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Melvin Tillis...Checking Guitars...and Lots Of Oranges

Feb 1 | Posted by: Bill Whyte |

Hello first day of February.



After writing a Super Bowl party song for my folks in New York yesterday morning...I headed to Music Row to write with my friend and "Hits & Grin" partner Victoria Venier and a long time friend Rick Tiger.  I've written with both before...but it was a first for this trio writing together and it turned out to be time well spent as we turned out a new song all three of us love. 


Rick is getting ready to tour all over the country doing house concerts which works great for him as Rick is a great storyteller as well as writer.  His concerts are intimate and fun for sure.  I'll share one cool song Rick wrote a few years ago titled "Jesus and Jones" that got recorded by a group called Nu-Blu AND they got the legendary Sam Moore to sing it with them.  Yes...THE Dave & Sam....Sam Moore.  Think "I'm A Soul Man". 


Meanwhile my friend Victoria has been ultra busy finishing up a CD with her friend Tabitha Fair who sings background for a lot of huge artists.  In fact she was just in New York singing backgrounds on the Grammy show for Lady Gaga.  The new CD from their duo TNT is produced by Desmond Child who's a huge producer-writer an works with the biggest stars on the planet.  He's in the Songwriters Hall of Fame and his songs have been recorded by Garth, Ricky Martin, Cyndi Lauper, Katy Perry and on and on and on.  So...some cool things could be coming for my friend Victoria. Check out this LINK on "TNT" to find out more about this duo.


Another good day of writing and catching up with the lives of a couple of musical pals for sure.



The Memorial for Mel Tillis was held at the Ryman Auditorium yesterday with a "who's who" of the country music world dropping in to pay their respects and tell stories.  My writing buddy Bobby Tomberlin helped emcee that event.  Mel gave Bobby his very first publishing deal when Bobby moved into town from Alabama.  Ricky Skaggs sang "Honey Open That Door" that Mel wrote.  Alison Krauss, Larry Gatlin and his daughter Pam also contributed. 


A piece of advice was shared with the audience that I love that Mel gave to a new young artist making his way in town.  His sage advice to the young entertainer was, "say just enough, and stop talking before they find out how stupid you are".  Going out with a laugh. 



Caroline Wozniacki won this years Australian Open tennis tournament.  She bought TWO first class tickets home.  One for her...one for her trophy.  Flying in style folks.


I do remember having a long discussion once with an airline attendant over my guitar which I was trying not to check.  The only time I did that...a hole got punched into my hard shell guitar case.  The guitar in this discussion was in a soft shell case as I stood and pleaded for them to find a space for it in some overhead which they kept reminding me was full.  To my rescue came a very nice senior attendant who said, "let me have your guitar".  They had an open seat in first class.  Guess where my guitar went?  Uh huh.  My guitar flew first class...I flew coach.  Proof that there are kind folks everywhere.



That would be the Fox network as they just paid 3.3 BILLION dollars to wrestle Thursday Night NFL Football away from the NFL network.  So maybe we'll see Terry, and Jimmy and Michael, and Howie on Thursday nights too in the future.


FYI...the Super Bowl is Sunday and you still have time to wager on what color you think PInk's hair will be when she sings the anthem.  True.  People will wager on anything.  I went with camo.



In Spain...police pull a guy over.  They open the back door and 8,000 pounds of oranges roll out.  Yep...stolen oranges.  Pretty sure the Citrus Bandit is behind bars right now and thinking how much better his car smelled over a jail cell.



Off to write with Gerald Smith and former Idol star Janelle Arthur today.  Temps up in the 50's...so hopefully there will time enough left over today to get a walk in before tomorrow comes around with a high of only 36.  Up and down it do go at this time of year.


Have a great Thursday!


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