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Recording...WSM...Sold Out

Feb 6 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

I missed the State of the Disunion last night.  Did I miss anything?



Full day Tuesday that started with writing a parody song about this year’s Oscar Show having no host.  I’m not sure that’s a bad idea.  Just let celebs come out and present the awards with no main host.  It will be interesting to watch the producers approach this year.



I had a double duty kind of day at Daywind Publishing here in town as I wrote with Dennis K Duff for the first time to start the day in house.  Dennis is from Kentucky…wears his Kentucky Wildcat blue hat proudly.  We’ve know about each other for awhile through mutual friends and sat down to write an idea Dennis brought to town and got to know each other better.  Dennis just retired after being in construction for a long time and running his own construction company for several years.  I joke all the time that after a long radio career I can AFFORD to be a songwriter.  Now Dennis can say the same.


Our mutual friend and ex-member of my “Hits & Grins” trio Lisa Shaffer sort of put us together as she had told me about Dennis…and vice versa.  So my thanks to Lisa for that as Dennis is just down to earth rooted real.  He gave me a copy of his CD he just putout…bluegrass…”Songs Of Lyon County” which is where he lives in the bluegrass state that I’m listening too in the car right now.  Good stuff…good day…new friend.



About the time we finished up Laura Leigh Jones arrived and we went into the Daywind Studios to record the first song we’ve written together.  Just the guitar and Laura’s great voice.  I’m going to be spending more and more time at this Publishing Company and that means more new writers.  If they’re all as great and fun as Laura that would be great.  Laura’s full time job is managing tours backstage at the Grand Ole Opry and yesterday she had to rush back as they were filming some kind of documentary on Garth and Trisha at the Opry House.  Her regular job ain’t too bad either.



Those are the best two words an entertainer can hear…that they’re show is sold out.  And that’s the case for our “Evening In The Round” show coming up in Gulf Shores Tuesday night that stars Grammy winner Linda Davis.  She lets me and her husband Lang Scott AND my friend Brent Burns hang with her on stage for this one so this is going to be fun.  The show is being held at the United Methodist Church Auditorium (which is not a small venue) and there are no tickets left. A pleasant problem.  I think I’ll stand outside and scalp tickets..maybe.


My thanks to Cody and the organizers and Brent Burns for doing a great job of marketing our show and making this sell out happen a week ahead of the show. 


Oh…and one more treat for those who DID get a ticket.  Linda and Lang’s youngest daughter who I watch grow up…Rylee Jean will be with us too and will join us for a number or two I’m sure.  Rylee was part of the “Love Remains” album that won the Grammy a couple of years ago so we’ll be singing a selection or two from that Contemporary Christian Award winner too.  Can’t wait.



And I’m back on air Friday.  5:30-10 AM on WSM Radio filling in once again for Bill Cody and working with his producer and my pal Charlie Mattos.  Yep…you can listen and watch if you’d like.  Listen worldwide at wsmonline.com….and watch our radio show on watchheartlandtv.com.



A lot of folks in and out of Music City are excited about the new Ken Burns documentary that will be out in a few months now.  Ken Burns of course the guy who put together the brilliant documentaries on the Civil War, Viet Nam and Baseball and other subjects.  He’s spent years doing his research on this and now finally we’ll all get to see his historical approach to the music we love.  The first TRAILER is just out…take a peek and see what ya think.



Tyra Banks is going to open something called a Supermodel Theme Park.  I have no idea what that really means except I do know there will be a massive catwalk. You’ll find it inside a shopping mall in Santa Monica, California when it opens.  She says she’s been working on it for 10 years.  I don’t think there will be one ride in this theme park.  I don’t think Disneyland will see a drop in attendance because of this announcement.



And if you want to see something that makes you think that some folks have too much free money…check out THIS.  Someone has made a unisex bag that is actually a gigantic Croc.  Like in the plastic shoe.  Maybe some of those visiting Tyra Banks new theme park will be wearing some of these bad boys.


You may have noticed that it’s Girl Scout Cookie season.  Uh huh.  This year I’m trying to lose weight so I’m ordering extra thin mints.  Those help you drop pounds like Slim Jims I’m told.



That a mans brain ages faster than a woman’s.  Those doing the study say they found that a 30 year old woman can be as far as 4 years back in brain power.  However…guys…if you talk with your wife about the Three Stooges being a great TV show…all bets are off as to who has the mature brain.  Don’t ask me how I Moe…I mean’t no.



I get to sit in a writing room with two of my favorites.  That would be Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry.  It’s been awhile.  Sydni and her husband have been out in that part of the country that looks like God painted it…Northern Arizona.  Jimmy is just off a country music cruise and is gearing up for a gospel album that the Gaithers will produce and put out on one of the great country tenor voices ever.  So it’s going to be fun writing again…and catching up with these two talented folks for sure.


Have a great Wednesday!






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