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Parrot Heads...Hee Haw 50...Super Bowl Sunday

Feb 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Got your chips and drinks?  Super Bowl weekend.



Thursday was all about catching up working forward a bit.  I did write yet another Super Bowl song for my New York folks yesterday and I think this may be the 4th one this year I’ve written.  So the morning radio shows that subscribe to United Stations will have plenty to choose from as the talk about the big game this morning.


I set up some studio time for recording a couple of new songs I’ve written with folks lately, scheduled a photo shoot on my calendar for next week as our “Evening In The Round” trio starring Linda Davis needs new pictures to work with.  So I spent a lot of the day trying to figure out how in the world I’m going to look good in pictures again.  Sigh.  That show will be in Gulf Shores at the Methodist Church coming up February 12 where my Trop Rock friend Brent Burns will be joining us so we’ve got a little beach run starting a week from Sunday.  There’s not a time I don’t look forward to going down to Gulf Shores where Highway 50 runs smack dab into the beautiful Gulf of Mexico.


And I also got word that there’s a real possibility of a show in Montana in October for that “Evening In The Round” show and on that particular show there’s a chance that a Hall of Fame legendary songwriter (one of my favorites) might be sitting on stage and playing with us.  I’ll let you know who that is and exactly where in Montana when that’s firmed up…if indeed it is.  I love the west too…and certainly Montana is just beautiful.  So fingers are firmly crossed on this one.


If you have not looked lately…I’ve got a pretty busy 2019 coming up with dates being added all the time.  Just check my CALENDAR on this website to see where I’ll be and come catch a show or two!



Last night I pulled up the documentary “Parrot Heads” which is all about those who follow the music of Jimmy Buffett and the beach lifestyle that goes with it.  Fascinating.  I saw a lot of folks I know in this documentary…and I learned a lot.  I knew that Parrot Heads originated…at least the name…in Cincinnati.  I did not know the guy who formed the Trop Rock movement or his story and that’s covered in this film you can find on Netflix.  For me it was partly entertainment…and partly research as I’m starting to dip my Phins into the Trop Rock world a little more.  One of the guys in the film that I saw is the guy that hired me to play a big Trop Rock event here in Nashville later this year. 


You also find out how charitable Parrot Head fans are.  Their slogan is “Party With A Purpose” and they have raised millions and millions of dollars over the years while having fun on the beach and at Parrot Head Clubs that are all over the country now.  I’m happy to be a lifetime member of the Cincinnati Parrot Head club myself.  And I am certainly looking forward to being a bigger part of this world in the future.



Yesterday I mentioned that the Rocky Top state has a BIG coyote population.  Today I found out that the black bears are plentiful too.  The hunt for those set a record this year with 759 taken leaving plenty more according to wildlife officials.  It’s not hard to spot one if you take a little trip to the Smokies.  Go to the back of the park…Cades Cove.  Chances are you’ll see on cross the road or shimmy up a tree.



Stats reveal that almost half of us have some kind of heart disease.  My guess is a fair amount of that has been caused by folks coming face to face with a black bear unexpectedly. 



No matter how good your heart is…scientists say the oldest you can live to is 122.  One person did that.  I wonder if they’re positive about that?  I mean…how old is Tom Brady?



The Hee Haw show is now 50!  To celebrate…some of the living cast members are going out on a Kornfield County Tour.  Misty Rowe, Lulu Roman, (who I worked with in Branson last year) Buck Trent and others.  I got a text from my co-writer friend Gerald Smith this morning who was the “Georgia Quacker” on Hee Haw for several years who’s got some health issues.  I’m thinking bout ya Gerald.  Get well…you should be out on this tour with them!



Travel agents can book you a vacation to resorts where you need no clothing.  Pack light if you will.  And what do they call these?  “Nacations”.  Just thought you should know.



Samsung is rolling out a foldable smart phone.  And we thought flip phones were gone.  Certainly being able to fold one would make them easier to fit in a pocket.  I could see a lot of sales.



There’s a HUGE bluegrass convention going on at the Sheraton Hotel not too far from me.  Everybody seemingly is there including some bluegrass co-writers of mine who play this morning in a songwriter round.  So I’m going to try and sneak in and hear them sing and play.



Well..it could be busy.  I’m looking to see if the Stan & Ollie movie is playing in theaters here as it’s released now.  All about the final few shows of comedy legends Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy who were so good at what they did way back when.  The movie got a GREAT review in our paper so I’m curious. 


Saturday my daughter’s alma mater plays basketball and we’re going.  Partly because we’re both Belmont basketball fans and secondly…all tickets are just a DOLLAR for tomorrows game!  Can’t beat that.


And I did mention the Super Bowl is Sunday right?


Have a great weekend yourself!





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