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Back To Normal...Car In Space and Show Tonight

Feb 7 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Lots of noise and water last night as a storm rolled through big time.  Could be worse as my home state of Missouri has had snow and trucks sliding off the interstate and Iowa had a huge 100 vehicle pile up.  Uh...no.  Makes me glad that I have a show coming up on the ocean next weekend with my friend Brent Burns for sure.








I was all prepared to be on air again this morning on WSM but the regular host Bill Cody took a turn for the better after being sick so I'm sorta kinda back to normal today.  It was certainly a pleasure sitting in for him the past couple of days for sure


One of the highlights over those two days was getting to chat with two members for the band ExileMarlon Hargis plays piano and Steve Goetzman plays bass.  The band has been together for 55 years!  That makes them the longest running band ever with the exception of the Rolling Stones who have hung together 56 years.  That's a lot of road, a lot of songs and a lot of stories.  I hope you tuned in and heard some of those including how the Oak Ridge Boys once opened their dressing room and "rained" $5,000 worth of cash all over Exile's dressing room floor.  Who knew the Oaks were the first to make it rain?


My thanks to Charlie Mattos and Frank Seres for producing and being my on air partner the last couple of mornings.  Great fun.



Several folks this morning.  Family back in Missouri.  My Uncle Alan, Aunt Margie and my second Mom Dean Raymer all battling health issues right now.  Certainly I'm thinking positive thought for all.



All the "Country" radio folks are in town for the big Country Radio Seminar going on.  That means that most all of the country artists are there too shaking radio hands.  Garth who turns 56 today took over the lower Broadway honky tonk Layla's a couple of nights ago and played for a lot of the industry packed inside that tiny club.


And just up the street at the Ryman Auditorium... Chris Janson was doing a show when Keith Urban showed up and ask Chris if he wanted to become the newest member of our Grand Ole Opry?  Guess what his answer was.   Congrats. 



Taylor Swift...ex Country star is buying up a block of property in New York.  She's spent over 50 MILLION doing so.  I told you leaving country music was just going to KILL her career.



I joked on air yesterday about how that Ray Steven's classic line from "The Streak" should be the logo for what's going on with the stock market right now.  Geez.  Best stock advice I ever got was from a money guy who said "put your money in and don't look".  And buy lots of Pepto Bismol.



Well Space X did fire up a rocket WITH one of those Tesla cars onboard.  Elon Musk showed us it can be done and it's headed towards Mars they say.  Should be an easy commute to work on Mars one would think.  Pretty amazing what folks can dream up...and do.  And we can even peek in with this "LIVE VIEW" that's going on right now.  Pretty sure that most folks who dare to do something this different throughout history were thought of as totally crazy...until they pulled off their dream.  Here's to more crazy dreamers.



Apparently we drop on average about 4.7 BILLION annually on jewelry for Valentine Day.  I do know that my days of the week underwear membership I gave my wife last year did not go over well.  Sparkly might be the way to go this year.



Apparently there is some chemical laced in McDonald's french fries that can help grow hair!  It's got a big long name I won't bore you with.  But...I am looking forward to hearing some teenage kid asking me on the drive thru speakers soon...."want hair with that"? 



Well...the folks I write parody songs in New York for are thinking Winter Olympics right now as they start right away in South Korea.  I'm thinking of words that rhyme with "luge" and "curl" right now.


Then tonight I'm playing a little 30 minute show at the Opry Backstage Grill here in Nashville which is located just outside the gates of the Opryland Hotel on Music Valley Drive.  I'm a guest of the terrific duo Brassfield Aly tonight right around 8:30 pm or so.  Drop by if you're in town.


Have a great Wednesday!




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