That movie is one I always recommend to other folks…especially if they love music.  This Music Documentary is all about the gifted background vocalists who are 20 feet from the front of the stage…which is a long way from being the big star out front.  Incredibly talented folk and a lot of them are more talented than the folks they sing behind.  I saw a couple of quick glimpses of my friend Tabitha Fair whom I’ve gotten to know over the past few years as she sings sometimes in a duo with my “Hits & Grin” partner Victoria Venier.  Their duo is called “TnT”.  So it was cool seeing Tabitha in concert scenes helping to back up Sting in concert. 


For the record that movies along with “Standing In The Shadows” and “Searching For Sugarman” are all in the top 5 choices of mine for favorite music documentaries.



And then yesterday I made the trip here to Gulf Shores with Linda Davis, Lang Scott and Rylee Scott came with us too along with one of her girlfriends.  Our Evening In The Round Show is tomorrow night with Brent Burns at the United Methodist Church auditorium and it’s sold out.  But we came a couple days early to enjoy the beach and the seafood.  After setting down in a beach house here last night we took care of the seafood part. So we’re hunkered down and ready to enjoy the next couple of days.


One of the coolest things that happened is I got a chance to say “hey” to LeRoy Van Dyke and his wife Gladys on the phone.  LeRoy still lives in Sedalia, Missouri home of the State Fair where my brothers and I lost the State Fair competition to a bunch of 8 year old baton twirlers.  But I’m not bitter.  Gladys’ manages LeRoy’s career and books acts…and for the record LeRoy still plays a ton of dates singing the “Auctioneer” song as well as “Walk On By”.  It was just a pleasure getting to know them a bit on the trip down to the coast.



We saw some of it last night.  My head was on the pillow before it was over.  I’m glad and not surprised that Kacey Musgraves had a big night.  Her album “Golden” that won…is so good.  And it was surely great to see folks on their feet for Dolly.  Congrats to all the winners.


The Grammy’s are the highlight for anyone associated with music.  I still can’t believe I have a song on a Grammy winning album with a certificate to prove it thanks to my great friends here Lang and Linda and Rylee and Hillary Scott.  Rylee is going to sing “Safe Haven” the song I wrote with Hillary, Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry that landed on their Grammy winning album “Love Remains”.  It will surely be fun doing that song tomorrow night on stage here in Gulf Shores with this talented family.


The only one not here of course is Hillary who we face timed a little on the drive down.  Hillary is in Vegas with Lady Antebellum doing a residency there at one of the hotels

which is really cool.


Again…congrats to all the Grammy winners last night.



I gotta say…the Lincoln commercial last night was funny.  Abe Lincoln got a Lincoln.  One can only hop the Lincoln has enough ceiling space to accompany Abe’s stovetop hat.



Ever seen Will Smith bluer than a Smurf?  You can now.  Disney just rolled out the trailer of the “live” version of “Aladdin” with Will Smith as the star.  Here’s that TRAILER.



I’m going to be spending some time with my two brothers Gary and Gene (who also lost to those baton twirlers…but I’m not bitter) and their wives Kay and Karen.  Gary and Kay are down here being snowbirds getting out of cold Pennsylvania…and Gene and his wife are enjoying a week getting away from cold Missouri.  And they’ll all be coming to our show tomorrow night which will make that evening even more fun. 


And right now…the beach is calling.


Have a great Monday!





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