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Bring on the weekend.



I was in studio yesterday morning with Kaitlyn Baker who's a Virginia girl who idolizes Loretta Lynn and has the southern accent to prove it.  She's working towards a new album and laid down tracks on a song that I wrote with her and Janet MIller who's from Kentucky also pictured here.  Janet brought the idea to the writing table several months ago and yesterday with the help of our studio friend John Willis...the song started to come to life.  Always fun to hear that.


I had to sneak out before the song was finished because I had a writing appointment with Alex Conerly who's one fourth of the acoustic group "Barefoot Movement" and those kids are terrific.  They too are working towards a new album so yesterday we gave them something new to consider.  Alex is the talented guitar player in this group that keep very busy touring so it was nice that he had a break in his schedule allowing us to write again.




And then last night I hung out at the Station Inn for the CD party for Kristi Cox...the award winning country artist from Australia who played songs from her album "Ricochet" which is number one right now on the bluegrass charts here in the USA.  Congrats to her.  She had a big band that included her producer and my friend and co-writer Jerry Salley who was nice enough to include a song of mine on this album...so it was a special treat to hear them perform that tune I wrote with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry called "Blame It On God".  Kristi said from the stage last night that her album was done when our song hit her ears and she loved it so much she added it to this new album.  Thank you Kristi!  It was great meeting and hearing you last night.


Once again...yesterday was just another reminder of how much great talent there is in this city.  Unreal.





I keep hearing that bands iconic song in my head every time I look at the stock market these days..."Spinning Wheel".  Because of the lyrics, "what goes up, must come down".  Yikes.  Down over 1,000 again yesterday.  I'm afraid to look this morning.



Now experts are saying don't eat as much stuff with the chemical asparagine in it.  That would include things like asparagus.  I got all excited when I first glanced at the article because I knew I would have zero problem giving up asparagus.  But then I saw that dairy, eggs, potatoes and seafood...especially shrimp was included.  And then of course the article suggests fruits and veggies are the way to go for the most part.  Sigh.


I have a show with my friend Brent Burns next Friday night down in Gulf Shores, Alabama. They have these places called the Shrimp Basket.  I'm in big big trouble.



Amazon is now offering free 2 hour delivery of Whole Foods.  Pretty sure Amazon may take over delivering the mail before long. 



Vince Gill...Amy Grant started quite the Christmas tradition years ago when they started doing a Christmas show at our Ryman Auditorium which may be the best place to see any music concert in the world.  The show has become so popular that this Christmas season they will do "The 12 Nights Of Christmas".  12 shows!  And if it's not sold out already...it soon will be.  Order tickets now if ya wanna go.



They start in earnest today.  And it's REALLY cold in South Korea.  Well...it IS the WINTER Olympics y'all.  My songwriting appointment is with Ayla Brown and Rob Bellamy today and they will be on a plane shortly after that to be part of the experience.  They'll perform but more importantly Rob's sister plays on the US Women's hockey team...and they will be on ice Saturday.  So...I'm making plans to watch and cheer on his sister Kacey Bellamy.  Go Kacey.








Tonight I'm off to see a comedian friend Dick Hardwick whom I met recently.  Dick is appearing on the Grand Ole Opry tonight and will make folks laugh with stuff like THIS.  So I'll be hanging backstage at the Opry House to root him on.  Should be fun.


Then some of this weekend I'll be prepping for a road trip down to the beach for the show with my buddy pictured here. My brother Gary and his wife Kay now snowbird down there...so I'll get to play a little music and hang some with family too down on the Gulf of Mexico.  Looking forward to that.  And to my snowbird friends down there...get yourself a ticket and come see me and Brent next Friday night.


Have a great weekend!

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