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Writing Yesterday...WSM Tomorrow...Writing Today

Feb 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Thursday morning after a gully washer here last night in Twang Town with winds and tornado warnings and watches.  The Wicked Witch was seen pumping air into her bike tires.



I had such a great fun day that started with writing a parody song about Girl Scout cookies for my New York folks.  Yep…they’re back.  Cleared that then ran to the other side of town to write with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  It’s been awhile so it was just great catching up with them, their families and their busy creative lives.


Jimmy was just back from the Grand Ole Opry Cruise that featured several artists including Joe Diffie and the Oak Ridge Boys and others.  Jimmy performed 9 times during the cruise!  Wow.  And I think he was quickly booked for another about the time he and his wife Nina’s feet hit the dock.  I could hear Jimmy sing all day.  And that’s one of the great things about writing with Jimmy AND Sydni…as I get to hear those two amazing voices.


Syndi is just back from a trip to Arizona.  Her Dad is a preacher in Phoenix and Sydni and her hubby made a day run up to one of my absolute favorite places…Sedona and hit Slide Rock and Bell Tower and all those red rock formations that will take your breath away when you go.  Coming up in March she’ll back to work singing background vocals and playing some fiddle for Carrie Underwood as rehearsals begin for Carrie’s next big tour now that Carrie has delivered baby #2.


And goodness…if I do say so…we truly wrote a terrific song.  It came from an idea I pulled out a list of song titles I keep on my computer.  Jimmy found a great melody and it was on.  Then to sit and hear Jimmy record it…with Syndi singing harmony was just pretty special.  Yes…I pinch myself sometimes.  And yesterday was that kind of day for sure.


Hopefully this song will find a home and one day the three of us will look back and remember how much fun we had writing it.  We’ll see.



A reminder that I’ll be on WSM Radio early in the morning so there will be a very short blog on Friday.  Tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com.  I’m filling in for Bill Cody again and working with Charlie Mattos from 5:30-10 AM on the forever radio home of the Grand Ole Opry.  The late Chris Ledoux whom Garth has always credited as a big influence in his career has a talented son who will join us…Ned Ledoux and comedian Dusty Slay (sounds like a cowboy singer right?)…a comedian that you may have seen on Fallon or Kimmel will also be “live” in studio making us laugh.



Also…do check my concert calendar here on the website from time to time if you’re curious about where I might be playing.  I’m updating that all the time and there could be possible dates added for Montana, Louisiana and Pennsylvania in the future.  I’ll let ya know on the calendar.



Good job if you can get it.  Turning letters on “Wheel of Fortune”.  The show has made a boatload of money.  So have the two stars Pat Sajak (who worked here in town at WSM at one time) and of course Vanna White.  How much?  Enough that Vanna can afford a 50 million dollar home that you can now buy if you’d like.  Take a LOOK.  She makes like 8 million a year and is worth over 140 million.  For being nice…and turning letters.  Gosh…can I buy a danged vowel.


I have interviewed her a couple of times over my radio years.  For the record?  She could not have been sweeter.



As in Johnny.  There will be a new Johnny Cash restaurant opening downtown to add to all the other celeb places.  This will be a meat and three.  Choice of meat…three sides.  I wonder if that’s coincidence as Johnny’s long time band was named…”The Tennessee Three”?   I’m gonna have to ask when I grab a table there and chow down on the southern vittles.  How bout a plate full of “Ring Of Fire” chicken for all the hot chicken enthusiasts?



I’m a nut for it…as most of you know…especially if you pay any attention to this blog.  Major League Baseball is trying to find ways to speed the game up.  The DH is probably going to become universal…they’ll make the National League take part in it too.  I’m in the minority I know.  I like the pitchers batting.  I grew up watching the Cardinals and was a fan of Bob Gibson who COULD hit.  In fact he would pinch hit some.


Another rule would force every pitcher to face at least three batters before a manager could lazily walk out of the dugout and go to the bullpen again and again.  I might be more in favor of that.


I love the LAZY in the game myself but admittedly…will leave the park early a lot of times if it’s getting late.  I’d almost rather see them make it a 7 inning game and leave the rules alone myself which probably proves I’m an old school baseball fan. 



Yep…tax time again.  What can you deduct?  More than we realize I guess.  The following have all been legally deducted for one reason or another.


Breast augmentation.  Will that work if I do it?


Deducting pet food, drunk driving expenses, free beer (what?) and more.  If your doctor will prescribe more exercise…build a pool…and deduct it.


Cool huh?  This summer you’ll find me floating on my back in my new pool with a brand new set headlights.  I should be getting money back.



This is just fun back and forth between actors Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.  Made me laugh anyway.  Here’s the VIDEO of them doing commercials for each other.



Somewhere you can now buy a bag of jalapeno peanut M & M’s.  There ya go…pop a couple…light the roof of your mouth on fire.  Can we not get a Mac & Cheese M&M?



Someone is selling THIS.  A “Thought Box”.  You put the box over your head and get quiet…so you can think.  And you pay money for it.  I’ve got a grocery bag.



Off to write with Nathan Woodard for the second time before spending some time later today prepping for being for the radio show on WSM in the morning.


Have a great Thursday!




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