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A Sweet Honey Night...The Pod Answer & CD Release Party

Freezing fog here in Music City.  Who knew fog freezes?



I had the pleasure of doing a little set at the Opry Backstage Grill with the duo Sweet Honey...a girl duo that features Jesse Rose Pennington and Lindsey Brassfield.    So...normally a two guy duo named Brassfield Aly hosts this night and once a week they invite a songwriter to sit in.  The boys had another gig last night...so...the girls took their place.  What makes this really cool is that these two girls are married to THOSE two boys and they have SEPARATE musical duos.  Wow.


So I enjoyed getting to know the girls a little better last night and getting to hear them perform for the first time.  Jesse's Dad is JP Pennington who is one of the singers in the band Exile that I blogged about a couple of mornings ago.  That band has been together longer than any other band in the world with the exception of the Rolling Stones.  55 years and going for Exile.


And Lindsey went to High School with my daughter so yea...I felt like the Dad in the room for sure.  I had a really great time hanging and playing for the folks who came out last night.  Thanks!



To Bill Anderson and Alan Jackson who will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame this year.  Both more than deserved.  Whispering Bill actually lives very close to me and in the summer once in a great while I'll pass him walking on our road.  So maybe this summer I'll be able to congratulate him in walking shorts.  And there is your visual for the day.



Worse flu season ever huh?  Seems like everyone is sick or wearing surgical masks to prevent from getting sick.  So bad here that our local school system has shut down for the next two days at least in hopes of stopping the spread of this stuff.  Kids are missing class in big numbers because of the flu anyway...so it makes pretty good sense I would think.  No wonder ole Walden moved into the woods by himself all those years ago.



Impossible to find great gifts for the one you love outside of the traditional isn't it?  This year I'm down to trying to grab my wife something from one of those claw machines.


Whatever I grab from it can't be nearly as bad as the Valentine gift this poor guy gave his wife.  He went to Office Depot and bought her a pencil sharpener.  Uh huh.  And when she told him she didn't like it...he did what anyone would do of course.  He went back to Office Depot and swapped it out for an ELECTRIC pencil sharpener!  Pretty sure the next day he went to IKEA and bought himself a couch to sleep on. 



A couple of political folks here in Tennessee are proposing to do away with emission testing in a couple of counties.  We'll see.  I've always wanted to rename those things "Prostate Testing For Cars" but can't seem to push that idea through.



There's a company called Yoshi that starting to grow and expand in several states.  Basically its an on demand service for your car.  They come to your car and fill it with gas, oil and wash your vehicle on the spot.  $20 per month membership plus the on site cost.  Wonder if they'll deliver a pizza and pick up our laundry for us too before they arrive?



The great producer writer is making some noise by saying the Beatles were bad musicians and that Michael Jackson stole songs.  Yikes.  Next thing ya know Quincy will tell us that rap sucks and Millie Vanilli lip synch.



Those Tide Pods kids have been eating for dessert?  Apparently Tide is going to make them look less like candy.  Great idea.  Make them look like broccoli and you'll solve the problem for sure.



That Elon Musk guy says he'll make 100,000 electric semi trucks a year.  Doubt him?  That's his car flying in space right now on his rocket ship.  I'd buy stock.



I've got a full Thursday for sure starting in the recording studio as a young artist Kaitlyn Baker is recording a tune I wrote with her and Janet Miller several months ago...a song inspired by the loss of her guitar player and one of her best friend in an auto accident a couple of years ago.  The song is about how we hold onto memories of things and those we love even when they're gone...and I'm glad Kaitlyn likes it enough to record it today.





Then I have an early afternoon writing appointment with Alex Connerly who's one fourth of the great group "Barefoot Movement" that's making a little noise right now and playing all over the country.  Yes...they play on stage barefoot.


Then tonight at the Station Inn Kristy Cox from Australia is having an album release party for her new CD "Ricochet" that I have song on that she's going to perform tonight called "Blame It On God" that I co-wrote with my friends Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  So I'm obviousy looking forward to hearing Kristy perform that with her band.  And thank you Kristy for loving our song.


Full Thursday...and I hope you have a great one too!



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