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Valentine Writing...Homesteading...Smores

Feb 5 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Tuesday morning…a little light rain here today…but 60 degree temps.  Can’t they just go ahead and start baseball season?



I caught up and wrote with Amanda Daughtry yesterday on Music Row.  Amanda is a North Carolina girl who’s been in town for several years and dug into the Lower Broadway scene.  She’s plays a LOT down there…these days at Alan Jackson’s honky tonk on lower Broadway.   And…she actually gets to go out and be an opening act for Alan on a couple of his tour dates as do some other acts who work at his club here in Music City.  She gets to do maybe 4 songs…and some of those have to be “cover” songs…not originals to give Alan’s fans a taste of what they’ll hear from Amanda and other entertainers in his club.  But…she does get to do a couple of original songs and that’s what we were writing towards yesterday.


Whether we accomplished that for her or not…time will tell.  And there’s still a little crafting left to do on the idea we worked on yesterday.  But it’s a cool thought and does reflect her lifestyle a bit I think…so I’m happy with that.



And yes..it’s begun…already.  I wrote my first of what will surely be several Valentine parody songs for New York yesterday.  This one was an EARLY reminder to brain dead guys like me to NOT forget to buy something for the one ya love on February 14.  One of those “do it or else” kinda thoughts.  Else being finding a comfortable spot on the futon if you do forget.  Happy to do it.



I read an article about how more and more folks are getting into “homesteading”.  Buying chickens and grabbing the eggs for breakfast.  Learning to make bread.  Growing a garden.  Canning tomatoes.  Getting milk straight form a cow’s udder.  Some folks buy land for that purpose and then make a living off selling little lots for others to grow stuff and tend.


Wow.  Homesteading is what they call that huh?  I call it…the way I grew up in Missouri.  I had no idea it was “homesteading”.  Hunt, fish, garden, cows, chickens, outdoor bathrooms, window fans (HOT)…okay…not all of it is romantic. And I did write a song that covers a bit of that kind of thought with my buddy Steve Dean in “Living Out In The Country” which is about how that lifestyle seems a little more appealing to some these days. 


Homesteading huh?  Who knew?



Now we find out that kids use way too much toothpaste.  Kids 3-6?  40% use too much according to those measuring the amount of Crest going on to their teeth.  The amount (they say…whomever THEY are) should be pea size.  A big ole glob of Colgate can ruin the enamel.


Which takes me back to “homesteading” again when my parents were creative with lack of money and made toothpaste out of Baking Soda and salt as I recall.  Sort of like brushing your teeth with Lava soap. 



A British magazine printed a list of jokes kids tell that they think are funny.  Here’s one.  “Why do you need to be careful walking when it’s raining cats and dogs”?  Answer:  “Because you could step into a poodle”. 



That if you are one who decides to pull the plug on Facebook you could be happier…but you’ll also be dumber.  Yea…I guess if I don’t get to see pictures of people’s scars, and what they ate for dinner, their political opinions, and cut and paste “you can do it” slogans that I’d be dumber for it.  Happy and Dumb.  Good name for a duo huh?



If you like Smores…and who doesn’t?  Check out this BAD BOY.  A microwave smores maker.  Perfect for those who like to squish marshmallows and chocolate between two graham crackers but don’t want to go camping to get one. And just when you think all the great ideas have already been taken or invented. 



I’ve got a full creative day today that starts with a new songwriter this morning for me from Kentucky…Dennis Duff.  Dennis and I have met through mutual friends a couple of times and threatened to write a couple of years ago, but we’re finally getting it done today.  The bluegrass duo Darin and Brooke Aldridge have been good to me by recording songs of mine…and Dennis can say that too.  So this should be fun experience today.


And then this afternoon I’ll be in studio with my new co-writer friend Laura Leigh Jones to record a demo of a song we wrote together at our first co-write a week ago.  It’s never a bad thing when the first thing you write makes your publishing company want to go in studio with it.


And later this week…packing for Gulf Shores and a show a week from today with “Evening In The Round” that stars Linda Davis, Lang Scott and me…and my buddy Brent Burns will join us.  More on that later this week.


Have a great Tuesday!



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