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Fishing Song...New Show On The Books....Super Bowl Weekend Ahead

Cold start to the weekend with a high of 30 today.  Out for coffee at 5 AM and realized I needed to lock the trap door on my longjohns.  Did I mention it's drafty back there?



I had a very fun writing session with Gerald Smith and Janelle Arthur and that happened because Janelle walked into the room with a "fishing song" idea for a song.  Gerald and I had already started on an idea but tossed that in the delete trash can on our computers after Janelle shared her idea.  How many times do you get to write a fishing song for a girl?



I put another "show date" on my calendar.  Saturday night April 7 I'll be back at Puckett's Grocery & Restaurant in Franklin, TN for a show with my "Hits & Grins" buddies Steve Dean and Victoria Venier.  This is one of our favorite listening rooms to play with GREAT food.  Show time is 8:30 that night and it sells out...so...if you're in town...make a reservation and come join us.  Complete details on the calendar right now.



Tommy Smothers is 81 today.  Gosh...where do time go?  Tommy plays the "funny" off of Dick's great straight man and their funny songs and act still make me laugh when I look back at them.  I love how Dick will finish singing a part of a song and then look over at Tommy and say "take it"....as in play your guitar right here.  And without missing a beat Tommy looks back at him and says, "No"!  Here's just one VIDEO reminder of how great those two are.



Sunday...here we go.  Will the commercials be better than the game itself?  I'm rooting for great commercials.  Some of them are already sneaking out including the Budweiser "Dilly Dilly" thing.  Here's a sneak PEEK of that if you're interested.  That phrase is so hot that I gave my friend Steve Dean a "Dilly Dilly" glass for Christmas which made him laugh big time. 


An interesting tidbit.  Nick Foles...the starting QB for the Eagles says when he stops playing football he will become a pastor.  Cool.  I'm guessing if Tom Brady retires...he'll become a Saint...as in not the New Orleans kind.



And...we pretty much know that pizza sales and alcohol sales go through the roof tomorrow...the day before the Big Game.  Come to find out that cannabis sales will jump over 40% too.  The great part about that...those folks will be pretty mellow after the game no matter if their team wins or loses.



I love this.  In Milwaukee where I used to work and live a funeral home is offering free pizzas for anyone who comes in to pre-plan their funeral.  I'd like a meat eaters and a cremation please.



Amazon's latest quarter?  They made history with a total of 60 BILLION taken in.  A record amount of profit for any company.  One share of their stock right now will cost you $1,476.  So...if we'd have been smart enough buy 50 shares when it was first offered...uh...we wouldn't have to look for value added incentives when planning our funerals.



Home Depot is now offering workshops for kids.  Awesome.  So if you have a young kid...enroll them and you'll no longer have to crawl under a sing, clean gutters or spackle a darned thing.  Put America's youth to work!



The world's longest ZIPLINE is ready for you to try it out.  You just have to get yourself to the United Arab Emirates.  But...if you can get there...I'm sure a zipline ride on this bad boy will be awesome.  It's 1.74 mile long (longest zipline on record) AND...you'll fly at 93 miles per hour!  I would so do that.  I'd take along an extra pair of underwear...but I would so do that!



For those of you who like to hike...someone is now offering up beer granola bars.  Yep...bite into a brew while stopping to slap mosquitoes in the wild wild wilderness.  I usually slip a banana and some trail mix into one of the side pockets of my little back pack when I go for a hike.  I'm thinking I can do without the banana now.



"A Plane With 84 Plumbers On Board Is Forced To Land Because Of A Toilet Problem".  Not one of them put a plunger in the overhead?!



Did I mention the Super Bowl is coming up?  Looking forward to that. 


And  a reminder that Monday morning I'll be back on air for WSM Radio from 5:30-10 AM.  Tune in on your computer if you want at wsmonline.com.  A couple of guys from the great group Exile will drop by and so will new Curb recording artist Rachel Holder.


Have a great weekend!



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